jor kore didir mukh choda didik choda bangla chatty story


Friends this is the true story of my life. The heroine of this story, my sister, looks very sexy and sexy.

Didi has two daughters and son-in-law is an inspector of a company. One day I went to my grandmother’s house. I saw a car parked outside, not my son-in-law’s.

I went to the door and knocked and realized that there was no one in the living room.

Now I went to the window of the bedroom and looked inside and saw that the soil moved from under my feet. My aunt was sitting down there with a stranger and the other part was open.

The man was drinking with his pants open. My sister was later but sister also opened the other part. I saw the blouse on the side.

The man was touching one of Didi’s breasts and drinking alcohol. Didi is crying with the man holding the bull in his hand. After a while, I saw that the man’s cock became hard and understood how big the cock was. My eyes were on Didi Mai.

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Seeing my own sister’s raw breasts made my cock hard. As soon as the man woke up, he told Didi to get ready.

My sister Ulka took off her saree completely. I could see Didi’s hairy pussy. It seems that Didi has never shaved her pussy. The man now lay down on his side. Didi lay down with her legs apart.

The man clapped his hand to cut the beanie on Didi’s pussy. My sister held the cock and started rubbing it on the pussy. Then the man took his cock in his hand and washed it on Didi’s pussy and started to rub it on Didi’s chest.

Ulka placed her legs on the man’s back and locked them and began to caress the man’s head by raising her waist.

After 10-15 minutes of tapping, the force of the man’s tapping started to decrease. Then stopped the pacing and lay down in the deep hole. I realized that the man’s goods are out.

Now the two separated and the man remained lying down. When the meteor struck, he saw me. Seeing me, she got nervous and tried to cover her pussy. I gave him a small smile.

To be honest, I also wanted to fuck sister. After a while the man put on his clothes and left. After the man left I went inside.

By that time Didi had put on the saree. I smiled at him again but he didn’t say anything. He called me a sack and went to make tea.

I was sitting and wondering how to fuck sister. My mind played a trick. After Jaihawk Didi brought tea, I asked Didi while we were having tea –

who is the man

Your son-in-law’s friend.

Since when are these going on?

What is your job to know that?

like that

I pulled Rakshita Boudi’s fat belly with my hand

That’s why I laughed and Didi also laughed and said – Your son-in-law Raj is drunk after drinking alcohol. She has not had sex with me for a long time.

And so I had sex with her friend for almost two years. When I asked Didi about everything, Didi said that till now she has had sex with nine men and she has kept her daughters in the hostel so that there is no problem with caste.

When Didi was saying these things, I was playing with her hair.

Didi said you can put your hand wherever you want.

I got the courage to listen to Didi’s words and started pressing her breast with my hand.

Big, big, big, and black two milk in front of me. was hanging. And the nipples were blacker, longer. I couldn’t wait any longer. Dalai started to spread.

Being hot, I started to suck the milk of sister more strongly. I went from one milk to another. I kept the milk in my mouth and pushed the nipple with my tongue.

After a while, Didi said, “Did you just learn to press my breast?”

Sister I can fuck at least better than that guy.

Well, let’s see who Besi Chodaru.

Less than you but more than that guy.

You have learned to speak very well. Now let’s see your camel.

I took off my pants after listening to Didi. Didi was happy to see my erect camel and started shaking my camel in her hand.

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Friends, you may not know how good it is when your sister or sister plays with the rooster. Sister took off her dress. We are both naked now.

Didi is kneeling down in front of my cock and is looking at my cock well and maybe she is thinking to herself that despite having such a strong thing in her house, she is having sex with an outsider.

I held my cock around Didi’s face and tried to insert the cock in Didi’s mouth.
Didi got nervous and said what are you doing?

Eki Didi you now have not taken the bull in the face?


So what did you do for so long with nine generations? Hold the empty pussy open and Shalara put the cock in that pussy for some time and then both of them will release their belongings and then lie down, so didi.

Hey, never see how it feels to suck someone’s cock. After saying these words, I tried to put the cock in Didi’s mouth again, but Didi was not taking it.

I got angry and said Shali Rendi, you fucked me with junk and you are having trouble taking my cock in your mouth?

Whore magi, open your mouth.

Now forcefully put the cock in her mouth. Didi really did not know how to suck cock.

I taught him how to suck cock. I sucked the cock for about half an hour and released the material in my mouth. Didi ran to the bathroom and started vomiting.

A little later he came out and said, does anyone do this?

My girlfriend did not eat the goods.

No, this will not be done by me.

Didi Tak will not eat at least suck it.

After explaining a lot, I started sucking cock again. After some time, when the bull became erect again, Didi said, I can’t bear it anymore.

Saying this, Didi lay down with her legs apart. I brought my face down to Didi’s pussy. Didi’s awakened clit began to move with the tongue.

Sometimes light bites. I put my fingers in my sister’s pussy immediately after sucking the pussy. Along with the caress of the tongue on the clit, I started fingering the sister’s pussy.

‘Didi said how much more will you play with me! Can’t do that anymore. The whole body is on fire. Please put out the fire.

Didi’s Bhoda’s mouth set his cock and slowly pressed and inserted half of it. Didi’s mouth again screamed happiness. Didi choda golpo by inserting my tongue in didi’s pussy

I slowly inserted the whole bara inside Didi. Didi’s pussy is very tight and warm. This condition of Didi’s pussy made Didi even hotter.

I started thrusting more forcefully to Didi. After 15-20 minutes of thrusting, Didi was also excited, ‘Don’t give it a little harder bro. Come in a little more… Hmm this way… Aah… Don’t stop. I will now…’

Didi completed the orgasm as she said. I couldn’t hold it any longer. And after a while I filled Didi’s pussy with semen and I became dull.

That day I kissed Didi three times. I stayed at Didi’s house for about 7 days and had a lot of fun. In those few days, I made Didi an expert in sucking cock. Now Didi can also eat buffalo juice.

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