If a female likes to fuck, she deserves a chance to show that she can fuck well


It’s easy to point someone else out as a slut. It’s almost always a female,
but of course it can be an effeminate male. Usually you’re pointing out
someone you don’t know or were rebuffed by, intimidated by or are jealous
of. Many women labelled as sluts get this label because they have slept with
a number of men in a relatively short period of time, or at least act like
they have.

Sometimes it’s just a convenient category to put someone you don’t know
into. Women do it all the time. Men secretly fantasize about being with a
slut or turning the female in their lives into a slut. Of course a number of
men have facilitated just this sort of choice with their partner, only to
find that they can’t stand the way their woman acts around others. Sluts are
often misunderstood and the adjective, ‘dumb’, frequently preceeds their

If a female likes to fuck, she deserves a chance to show that she can fuck
well. But if she wants to fuck a variety of guys, she’s labelled a common
slut. A real slut will fuck anything that moves in order to get pleasure and
a true slut will do her best to perform to the best of her ability with
anyone, at any time. An owned slut is at the top of her field, because she
has a master to teach her everything she needs to know to be the best of the
best and has no desire to invest her time or effort in any other passtimes.
If a female doesn’t fuck well, she won’t be a common, real or true slut for
long. Guys will get bored with her or she’ll get hurt, either mentally or
physically and won’t be capable of being a slut for a while, or sometimes
ever again.

A true owned slut is a slut that has chosen her master and has begged him to
own her, which is the hardest thing she’ll ever have to do. An owned slut
can be saved from life ruining experiences by having a good master and she’ll
know her master loves her, at least by his deeds and sometimes in words as
well. He’ll punish her for failing, maybe whipping her to the limits of what
she can accept without permanently damaging her, but he’ll also protect her
and ensure that she is immersed in as much sexual activity as she can
possibly take.

Some males want nothing more than to dominate and subjugate their females,
as they’ve been dominated and subjugated by other males themselves. Weak
males make poor masters and the slut that belongs to one of them is usually
very unfortunate indeed. Weak masters usually think nothing of their slut’s
happiness and in fact revel in the act of making her as unhappy as possible
at all times.

A female that has begged such a male to own her is at the bottom of her
game. She must not think much of herself at all to have begged such scum to
posess her. And it’s a downhill journey for her from then on too. Aside from
being poorly equipped to provide for her master’s pleasure (a lousy fuck),
the male that owns her will never reward her for ever accidentally being a
good slut but will definitely punish her for her continued poor performace.

An example of a good master may even be a street pimp who will beat his girl
(or girls) if they don’t perform, but will treat them with the respect they
have earned. A slut can’t be described as a good slut unless she has a
measure to go by. Any woman who goes to a nightclub and picks up a guy,
screws him and heads back to the club the next night for some new meat may
be good at sex and may also be a slut. But until she can find a master who
appreciates her charms and abilities, who does she have to evaluate her
performance and nurture her lifestyle? Is the guy that she picked up the
night before going to tell his friends when he sees her again that she’s a
good little slut? I don’t think so! On the other hand, “What a good little
cocksucker you are,” may be just the sort of thing you’ll hear from a good

Sluts don’t get to be good cocksuckers by accident though. The male that
tells them just what to do and insists they do it the way he wants is, by
default, a master. It’s up to the female to decide if he’s a good master and
to choose him as her master. It’s also up to her to make him want to accept
her as such, which isn’t going to happen if she begins denying his demands.

If a master tells his slut to fuck his best friend, he’s probably doing it
to show his friend what a good slut he’s got and how lucky he is to have
her. He’s not likely to do it if she’s a lousy fuck, (and there are plenty
of females that are) which would only make his friend feel sorry for him or
laugh at him. So if you want to be a good slut, you have to look your best,
encourage your master to teach you all they know and don’t hesitate when you
are commanded to do something. It’s useful if you’re a submissive
personality too.

The bottom line is that if you want to be a slut, you’ll need a good master.
If you want someone to be your master, they’re going to want to know all
about you because they’re taking on a lot of responsibility themselves, so
you’d better know about yourself first.

Remember that despite the innumerable adventures you’ll have being an owned
slut, it’s only the tip of the iceburg. That iceburg tip may fulfill your
wildest desires, but the line becomes fuzzy here. It’s ultimately up to you
but you may wish to be marked as an owned slut. Your master may want to put
a brand on your thigh or a tattoo on your breast. By allowing this, you are
treading the line between being a slut and moving onto the next level. It’s
one thing to have ‘fucktoy’ tattooed on your belly for everyone to see when
you wear a bikini or go to the doctor, but a brand you share with others
puts you in a different category altogether.

If you want to take it to the next level, your master will control
everything about you, including whether to keep you or not. A true
submissive will often find that being a slave to their master is all they
ever wanted out of life. Your master may keep you, (if you’re worthy) throw
you away, sell you or trade you. Beware; this level allows your master to
torture you just to hear you scream if they wish.

You may be bought or sold, ending up a male’s slave or a female’s slave. As
an owned slut, you may be required to service both genders, but as a slave,
your preferece no longer exists. You could eventually become a concubine
among others to either a male or a female. Imagine doing your best to bring
your female master to orgasm without ever seeing or feeling a cock of any
size, ever again. Or, on a master’s whim you become a cellar maid, with no
access to sexual pleasure at all. You may even be infected by a disease your
master knows they have but doesn’t care that you contract. There are some
pretty weird people out there. Some get their kicks out of feeding you your
own excrement or filling your pussy with fly larvae so they can see the
flies pour forth a short while later. Maybe your breasts are important to
you. Would it bother you to find that you are scheduled to have them
enlarged or removed? None of this could happen and you could end up in a
lifelong commitment as a slave to your original master. But that’s the fuzzy
line between being a slut and being a slave. Slutdom is by far safer!

So asking as one who thinks of themself as one of the good guys, do you
still want to be a slut?

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