I Seduce My Chachi to Have Some Fun


Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story of a boy that’s named “I Seduce My Chachi to Have Some Fun – Chachi Xxx Story“. He will tell you his story, I am sure you all will love it.

Read in Chachi Xxx Story that one night I saw Chachi Chacha’s Sex. Chacha collapsed in two minutes. Chachi remained thirsty. I gave fun to my Chachi.

I am Jatin. The fuck story I am writing today is about my Chachi’s fuck.

I am 24 years old and my penis is 6 inches long and 2.5 inches thick.
This Chachi Xxx story is from 3 years ago when I went to my Chacha’s house who lived a little far away from my house to spend my one-day vacation.

My Chacha’s age is 49 years, his name is Raghav. Chachi is 34 years old and her name is Kritika.
The Chacha had remarried this Chachi after the death of his first wife, so there was a lot of age difference in those days.

Chacha has two sons from the first wife.

My Chacha’s one-room house is very small. Hardly 5 people can live in their house.
When I went home, Chachi looked very young and her figure was 34-28-38.
Chachi’s Big Ass was very big.

That day the Chachi was wearing a black saree and a matching blouse.
This Chachi’s blouse was very deep-necked and very tight, from which more than half of her nipples were visible. Chachi tied her saree below the navel.

When I went to her house in the evening, at that time Chachi was completely free from household chores.
Perhaps she preferred to be well-dressed before Chacha’s arrival.

Chachi was very happy as soon as I came suddenly and she welcomed me with great intimacy.
I too became completely lustful after seeing the beautiful Chachi.

However, at this time, I had no idea what I should think for my Chachi.
But who will explain to a young dick that not every beautiful woman you see in front of you is available to fuck.

Well… Chachi made me sit and brought tea after making it.
I took tea and we both talked.

Chachi kept asking about the house and my motherfucking dick kept provoking my eyes to see her boobs.

Then when it was night, Chacha also came.
We all ate dinner and now it was time to sleep.

Chachi changed her saree and wore a red nighty. 

She had probably taken off her bra because the shape of her big boobs had started to look different now and her boobs were moving with pleasure, which were imprisoned in her bra and were not able to move because she was wearing a bra in a saree blouse.

At that time, the shade of her nipples peeping more than half from her deep throat was something else and at this time the style of nipples without a bra was something else. Be that as it may, but my dick was very happy.

I could see the tips of her nipples in this thin cloth nightie of Chachi.

Now all four of us slept on the floor while Chachi slept on the sofa.
Only one person could sleep there.

The night lamp was on in the room, whose dim blue light was presenting a very sensuous sight.
Everyone was fast asleep and I could not sleep.

I looked at the clock, it was 2 o’clock in the night. When I looked at the sofa, Chachi’s nightie had come up to her waist. Her black panty was visible.

In my mind, there was nothing wrong with her before then.
But after seeing this scene, my eyes remained wide open and the dick started showing its motherhood. The brother-in-law started stiffening immediately.

At the same time, there was some movement from the Chacha’s side, and then I saw that he got up and lay down on the Chachi.

Chacha was in only one underwear.

Now both of them were lying on the sofa where not one person could sleep properly.
Chachi also woke up.

She said – What are you doing… Jatin will wake up.
Chacha said – I want it now… There is a lot of fire inside. Everyone is asleep, nothing will happen. you open it quickly.

Saying this, Chacha took off Chachi’s nightie.
Chachi did not wear a bra, she was left only in panties.

Seeing both of them only in panty and underwear, my dick started feeling bad.

Chachi also became sensual and they both started kissing.
Chacha caressed Chachi’s boobs and filled one boobs in his mouth.
Chachi started tasting her boobs happily.

After sucking boobs for some time, the Chacha took off the tights of the Chachi and also became completely naked.

Chacha was in the mood to fuck.
He put Chachi’s legs on her nipples and started inserting dick’s supra in Chachi’s open pussy from below.
Chachi opened her legs and dick entered her pussy.

Chacha filled the entire dick in the pussy with a jerk and started huch huch.
Till the time the Chachi was hot, the work of Chacha’s dick started.
He could work hard only for 2 minutes and fell.

