I’m no longer a virgin


Hi my name is Reha yesterday I turned 18 years .My figure is 37-25-39 and 53 kgs, I am 5’1 I lived in Delhi with my mother, step dad and step brother.

Like the other day I wake up at 5 am in the morning and go for a walk I wear track suit but my breast and butt are huge I cannot avoid it so people look at my body. This happens every day so I do not care but a man looks like 36 yrs old come behind me, he is a well physique man. When I walk fast he walk fast and when I walk slow he walk slow now I’m really scared.

About 10 mins later he grabbed me behind an old building. From behind he touch my boobs it was really pain I asked him to stop and let me go but he said, “I know you want me to fucked you bitch “, I say, ” No please let me go, ” But he said, ” You have enough time to escape but you don’t, “.He touch my pussy I grabbed his hand and trying to stop but I can’t and now the feeling is awesome, I never feel like this before.

He pull off my pants and underware, sit and lick my pussy now I don’t want to stop him anymore I moaned and asked him for more after 3 minutes I’m cumming. He show me his dick it was about 10 inch I suck his dick as I used to watch porn I know how to suck a mans dick. He said, ” You are the best, no other women sucked my cock like you did, bitch, “and grabbed me on my head and fucked my mouth about 5 mins later he pull out his cock and leaned me against the wall. I tell him I was a virgin but he didn’t believe me, ” You bitch ,such a good sucker will not be a virgin , “fucked me in oner stroke, I screamed because of pain but he didn’t stop, he grabbed on my waist and fucked me like a bull. My pussy was much pain I cried and asked him to stop but he said, ” I put my dick in your pussy , most important I how I wanted to fucked a women not how you want to fuck by a man,” he slap my butt and fucked me forcefully 20 mins later he is cumming. My first sex was horrible.

When he finished he said, “Meet me tomorrow morning here at 5 am, if you don’t come, I will tell others what type of women you really are is it clear bitch, ” , he showed me the door and see 2 guys waiting and said, ” I think they want to fuck you, ” With smilling, I try to cover my body with blanket but one of them grabbed my hands, the man who fucked me was gone. The other man take off his clothes. The one who grabbed me has touched my breast. Now let’s call him A and B.

A touch my boobs and said that it’s the nicest boobs he has ever seen.They were about about 40 years old. He take off his pants and put his dicked in my mouth and eat my pussy. We were in 69 position after a few mins he tried to fuck me he held on my waist and came inside my pussy gently, now I know the feeling of having real sex. He fucked me missionary style after that dog style, the feeling is awesome his dick is about 9 inch long and 6 inch wide. He told me that my body was beautiful and touched every part of my body soon he came . After he got up I was so tired , I didntove a bit, B take a chance and put his 11 inch long dick in my pussy he is not too genle like A but not harsh like first. I was so tired I can’t move he fucked me exactly as he wanted for over 1 hour, he grabbed my boobs tounged kiss me fucked me as fast as he could, slapped my face and told me, ” Your whole body is amazing, your boobs, butt, pussy,everything, you are born to become a slut, to make a man happy,” He grabbed on my butt and fucked me like a bull soon he cumm on my mouth and let me drink every drop.

I was sleep , when I wake up it was 8 :30 am I wear my clothes and went home. My mother asked me ” Why you went home very late, ” I tell her , “I walk more than the other day, ” She believed me but my step bro look at me as he didn’t believe me. I walk to my room and take a bath.I see mu Avinash ( step bro) and was surprised I shout but he grabbed my mouth and said “shh”.me ,”How can you enter , ” Him, ” You didn’t lock the door, ” I hide myself with towel but he take and make me sit on the floor with my pussy open he touched and look clearly, ” Did you have sex in the morning?, ” I didn’t answer him but he take off his boxer and his dick was like an iron rod about 12 inch. I was surprised that he must for me. He grabbed me in my hair and make me sucked his cock.

Today he is different I think that’s because he knew that I’m not a virgin.

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