In bangla choti temple I poured maal in Magi’s gut in front of God


In bangla choti temple I poured maal in Magi’s gut in front of God

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After so many days, Anita felt like a hundred bulls would kill her. Because the size of the ram is different. He will see what size the car is.

She is fucked first by her groom, with a big long fat cock. Vasur Chudche of the neighborhood is not so thick but long. And the son-in-law is fucking her, a little taller and fatter than the groom.

The groom now fucks every day, the son-in-law sometimes, if he gets a chance, puts him in for a long time. A long time ago, Sumi came home from school in the afternoon.

His father was working in the field, a neighbor in the office. He came and said there will be some water. Before Anita gives him water, he lies down on the balcony and lets Anita sit on a chair under the fan in the room thinking she is delusional.

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The man entered the bathroom, washed his hands and wiped them with a towel and sat on the chair. Only underpants were on. Anita was wearing a nightie as usual.

Anita said it was very sunny why did you come to work. I’ll give you another glass of water. Anita brought another glass of water. The man took the glass from Anita’s hand and put it aside and hugged her.

He said I want you, he almost picked up and closed the door. After that, he laid him on the bed and gave away the clothes. Didn’t give time to scream.

Sometimes the face is held tightly, sometimes the hands are held with both legs and two hands are held like this. Anita says leave your hand I will fuck you. Why are you giving me so much trouble?

The man said that this is Lakshmi girl, he took off his underwear i.e. thin cloth pant, raised his cock, put it on his pussy with his spit and pushed it and kissed her.

Anita says go to Chude quickly, the ghost is running away from the smell of your body. Hurry up and leave. The man was working in the field and I washed his body with water because of the smell of sweat.

However, Anita saw that the bull was nothing compared to her groom’s bull. It’s gone and never came. Now he is married to the only girl in the house and has a son.

At that time the son-in-law used to come to have sex. Now comes less. And the bridegroom leaves the office and returns at night because he is alone. Nineteen boys and girls come to study two days a week.

In the afternoon, teaches English. However, it was pretty cool. Anita had a different plan. He will take the bull in the gut. So it goes back and forth for the whole week.

A boy comes every day except Sunday to teach him alone so he gives him time. The boy is quite big. The boy is almost a month old today.

Anita thought let’s start with that. It will be number four. Everyday Anita is sitting on the chair, today she is sitting on the upper bed and the boy is on the lower chair.

Anita has lifted her nightie in such a way that many of her private parts are visible. After reading for a while, the boy got up from the chair and called Anita.

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What should I do when I see my pussy like this? My condition is bad and I can’t stay unless you get rid of it immediately. He pushed Anita to lie down and said that she will not have sex today. says

The door is closed. Taking off his pant and taking Anita to the bed, he lifts the nightie and pushes her with spit. Anita said after how many days.

Why don’t you marry me? Anita said don’t rush give it slowly it will take a long time. And you are not you. Nao dao ah I can’t explain what comfort.

The boy’s beard is neither fat nor long. But it’s getting better. Anita feels incredibly good. Anita says you are coming everyday, you will fuck first and then read.

And if it is too steep to read. Will enter the discount for you. The boy did not last long. went out Poured a cup of semen into her pussy and lied down quietly and said, “This is the first time I’ve ever made a pussy. It’s very comfortable.”

Let me tell you how Anita got number five. That day, Anita went to the market and it started raining heavily. Darkness all around. Anita ran and took shelter in a tin shed.

It is a tin walled house. There was a man inside who said to close the door and get wet in the day. The man came near and said that he is completely wet.

The blouse looks so wet. The man grabbed Anita and took her to the bed. Anita says it is not going well.

It’s raining far outside and the girl and boy are inside, the man is pressing his breast over the blouse. And gave away the clothes of Guder.

Anita thought that there is no point in shouting and telling people. Do whatever you’re doing. The man picked up the clothes and put it on his stomach. After that, two or three minutes passed by.

Anita says this is done. I didn’t. What will happen this time only my clothes are soiled. can’t fuck The man bowed his head in shame.

Can’t say anything. Anita said you have a wife, the man shook his head. What’s up with you, boy in the pool? Pointed two fingers.

Anita says go check if they are yours. It’s still raining outside. Water splashing on the tin makes a loud noise.

Shit, a man can’t fuck a girl. Chya Anita said will send your wife to my groom or son-in-law.