Chachi became sad and Chacha came downstairs after saying sorry.

I saw that Chachi put her finger in her pussy with a very sad heart… and after calming her pussy, she too fell asleep.

I felt very bad seeing all this.
After some time I also fell asleep.

In the morning, Chacha left for work early and after his departure, Chachi entered to take a bath.

She came after taking a bath.
She wore a red saree and a matching blouse was stuck on her mother.
After this, the Chachi picked me up and sent me to take a bath.

I went mad when I saw it in the bathroom.
Black bra and panties were lying on the floor below. It was brought by Chachi.

I picked up the panty and smelled it, oh what a cool smell.
Then I put the pussy side part of the panty in my mouth, then the Chachi’s pussy material started giving me taste.

I started remembering last night.

Then I put it on my dick and masturbated while wearing it.
My semen came out in Chachi’s panty.
I took off her panty put it aside on the floor and started taking a bath.

Now my mood had started to fuck my Chachi.

I didn’t get any such opportunity that day so that I could pacify my Chachi’s youth with my dick.
In the evening I came to my house.

Now I wanted to fuck my Chachi’s pussy but was not getting a chance.

Then one day at that time the right opportunity came.
There was a wedding at our relative’s house, everyone in my house was going to go for a week.
I had exams, because of which I did not go.

Before leaving, my mother asked about my food, so I said that I would eat in the market.
But my mother told Chachi to come stay with me.

Chachi’s children had gone to their maternal Chacha’s house and Chacha was not getting leave from work. Chachi agreed to come to my house.

I became very happy that now I can get a chance. I knew that Chachi would not agree easily.
An idea came to my mind. I thought of seducing my Chachi.

The next day in the morning when Chachi came to my house, I started going to bathe wearing only a towel in front of her and said to Chachi – You make some breakfast for me Chachi, I have to go for the exam.

I started bathing naked in the bathroom and remembering my Chachi I started caressing my dick.

Only then my attention went to some shadow under the bathroom door, then I understood that Chachi’s pussy is also eager to fuck.

When I started looking carefully at the mirror in the bathroom, I understood that the Chachi had claws. Means she was looking at me naked through some crack.

Now I started saying to Chachi in a soft voice – Hi Kritika Rani… I feel like fucking your mast by pelting my dick in your pussy. You say yes just once… I will cool down the fire of your pussy. I know that there is no life in Chacha’s dick. Aah aah… It would be really fun if I get to fuck your pussy after coming back from the exam today.

Chachi became warm after listening to my words and I could hear the sounds of her hot breaths.
After some time when I was about to come out, the Chachi had left in a hurry.

Coming out, I unknowingly opened my towel at once and showed my standing dick to Chachi and wore it again.
Chachi was completely shocked to see my erect penis.

After some time I left and Chachi started doing her work in the house.

That day my exam was over very early so I came home.

When I came home and called my Chachi, my Chachi’s voice came – I am in the bathroom.
I went near the bathroom and looked through the slit, then Chachi was naked and fingering her pussy.

She had probably gone to Susu and started fingering her pussy.
I understood that Chachi’s Tight Pussy is burning.

I went away from the door and said – Chachi, I am going to coaching.
Chachi agreed and I left.

Then I came home early from coaching.
It was one o’clock at that time.

I came outside the house and rang the bell.
When Chachi opened the door, I kept looking at her. Chachi was completely drenched.

When I asked, she said – I was washing clothes, that’s why I got wet.

Her black saree was tied below the navel by her Chachi and by lifting it from the bottom, it was tucked in the waist, due to which her calves were looking cool.

Chachi’s deep-necked blouse was also completely wet and the pallu of the saree was also tied around her waist, due to which Chachi’s mother was looking very murderous.

For a moment, I was stunned to see her.

Chachi looking at me like this said proudly – Jatin, you came very early. I said – yes, because of the exam, I do not stay for long in coaching.

Chachi is very hungry … Give me some food quickly. She said – You sit for some time, I will come after drying the clothes.

When she turned, I could see the cleavage of her throbbing ass from behind.
Chachi came after five minutes and this time she was more wet than before.

