I pushed the rice into the rice bowl


I pushed the rice into the rice bowl

Kajal was given the name Kajal by her parents because of her skin color.

I didn’t learn to speak, I understood that the girl’s fate is bad.

Kajol is dumb-black. Basti of Kajals on the way to the river at the border of the village. Behind the slum is the forest of Shal Tamal Pial.

Kajol’s father was a gharami by profession. Some say that he used to do robberies at night. Like a young gourd.

Kajal grew up in a world of poverty.

Magita’s big size milk and two friends gave Ram Chodon

These houses are not so guarded as the gentlemen, no one cares about their shameless sex.

Kajol grows up in this environment. The experience of watching sexual intercourse is effortless.

He was afraid to go to the city after seeing the scissors, but he felt gradually attracted by the calmness of his mother’s face.

Kajal gradually feels the reluctance towards her in the male society.

Kajal was growing neglected in the world with five other cancellations. Soft fur like young grass under the lower abdomen.

After a few menstrual baths, Kajol’s body became more and more intense.

In anger, he says, ‘Aye habu aye habu’. What comes to him who doesn’t listen to his ears?

You might think that a girl like Kajol who can’t talk and doesn’t eat two meals regularly

Why did I fall for him? There are so many girls scattered around us, I don’t deny it. I

I never thought of writing about Kajol.

In fact, my heart is so soft when I see Kajol in front of my eyes and I think how can I give her some happiness

One day in the afternoon, I was fighting with my hungry stomach. I was returning home by taking a shortcut through the forest.

I stopped at the sound.

A snake came out in the village area. It seemed like the sound of a snake moving on dry leaves. To find the source of the sound.

A smooth, stone-colored buttock was noticed in the gap of the bushes. Kajol is chasing after her, sound

The speed of its movement.

I passed the pass and took the way home. The image of the hip is floating in front of my eyes. The food is good for two days.

What does one who does not have such a shapely buttock? But if you act on all your wishes, you will get results

I suppressed myself thinking that it might be dangerous

I know that today’s sailors will laugh when they hear me, but I am not ashamed to say, God willing.

My immense trust. Even the leaves of the tree do not move without His permission.

Coffin sat up at his gesture. Believe me, I don’t want to argue about people’s personal matters. In between.

I used to remember Kajol and wanted to touch her body with both hands.

What’s the point?

Due to the lack of care, morale becomes weak. One day I am going to bathe in the river.

Wrapping a towel, Kajol looked around a few times and entered the forest. He is very curious

Without anyone’s invitation. Rubbing the banana branch with my teeth, I also entered. Where did the girl go? Nishi.

I follow him like a power. Surrender to the jungle

Entering and looking around. Where did the girl go? jor kore chodar choti golpo

Did I see wrong? I shouldn’t be wrong to see a girl. I saw salwar-kameez with my own eyes

Wearing a towel, quietly entered the forest. Is it a feast? At the moment went up like camphor?

The sun is rising overhead, looking around for a long time in despair, thinking to return, suddenly near the bush.

The eyes were stuck when noticed. Hey, what is that?

Ten-twelve feet away from behind the tamal tree, a kinchit emerges like an oiled tanpura on which the sun shines.

Is the light fading?

I looked a little further and realized that I was not wrong. My Kajli Rani’s buttocks are like hard stones

Shiny hips but what is doing behind the tree? Breakfast? Then why sit on the ground? Turn around quietly

I took shelter behind a tree in front of him.

He was deeply immersed in the blackness and did not notice my presence. Bend the knees and spread the legs to the sides

Behind the silk ball, the slit of the vagina is clear. I can see the swollen vagina with the excitement of the color meeting the slit.

It was very painful to see the helpless girl without a companion. Pushing her lungi, she raised her head. My sense of impatience increased. Kajli Tarjani

She rubs her pussy with it and makes ooh-ooh noises. Sometimes she puts her finger in. Oh, the poor thing is alone.

What else can be done?