He will come after eating, he will be red when he sees that he has become a man, and there is no desire to insert the penis. It went as it pleased.

An auto rickshaw came in wet condition. What the man said, it seems that he will not make this mistake again in his life. Anita’s incident number six is ​​even stranger.

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Anita is returning from a place by bus. A boy stands behind him rubbing the back of the bus. After coming some distance, the boy said the stop has come, let’s get down.

Anita goes down with him without saying anything. The boy is going back and forth. The boy entered a house in an alley. He went back in. Good arrangement inside.

There is a small bed and a computer. Anita closed the door. Now the boy panicked and said you are here.

Why did you say that the stop has come and you have to get off. let’s get down I fell down. Hey, I asked the side to come down. Anita is smiling.

The boy who can rub cock in the bus is smiling. It happens in crowded bus. Shut up, I am thirty-eight years old, the only girl married and became a son.

You teach me it happens. Anita raised her clothes and lay down. I don’t know what you were doing in the bus now you have to lie in bed.

The boy panicked and said it was wrong. forgive me What’s the excuse, you can rub your penis in the bus and you can’t fuck with your pussy open at home.

Come fuck me and see how brave the man is. The boy forced his hand and said, “Excuse me.” I will never do this to any girl again. No no I don’t know I’m excited.

He sat up and took off his pant and langto and raised his cock and said, “This is all right, come in. Now lie down and the boy forced himself to put his cock in his pussy and push it full.”

Five minutes and nine goods went by. Anita says it is because you are not used to it. OK, what are the arrangements to eat? And what is your name? My name is Atanu, well Atanu you stay alone.

Yes, I don’t have anyone, I work in a computer center and earn a lot of money. This is my own house and nothing else. OK, I’m here, give me your phone number.

Atanu gave the phone number. Took Anita’s phone number. Well done Anita and Atanu, I will fix you. Atanu arranged some food. Play yourself.

Now both of them are lying together. Atanu langto anitao langto, Atanu how scared. Anita is stroking her cock. In bangla choti temple I poured maal in Magi’s gut in front of God

Anita massaged Atnu’s hand and said insert your finger and move it. He is a little afraid Anita says no fear. nothing will happen Dao Atanu says no girl has done this to me.

So you panic. Hey don’t worry. Anita has lifted her camel. He said now fill it with spit. Atanu climbed on top of him and Anita spit on his cock and pounded it.

Atanur’s cock has entered the vagina. Anita said tap it slowly otherwise it will pass out quickly. i won’t However, this time it was like twenty-five minutes.

Anita gets up and says you will cover the phone as per your time. I don’t need money. But yes during the day it won’t be at night. Anita number seven,

It is a wedding house, taking her behind the pavilion. Two boys were in love. Both were drinking. Gude Ram could not fit.

It is not clear where he hit. One of them was holding the bull and beating it. He still fucked for a while. Sara Saya poured clothes and goods.

Anita came home and entered the bathroom to wash and wipe. However, his number is nine. Now listen to number ten. Twilight wedding means wedding in the evening at the bride and groom’s house.

He entered the house. The new wife said, come. Far I did not come to sit, I can take your groom a little. Yes, but if mom says it’s okay, I’m telling your mom.

Anita said to her mother, yes, take a little spin and come. Anita got permission and said to the bridegroom and bridegroom, let’s sit for a long time, let’s take a walk with me.

Mom said she won’t take it far, but no, father. The groom has gone out with the bride. There is a temple some distance away. There is a light in front and darkness inside.

The bride entered the temple with the groom. dark place groom asks boudi holding her face. Kane Kane said, you have seen Magi’s pussy before. The bridegroom does not whisper,

Then the ram was not given such an age. If not, then let’s do a test here. Alo Asani those eyes are healed. That is what is seen.

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Boudi lifted the groom’s clothes and raised the camel. Anita is lying down with her clothes up. He took the groom’s cock and put it on his pussy and told him to push it.

The groom couldn’t stay any longer and stuffed the ram in Anita’s pussy. In that temple, Bar Babaji poured the water of Boudi’s pussy in front of Tagore.

Anita happily hugged him and kissed him. He said you are the fourth man who broke my water. But your camel is not like that.

This will kill the vagina. You will not get comfort if you have a big pussy. However, Anita got ten marks. The two slowly left the temple and came home.

The groom went into the house and thought to himself that whatever God does is for the good. In bangla choti temple I poured maal in Magi’s gut in front of God

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