They served me food while being wet like this.
I started eating food.

Chachi said – I change the saree.

She went to the room and forgot to close the door.
I saw through the open door that Chachi took off her saree, and also took off her petticoat blouse.

Seeing this scene I could not control and I came inside.

Seeing me coming inside, she started doing a drama of getting nervous. Chachi said- Jatin You… go out.
She was in pink panty and a bra and was pretending to hide herself.

I said – sorry Chachi. I can’t stand it now. Please let me do it.
Saying this I caught her.

She pretended to leave and said – I am your Chachi, have some shame.
He didn’t have much guts to speak.

I said – Chachi, if I am ashamed, then your sorrow will not go away from me. Today I want to have sex with you, please agree.
She didn’t say anything. Her silent confession was telling me that she had agreed to fuck me.

When I touched her teats, she opened up and started moaning.

I said – Chachi, dick is needed, isn’t it!
Chachi said- Yes Jatin, ever since you fisted in my panty, I am yearning for your dick.

I understood that since that time my Chachi was hankering for my dick.

I took her to the bed and lying down said – Chachi, you are very sexy.
Chachi said – from today not Chachi, speak Kritika!
I said – OK Kritika Darling.

We both hugged and started kissing.
Chachi took off my pants and then took off my shirt too.

When she stopped, I said – take off your underwear too, darling… your dick is hidden in your underwear only.
Chachi took off her underwear too.

When my 6-inch dick came in front of me, Chachi said while moving the dick – how big is it. I am not used to taking such a big one.
I said – you will get used to it, Chachi… It is my first time too. Just teach me how to fuck my pussy!
She became happy and said – I will teach you to fuck.

I took out Chachi’s bra and panty.
There was no hair on her pussy.

Then we both kissed for a few minutes and I started sucking her boobs.
She started enjoying by making me suck her boobs.

Then Xxx Chachi took my dick in her mouth and sucked it for a few minutes.
That’s when I came to fall. When I told, the Chachi said – take out the semen in my mouth.

So I left the juice of the dick in the mouth of the Chachi.
She drank all the sperm and said – its a tasty sperm. I said – Chachi, why did I fall so soon?

Chachi said – It was the first time, so it happened in a hurry. I knew that’s why I intentionally emptied your dick. Now you see my wonder. How do I make it stand
I said – OK Kritika darling, show your wonder.

Chachi took my dick in her mouth again and started sucking. My dick is young, so my dick quickly stood up again.

Now Chachi said – come, climb on me.
Chachi opened her pussy and turned her hand and signalled me to climb.

I put the dick on the pussy and the Chachi caught the dick by hand and set it in the pussy.

When she signalled, I gave a blow.
Half of my dick went inside the pussy.

She screamed- ah ah yours is very big… fuck slowly brother-in-law.
I hit again. This time the whole dick entered inside. Chachi started crying.

I put my face in her mouth and kissed her.
She was unable to make a sound now. At the same time, I started jerking violently. She started swearing.

Then when I removed my face, the Chachi started saying ‘ah ah umh umh umh …’ with fun.

Pushing fuck started going on.
Chachi fell after 15 minutes continuously but mine did not.

She laughed and said – My hero has learned to fuck.
I kissed them and started taking dick inside and out with fun.

Chachi started asking to fuck while sucking boobs.
I started fucking her while sucking her nipples.

Then it was about to happen to me, I asked – Where should I get the semen, darling?
Chachi said – let the king drip inside. Nothing is going to happen, I have had an operation.

I put the goods inside the Chachi’s Pink Pussy and we both fell asleep sticking naked like that.
After an hour, she woke me up and said, Get up now… It’s an exam, don’t study.
I said – yes, make tea. She started wearing clothes.

I said – Wear it later Rani… bring it naked.
Chachi laughed and both of us came to the kitchen naked to make tea.

After taking tea, I fucked my Chachi’s pussy once again and got fresh after taking a bath.

She said- Jatin, you have cooled my vasna, thank you. Now nothing can happen to your Chacha.
I said – whenever you want, call me.

For the next seven days, both of us had fun. I also Fucked Chachi’s ass.

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