I said jor kore pod cuda forcibly


I said jor kore pod cuda forcibly

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This is a true story. So I will share with you only the incident but not name anyone. All names are fictitious. My girlfriend’s name is Mansi.

Our love is not long. Only 2 months old. In the meantime, Magi has started various obligations to me. I am being pressured again and again to get a job.

I am unemployed so he did not think me right. I have no regrets about this. Sometimes I feel very helpless. What’s up with the country? bangla choti uk

Even people with English MA pass don’t have jobs. Among them, Magiri is drinking this rice. One night I called my girlfriend. I said jor kore pod cuda forcibly

But Magi’s sister picked up the phone. He got my throat and interrogated me. I got rid of her sister by changing my name to Konomet and impersonating her voice.

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The next day he met me on the street. He avoided me. I am not a quitter either. I asked him to swear he told me you called my house last night? bangla choti uk

I said what your sister interrogated me. He told me nothing. Saying to me, Shashal, if you do this, my dignity at home will turn into dust.

I secretly searched for a diploma engineer named Magi Swapan who was overcome. This time he will cancel me and put me on his lap. I said jor kore pod cuda forcibly

I also became desperate to pay back. I started giving him various gifts this time. I see Magi slightly leaning towards me. This time I made a decision. bangla choti uk

One day I told him let’s go somewhere. Magi said no at first. I am not a tree. I bought him a churidar and told him in his ear that I have passed TET.

I actually passed. Maybe I have a job on my forehead. Magi jumped at these words. I told him that there is a new bridge at Raidighi, let’s come and see.

He said how to get out of the house. I told him to tell home my tuition sir will teach an extra date on Sunday morning. I will be late to return.

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As I said, he appeared at Krishna Chandrapur intersection on Sunday morning. choti golpo There we left the bike at a cobbler’s house for 2 rupees. I said jor kore pod cuda forcibly

In case we saw the lake, we both came to the bus stop from both sides and came to Rai Dighi by auto. We saw the bridge and came to a temple. bangla choti uk

Here I said in my heart to Mother Kali, Mago if I can marry this girl I will worship you with blood by slitting my chest.

My prayers were not one bit false. Now I came to Vijay hotel for real work. Vijay is a cheap hotel here. I said jor kore pod cuda forcibly

I told him we will have something to eat here. I parked him outside and bought a room for 300 taka in the hotel. He showed me the house.

When I was going to enter the stairs with my lover, the maid of the hotel said to me, “Babu, will you give me a white sheet or a blue sheet?” I said give white sheet.

We went inside. I entered the house and closed the door from inside. My girlfriend said to me why did you close the door? I said we will talk here privately. bangla choti uk

No one will stop us”. Now I closed the window. Now my lover was afraid. He told me how he was afraid of me.

I told him I am. Now I lay down on the bed. One thing needs to be said here. The hotel room had a bed mattress, a table, a dressing table, and an attached bathroom next to it.

I asked him to sit next to me. He sat next to me. Now I hugged him. He interrupted me. I said am I a bull or a bear. I said jor kore pod cuda forcibly

He ran away from me. Now I hugged him forcefully. I started pressing her breasts very hard.

He told me to leave me. I will not do these things, if you knew that, I would not have come with you. I said beautiful I love you. I will marry you.

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But my hand does not stop. Now she cried and said marry me first. Without saying a word, I kissed her cheek a few times. bangla choti uk

He told me to leave me now. I said in my heart I said I am not leaving you. I said about getting married. Now my hand left my breast and went towards the churidar belt.

I untied the buckle of her churidar with one pull. He kept interrupting me. His head hit the edge of the bed quite hard. I thought he lost his senses.

By then, I had made him a Nangto. He looked at me now. My fear disappeared. I now put a finger of my hand inside her pussy by gaping her two thighs.

He screamed “Daddy”. Without speaking I increased the speed of my fingers. He began to sob. I said jor kore pod cuda forcibly

In my head then the fire of revenge. I now cross my fingers. I patted his head with utmost compassion so that he would not realize that I would take my revenge on him. bangla choti uk

I am telling the truth but I am not a criminal. I wanted to make him mine. I had already brought a packet of prevention with me.

Now I lay on his body. I started wearing the restraint with one hand and twisting his mother’s nipples with the other hand.

As soon as I finished wearing my restraints, I put a little bit of spit on the front of my cock and hit it with a ram.

My cock did not enter her pussy. Slipped out. Her pussy was very tight. I looked at him once. I saw a sign of great fear on the face. I said jor kore pod cuda forcibly

She covered her face with both hands in shame. Now I held the two sides of her pussy with two fingers of one hand and put the bull in her pussy mouth and hit her with a ram thap.

My cock tore the curtain of his achoda vagina and Amul entered inside. He shouted “Daddy”. Now he lost his consciousness. I now saw fresh blood near her vagina. bangla choti uk

I took out a handkerchief from my pocket and wiped the blood and watered his eyes. After a while he regained consciousness. He gave me a pitiful look.

I climbed on his chest. And I put my cock in her mouth again and started to fuck her.

After I fucked for a while, I saw him hugging me. I think he has forgotten the previous pain. Now he started hitting the floor. I said jor kore pod cuda forcibly

I felt like my penis was being pounded with clay. He told me now that you will fuck me every day. A-A- Mom-I can’t anymore.

That’s why he left his vagina. I pounded the cell and poured half a cup of my cock’s milk into her pussy. Now we lay down hugging each other.

After a while my cock started getting hard again. I took out the penis from his vagina and told him to lie down like a dog. He did not agree at first. bangla choti uk

But he agreed to my insistence. I told him that if you give it from behind it gives you great comfort. He agreed after getting trust from me. I said jor kore pod cuda forcibly

We are both clumsy. So he turned back. I went behind him and grabbed my cock. Now I put my cock in her mouth and slowly hit it and drove my cock into her pussy.

He said a- Mago lage. I said it feels like this at first kiss. He is biting my cock with his pussy.

I took the cock out of her pussy and placed it on her hips. He was startled. He said, “What is this?”

Without saying a word I took a paw of spit from my mouth and placed my ram on his hip and gave him a ram thap.

In one fell swoop, my cock fell and got stuck in her hips. He looked at me and cried. I started beating my hips without saying anything. bangla choti uk

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After a while I saw tears pouring down from his eyes. My condition is almost relaxed. After patting a few times, I put the material on her hips again. I said jor kore pod cuda forcibly

Now I brought out my cock from his bed. My cock is biting. Because my cock is gone.

I wanted to put my stuff in his mouth, but I didn’t do it anymore for fear of spitting. He turned away from me a little.

I adored him. He told me now that I will never come with you again. No one else can buy what you did to me. bangla choti uk

I told him sorry darling never again. He said that someone gives back like this? I again said sorry to him and cleared the way for the next time. After that I fucked her many times. But he didn’t let me grow his hips. I said jor kore pod cuda forcibly

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