I can hear the growling. I scolded myself, injustice! An opportunity to find a helpless girl alone

should not be taken Kajol’s opinion needs to be taken.

I went forward and sat next to her.

I pressed her shoulder and lifted my lungi to show my cock.

He widened his eyes in surprise and saw the boy. There was a flash of electricity in his eyes. After a while, he smiled and looked at me.

Looked. Got it liked. Kajal licked her lips with her tongue.

Habe understood if it becomes known or stomach? I understand that he has a lot of ideas about it

I also assured him that there is no fear. I sat next to him and kissed him on the cheek. Kajol bared her teeth and laughed at my throat

He hugged and kissed.

Very clean. Although the color of the body is dirty, there is not a single dirt on the body. He pointed deeper into the forest

to go I took her pajama in my hands and put her around my waist and went inside a little more. The forest here is denser.

I took the towel of his body in an empty place and let him get it on the ground. He stood and kissed her waist.

I started to tap my pair.

He is smiling at my excitement. I gestured to take off the shirt and towards my lungi

Indicated. I took off the lungi one by one. Kajol took my hand and asked me to unhook the hooks of her shirt. Shawl.

In the thick forest of Tamal, two primitive human-humans, completely uncovered, are like statues created by a sculptor’s chisel.

Samani is standing.

Kajli held my cock with her right hand and buried her face in her chest and made a ‘U-M U-M’ sound.

Won’t it hurt? I began to suck her thick lips full on her mouth.

I explained with a hand gesture, the little one younger than him took mine. There was no problem.

Kajli giggled and grabbed my neck and pulled me towards her with a ‘ee-hee-ee-hee’ sound and gestured to suck her nipples.

I took her on the brick floor and pressed her face to the pussy. Kajli started whistling happily. I could understand.

Physically and mentally ready to take the penis.

Cashew water poured out. Young pussy juice tastes like canned water. His condition is now more serious. Shy eyes.

Turning towards me, she sat on her lap and wrapped her arms around my waist and raised her breast to my face.

I took it in my mouth. I fucked with a pillow under Shali’s ass

Pulls my hand and asks to press my ass. I put my hands under the armpits and started pressing the doughy soft ass

The cock is eating under the ass. Kajli is very happy and doesn’t know what to do. I have fistfuls of hair

Eternal thirst like desert in his chest. Holding his head tightly to his chest, he whistled in his mouth

I asked to be quiet. Kajli nodded her head and agreed. Her cheeks turned red. Soft as a raisin

I bit

Neela Bhabhi’s eyes caught my eye

Kajli hissed. Moved her ass back and put her hands between her legs and started pulling out her cock. Hot.

If you pull the cock like a cock, the material will come out. I forbid him. Put the penis in the mouth of the vagina and ask to insert it. Towel.

Lying on top, he started pulling me on his chest.

Girls used to fucking do this. I pushed the rice into the rice bowl

I want to know if someone has fucked before?

She refused with her eyes wide and cut her tongue in a swearing manner

I filled the pussy. The vagina is throbbing.

A strong female sexual smell wafted out. Kazu smiled shyly and gently up and down the cock.

I put my right hand on her thigh and kept squeezing her pussy.

Kazu screamed hoo-ee-ee-ee and I held my mouth.

Kazu covered her mouth with both hands as she took her finger out of her pussy and put it in her mouth.

It feels very good. She immediately stood up and bent her waist and pressed the pussy in my mouth and started moving the pussy.

Bal is getting into the nose.

Sweating, Kazu sat down and started panting. Now I filled the cock in her mouth. He can’t, he’s moaning. Cashews are mine

He is holding his hand and smiling through his teeth. After a little rest, he took the cock in his mouth. Is the question correct in both eyes?

I nodded in agreement. jor kore chodar choti golpo

The touch of her sharp tongue was giving intense sexual pleasure.

Fuck me and press my lips on the leak as I suck hard cashew wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I was slapped on the face and held my head with two Thais.

I stick out my tongue to lick the slit two or three times and hold the hair of cashew’s head and rub the pussy in my mouth with a gurgling sound.


