If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 3


If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 3

Then when he got up and left I did not understand. When I woke up it was around 10 o’clock. Wake up and wash your hands and have breakfast. My sisters said, did you wake up late at night, or did you work hard at night?

I said – it will not happen after how long can I stay without coming. The sisters said that it will be done only to the mother, not to us. Or have we forgotten our mother?

I said – Oh no, I will fuck you at the right time and if you want I can still fuck you. They said ok then let it happen once. But the mother said – I don’t have to do it now.

You caressed me all night and you didn’t care to caress me in the morning. Now take a little rest, no one is running away, I can fuck everyone.

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The sisters said nothing more. I said – ok then tonight I will fuck all three of you together.

After everyone finished eating at noon, we went to see the girl for Sage Bhai around 3 o’clock. The girl, however, was already chosen.

They were just waiting for me. My daughter likes a great item. Very young age will be like 17/18 years SSC exam.

I am very happy. I can fuck it soon. We all returned home after talking. I was in the Honda and everyone else was in the car. In the evening we returned home.

Back home, everyone is busy with each other, except the little sister, I took this opportunity to take the little sister to my room.

I kissed her 2 times for about 1 hour, then as soon as we left, father came and entered the house. Then we all started talking again.

I signaled to my mother and took her outside and told my father to go to bed and tell him to go to sleep, we four will stay together today. It was almost 12 o’clock while watching TV and talking. Everyone went to sleep.

Seeing father not getting up, I signaled to mother. Mother said to father, you go to sleep, we will watch TV for some more time and I will sleep with Taufiq.

Dad may have realized that even today I will fuck my mother. So without saying anything, he watched TV for a while and went to sleep. And around 1 o’clock, I entered my room together with my two sisters and mother.

As soon as she entered the room, her elder sister said, fuck both of them, fuck me first and then fuck them.

I said – ok sister, I have to accept your words because today I am all for you

I said to mom and younger sister that I can kiss you, you do one thing, I will kiss you when I kiss you, so I held and kissed you and you kissed me, then we sucked each other’s lips and tongue.

I opened her saree, then when I opened the hook of her blouse, she threw the blouse down with one hand and I started to shake and suck her milk like a ripe papa.

On that side, the little sister started to suck her pussy by pushing her mother. I said it’s like a blue film.

As I was sucking the big sister’s milk, I pulled the rope of her shadow and it went down and I started to rub my hand in her clean pussy.

I saw your pussy is completely wet with juice. I took her to the bed and laid her down then started eating her pussy juice.

Apu started crying like crazy. I realized that many people may not have been able to fuck, so this is the situation.

After sucking and licking for some time, I gave my money to Apu, then I asked mother to come to me, as soon as mother came, I started pressing and sucking mother’s milk and the younger sister was still licking mother’s bhoda.

In this way we got excited by sucking and licking each other for about 20 minutes then Apu said-

Big Apu: Now come in and lie down and lie down.

Me: Apu, your pussy is still visible from 12 years ago.

As it has become much more beautiful, I set my dhon and slowly pressed half of it.

Big sister: Magooooo shouted.

I: What the hell you got pain or not?

A heinous domestic abuse will not be spared

Big sister: I will get it a little, you are very big and fat. If my elder and brother’s 2 are combined, yours will be equal to one.

Me: Don’t worry as long as I stay you stay here I will give you pleasure every day.

Big sister: I will try to see if I can convince your brother-in-law.

I increased the speed of the tap and started fucking her and asked the younger sister to put her pussy on the big sister’s mouth so that she could suck.

Little sister did exactly that. And then mother sat and watched us. I saw mother sitting

I said – mother, why are you sitting, do you also press and suck the milk of the younger sister. I can’t mother replied. I keep teasing my elder sister without saying anything.

Aunt Jode Jode breathed and said Chod Bhai Jode Jode Chod has not eaten such choda for a long time. I started to fuck more and more.

Then at one point I said to you, now you fuck me, I lie down, then you get on top of me, insert money into the vagina, get up and down, I lick your little sister’s pussy a little.

As she said, she climbed on top of me and put the money in her pussy, and I got up for a while and I was sucking her pussy well and eating her pussy.

After fucking like this for a while, sister said I can’t do it anymore and I think I will get out. I said then do one thing. You lie on all fours and I fuck you from behind.

Apu took the position like that and I took two fistfuls of her milk and put my money in her mouth with one push and started pounding after a while and left her.

As a result of which every time I tap this wonderful sound is poch poch poch pochat pock pock pockat. And Apu is whistling happily.

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After about 25 minutes of fucking in this way, I ejaculated inside her pussy with great satisfaction. Then I slept together with mother and aunts for a while.

After lying down for a while, mom got up and said it’s my turn, mom started sucking my dick and within a few moments my dick got hard.

Without delay I fucked my mother in different styles for about 45 minutes and ejaculated all over her body.

Then I lay down for a while with a tired body. It was around 3 o’clock in the night.

I said to the younger sister – now it’s your turn, isn’t it?

Apu said – I have been waiting to take money from Gude Dhan.

See how my pussy is wet? I saw that a lot of cum was coming out of your pussy.

I said wait a little, these two magi feel a little tired.

If there is no cumin, I can fuck you for a long time. Apu said – You said it right, what will happen when the Magi get old, the burning of the body and the vagina has not subsided yet. If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 3

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