“Kamini’s Supernatural Academy: A Tale of Power, Redemption, and Love” chapter 2


Chapter 4: The Battle

Kamini walked onto the stage, her heart pounding in her chest as she faced off against the bully. She knew she was at a disadvantage, but she was determined to fight.

As soon as the battle started, the bully charged at her, hitting her with a powerful blow that sent her flying into the wall. Kamini groaned as she got up, her head spinning.

The bully was already running towards her, and Kamini knew she had to act fast. She turned and ran, the bully following close behind.

That’s when she remembered what the old man’s spirit had whispered to her earlier. She knew she had no other choice.

Kamini quickly removed her zipper, revealing her massive breasts with blue nipples. The sight of her bare chest caused the entire crowd of boys to erupt in cheers.

“Look at those massive jugs!” one boy shouted.

“I’ve never seen blue nipples before!” another boy exclaimed.

As soon as her breasts were exposed, the old man and wolf spirit started sucking on her nipples. The sensation was intense, and Kamini felt a surge of energy run through her body.

That’s when the flashback hit her. She saw the old man’s memories, revealing that her breasts had the power to give physical bodies to spirits, but the bodies were only temporary.

In an instant, Kamini was embodied by a muscular, handsome young man and a wolf. Both of them were sucking on her nipples, their eyes fixed on the bully.

The man and wolf charged at the bully, their fists and claws flying. The bully tried to fight back, but he was no match for the two powerful spirits.

Just as they were about to land the finishing blow, Kamini got another flashback. She saw the bully’s memories, revealing that he had been violated by his stepmother against his will.

Kamini knew she had to do something to change his hatred towards girls. She suddenly stopped fighting, and walked over to the bully.

She stripped herself naked in front of him, the entire crowd watching in shock. “You can have my naked body for a day,” she said, her voice steady and confident.

The bully’s eyes widened in surprise, and he didn’t know what to say. Kamini stood there, completely exposed, waiting for his response.

She knew that this was a risky move, but she was determined to change the bully’s hatred towards girls. She was willing to do whatever it took to make a difference.

And she hoped that this would be the start of something new for both of them.

The bully was shocked to see a naked girl standing in front of him, her blue pussy and giant ass on full display. Kamini looked at him with a confident smile, and said “I’m willingly giving you my body, just as you asked.”

Kamini gently pulled the bully’s pants down, revealing his large third member. She gasped in surprise, “Wow, it’s 7 inches large!”

She looked up at the bully, her eyes filled with desire. She softly grabbed his cock, and asked “Do you want me to suck it?”

The bully was flabbergasted, but he nodded his head in approval. Kamini put her mouth on his cock, and started to suck it slowly.

As she sucked, she thought something in her mind, but it was directly sent to the bully’s mind. The words were “If you want, you can be aggressive on me.”

The bully was shocked, but he grabbed Kamini’s head and pushed it deep into his dick, making it hit her throat. Kamini choked, but she didn’t stop.

She kept sucking, even as the bully started to thrust harder and harder. Kamini was struggling, but she didn’t complain.

“Mmmhh” “mmhh” Kamini moaned with every thrust. The bully started to feel sorry, and softened his thrusts.

Kamini felt it, and she slowly grabbed the bully’s hand and placed it on her chest. She moaned as he pinched her nipples, indicating him to continue.

The bully couldn’t resist, and he grabbed Kamini’s butt and pulled it towards him, making it into a 69 position. He started fingering Kamini’s pussy and biting her clitoris, making her moan even louder.

The other boys in the class were whispering amongst themselves, “I want to do it with her too” “She might do it with us too after all she is doing it with that bully”

Kamini moaned as she released a loud semen from her pussy, while the bully released a load of his own cum into her mouth. Kamini drank it, knowing that what she was doing would make her character in front of other people crumble.

But at this point, Kamini didn’t care. She wanted to heal the bully fully, and she was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen.

Kamini got up from the bully and layed back on the ground, her heart racing as she spread her legs slowly. She was nervous of showing her entire body to the crowd of students and teachers who were watching her with wide open eyes. Some of them wanted to stop her, but this was all Kamini’s choice. She had accepted her defeat by her own will, and there was no way to avoid this.

“Come on, don’t keep a girl waiting,” Kamini said to the bully, who pounced on her and planted his dick on Kamini’s pussy. He vigorously pushed it in, and Kamini moaned hard. She felt a lot of pain, but she held it in.

“I don’t have proof, but I’m the first person whose penis has gone into me,” Kamini said to the bully, even though she had sex with the wolf spirit before. But that was a secret, and Kamini wasn’t lying because the wolf spirit wasn’t a person.

As soon as the bully heard that, his heart softened a bit. But he didn’t stop. He rammed it in violently and continued banging Kamini’s butt.

“Mhhmm mhhhmm aunhhh,” Kamini moaned with every thrust. She grabbed the bully’s hand and placed it on her own breast, indicating him to massage it. The bully squeezed hard and pinched her nipples firmly.

The bully was a bit too aggressive, but Kamini didn’t show the pain on her face. The bully came to know her pain because he remembered his own pain when his step mother was violating him, and he became softer.

Kamini felt his thrusts become more comfortable. The bully slowly leaned forward and kissed Kamini on her lips. Kamini hugged the bully and kissed his lips deeper. The crowd erupted with words, but the bully turned around to beat them up.

“Do you think you have the time to beat them up? Come and take your prize,” Kamini said to the bully while she was still shaking in nervousness. The bully walked to Kamini and knelt before her, feeling that she was doing all of this for him.

At this point, the bully started to become kinder. He rammed his dick into Kamini’s pussy and started to bang her butt, but this time much more comfortably. Kamini felt no pain at all, this was true pleasure.

Kamini felt like she was able to take out all the pain out of the bully. She opened up her heart and started to moan loudly. The bully bent down and hugged Kamini, thanking her from behind while pushing his dick in and out of her.

The bully pinched her nipples and firmly yet in a pleasurable way. Kamini turned around, and the bully and Kamini kissed each other as they both climaxed at once.

“Mhhhaaaaaaaaa,” Kamini moaned loudly. After Kamini moaned, they switched positions again. Kamini stood in the ballet dancer pose, and the bully had sex with her again. Many of the students took pictures of Kamini’s naked butt and pose through cameras. Kamini was extremely nervous, but she kept her promise and did what ever the bully wanted for an entire day.

At the end of the day, Kamini and the bully were on the ground exhausted, filled with a stage of cum. Kamini looked at the bully, and he looked back at her with a soft expression.

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