If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 7


If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 7

The days were going very well. Every time I fuck someone including mother, sister, 3 sisters, 2 nieces.

After spending a few more days like this, a bride was fixed for me. And in a very short time we got married. I killed my wife on the first night.

As his wife was considered beautiful, she had a physical structure and a lot of sensuality. Good for me. Because of being sensual, he did not have to get more speed to subdue him.

One night after 10 days of our marriage, I planned to tell him about our family affair today anyway. I got up after sleeping for a while and entered my parents’ room and started fucking my mother.

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Tell mom that you make a little noise in your mouth so that your grandma can hear. At every step my mom was going ahhhh ahhhh uhhhh uhhhh.

After some time I heard the sound of my husband getting up. I knew that he would look at my parents’ room without seeing me in bed, so I kept the door of my parents’ room light and kept the dim light on in the room.

We realized that he came up and stood in front of the door in front of the door of the parents’ room.

Then mother started to do more and more and I started to fuck mother more and more. At one point I ejaculated inside my vagina. If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 7

Mother said – if your wife finds out that you are leaving her and fucking me in the middle of the night, what will she think?

Me: I don’t care what he thinks, I will do what I like, if he has any problem, he can leave me.

Then when I was leaving my room, he ran back to our room and slept.

I came to see him lying down pretending to sleep. A few more nights like this I fucked my mother in front of her eyes even though she didn’t come forward. But saw everything.

One such night when my father and I were kissing my mother, my father said that your daughter is very sweet and sexy. If I could kiss her once, my hope would be fulfilled.

I said: Since I am fucking your wife in front of you and you are also fucking my wife in front of me, I will not say anything.

Dad said: Right?

Me: Of course right.

Dad: So I’ll start today?

Me: If you want you can go and fuck him now. We were saying all these words a little louder so that he could hear. Father said: OK, you are my wife, I mean fuck your mother, I will go and fuck your wife.

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Me: ok go I started to fuck mother and father went and saw Tamanna sleeping. Father knew that she was lying down pretending to sleep so father gently took her in his arms and brought her to mother’s room.

He is still pretending to sleep. When dad brought her to our room I said no more pretending we all know you are not sleeping but you are pretending to sleep.

At that time, the father put her on the bed and took off her nightie and started pressing her wild milk.

Baba was pressing so hard that Tamannaah’s eyes started to water and her milk became very red. I finished fucking my mother and said to my father – take it and start now.

Tamanna was disagreeing a bit. I told her that if I want to have a family, you have to listen and obey everything I say.

It has been happening in our family for a long time so you will not be left out. He kept looking at me.

I comforted him and told him that there is no problem, it will be between us and outsiders will not be able to know, so father let him do what he wants and you also satisfy your sexual appetite.

Because you will not be able to have your sex after I leave, so we have taken this decision thinking about your pain.

Not only father will fuck you brother from tomorrow. I have also made that arrangement. She watched quietly as father thrust his money into Tamanna’s pussy and started to fuck her.

After about 15 minutes of fucking, father ejaculated inside my husband’s pussy. I said to my father, what will you do if your grandmother becomes pregnant?

Father: I will be a father again, he said with a smile. We all laughed out loud. In this way, father and I fucked Tamanna’s pussy and bottom 2 more times, then I also fucked mother 1 time.

In this, Tamanna also has a little in common with us. It was a little late for everyone to wake up in the morning after having sex all night.

In the morning, Bhai Bhabhi was very angry when he heard about our incident. I consoled them and said that from today you will also be with us. At night, the brother fucked Tamanna as he wanted and I fucked his wife.

Many times I sleep with my brother’s wife while my brother sleeps with my wife. Sometimes father takes his two grandmothers and me and my brother take mother.

And when aunts, sisters and nieces came, we all had group sex together in one room. Just like blue film.

I know many may call my story a fictional story but it is not a story it is a real story of our family. I don’t care who obeys. Our family fornication will continue.

Since then, we had sex together for as long as I was there. I am the mother, I think; Father regularly fucks his two grandmothers, brother, mother and my sister-in-law.

Of course, I also give my brother the opportunity to fuck my aunts, uncles and nieces. She is now very happy with me.

Almost 4 months passed my vacation. In between, my mother, sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew and others were having a good time and my vacation was almost over.

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But my eyes were on my widowed mother-in-law and two sisters. But nothing could be done.

I told my wife a lot to help me but she was not agreeing to anything. But once I decided to fuck them, that means I will fuck them today and tomorrow.

And yes, not a word was said. I fucked my mother with my two friends. With their help I am also fucking their mother and sister.

Now they are serious about fucking our wives too but I did not agree to that. Because they have no one else to give us.

However, he brought his mother and sister to our house and we two brothers are fucking them as they want and they did not allow my mother to fuck the bride. If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 7

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