Realizing this, I put my middle finger in her cunt hole and started sucking the coat with my lips.

There was a gurgling sound in the cashew nut’s vagina due to the intense flow of water. He jerked the vagina.

He was pounding on the face with great speed.

Kazu leaned back with both hands and looked at me in a sad way.

Sweating all over. Bal is wet. I woke up. I stopped him and started to rest.

After seeing Kajli’s way of ejaculating, I realized what will happen if she is dumb-black. Her sexual power is amazing. With a big breath.

My pair is fluctuating. Today I will fuck you.

Looking at it and smiling.

As if after a few rounds of fighting the two rivals are getting ready to fight again. His smile made me feel shocked

Kari. Didn’t feel so tired while fucking Tuktuki. I think in my mind that today I will give such a fuck that my teeth will come out

I will go. I am sitting leaning on a tree. I sit like an easy chair with my palms in front of me


Small breaths are falling, the chest is moving on the chest rhythmically.

A single child. There is a smile on the pursed lips. One foot is close to my cock with its big toe poking it.

I held her feet and tickled her feet with a ‘hee-hee’ laugh.

Kamras is rolling in the pussy. Droopy eyelids are very sexy Kajli with fresh water. Kajli’s ass is high.

He bent his waist and pointed at me.

I again spit on the cock’s head and remove the petals of the anus with my left hand and put the cock caught in the right hand into the opening of the anus and press it.

I gave it. Kajol turned her head and was watching the dick dab dab.

Kajli bit her lip as she entered the vagina and made a um-um sound.

He braced himself by clenching his jaw. I put my hands under my armpits and squeeze my breasts and obey the word

to do Even though her pussy is soft and fluffy like a sponge, it is difficult to get it out.

It wasn’t happening. I asked with a gesture, do you like it?

Kazu nods and asks to continue.

Inserting more than half of the cock, he stopped for a while, pinched her coat and pinched Chuchi’s nipple.

I was teasing both of them. Kazu stuck out her tongue and licked her lips indicating full insertion. I’m a bit backwards

I took Ram Thap. At the sound of who-ee-ee, Kajli fell down, her eyes were turned and her head bowed back.

My lower abdomen is set in the mouth of Kajli’s pussy. I don’t know what to do. I looked around and saw someone somewhere.

No. After a while, I saw Kajli slowly opening her eyes. Sweating and fever left. She was smiling with sparkling teeth.

He sat up straight and hugged my waist and then began to squeeze me.


The penis fell out. I put it back in and played with it three or four times.

push My lower stomach was stuck in the mouth of the cashew nut like hitting a railway buffer. I lay on my chest

I held her face and looked into her eyes. Kaju’s naked body was throbbing. A wonderful dumb girl

sexuality He hugged me and started kissing me randomly. jor kore chodar choti golpo

I raised my waist and half stroked a cover. Kazu raised her face to look at him and gently kissed my cheek.

He bit his ass and bounced it. I wanted to know with a gesture, whether he is getting happiness or not?

Kazu smiled with tongue and said to fuck without stopping.

I started pumping in Achoda’s pussy. Kajli was getting restless and grabbed my ass and put it on her face.

Kissing on the nose, licking with tongue, twisting and tossing the naked body was behaving like a seasoned cockerel.

I put a lover in an empty house

madam panu story madam my sex crush – 1

For the first time in my life, I want to take 16 annas and 18 annas full of satisfaction after eating a man’s cock. I am Bengali.

Even though it’s like sending money. In the name of Allah, even if the fool slaps him, there is no protest except to eat kotkani.

did not

Kazu started pumping for fifteen minutes with hee-hic-hee sounds. Her pussy began to vibrate.

The whole body started throbbing. I started to release hot semen at a high speed into Kaju’s vagina.

Her body fell down and Kajli said, “Haha-hieeee-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah What the hell do you say?

I don’t understand. I went out of the forest wearing a lungi. It’s noon, the sun is overhead, the bath is not over, I push the toilet into the wet pussy.

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