kochi gud choti cudlam in the rain friend’s lover’s kochi gud


kochi gud choti cudlam in the rain friend’s lover’s kochi gud

When I was in college, three friends rented a two-room house. Rajiv was the best among us in studies.

He had a computer on which we used to watch 3X. Rajiv and I lived in one room. Shahed lived in another room.

Shahed was working in a pharmaceutical company. He was married but lived at his parents’ house. He used to come sometimes.

We used to look through the door. Shahed knew and kept the lights on so we could see.

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We used to market each week. Bua used to come and cook at two o’clock. Rajiv used to think about Bua.

Once a month we would all pay money and have sex with Maggi. My girlfriend Tanya was studying in class ten. He was very fond of my friends.

One day after Tanya ran away from school and came to our house, the storm started. I’m stuck doing the market then. I don’t even know that he was in my house at that time.

Meanwhile, Shahed could not go to the office because of the rain. Bua also could not come and Rajiv was in Tushni. Shahed is a bit of a loose type of boy.

Tanya’s clothes were wet and stuck to her body. Shahed takes Tanya inside and forces her to take a bath in my pajama and shirt.

Tanya came to the room after shower and saw Shahed lying in our room watching blue film leaving Rajib’s computer. It was Shahed who told me these events later.

However, Tanya, pretending not to see her, left the room and went to the balcony. Back then no one had a mobile phone like they do now.

The poor man was standing on the balcony trying to hold himself together. Then it seems that mischief also fills his head. He came to the room and said to Shahed, what are you doing brother?

Shahed then says to Tanya, do you know that Kamal and Rajiv are gay? They sleep in the bed with each other?

Tanya did not believe but laughed after hearing Shahed’s words. But I was watching the blue film with my eyes closed. Because he had never seen these pictures before.

And was breathing heavily. On the other hand, the rain increased. Suddenly the current goes off with a loud electric shock. Tanya screamed in fear. Shahed was waiting for such an opportunity.

What happened Tanya, are you afraid? Hey stupid girl come here. Aki, why are you dressed like this? Your chest is heaving.

Will you drink water? Watch the show here. hey i’m not what is fear nothing will happen He said and put his hand on Tanya’s chest. Tanya was moving her hand again and again Shahed was giving her hand again.

Sometimes he was touching his chest, sometimes his back, butt and saying don’t be afraid, honey, the current will come soon.

Tania felt good about Shahed’s touch but somehow felt afraid. What happened after that he cried. Shahed then got up and went to the next room. I was thinking in my mind, what will be the answer to me?

He knows very well how much I love Tanya. Then goes to the next room to apologize to Tanya. Why are you crying Tanya?

Tanya then says, brother, I feel alone. After Shahed sat next to him, Tanya said, is brother Kamal really gay? He does not love me because of this?

Shahed then says, oh no fool I am mischievous. He loves you so much that he is afraid to caress. If you think something.

Don’t tell me again that I touched you. Tanya then doesn’t reply biya you don’t worry I don’t say anything.

Says gives a smile that Shahed understands a lot. Shahed regained his courage. An evil mind pressed on his head. Shahed then takes one of Tania’s hands and places them on her clothes. Tanya does not remove her hand.

Shahed became bolder. Gently kisses Tanya’s neck. Bou Bangla Choti Tanya doesn’t say anything. Shahed then picked up Tanya and put her on his lap.

Then press the chest with both hands from behind. Tanya is silent. Shahed’s gold continues to solidify. How comfortably Tanya’s eyes close.

Tanya lay down on the bed. Shahed lied down and started kissing Tania’s cheeks with her eyes and lips. Tanya grabbed his cock with her hand. Shahed then took off his pants and showed Tanya his six and a half inch penis.

Tanya looks like she is shaking. Shahed now removed my shirt and pajama from Tanya’s body.

Both of them are full nyangta and hug each other. Shahed is a seasoned player, knowing that he is the first man in Tania’s life. Understandably, Tanya is unable to stop him.

Sucking Tanya’s tongue slowly inserted a finger into Tanya’s mouth. Tania grabbed Shahed like crazy.

Shahed went down to kiss. She spread her legs and licked Tanya’s pussy like crazy with her tongue. Tanya stood up.

Then Shahed climbed on top of Tanya, squeezed the two milks and sent the Akhamba Laora into Tanya’s hot juicy mouth. Tanya cannot resist. Just squirms in unbearable comfort.

After being stuck in a corner for ten minutes, Shahed took out his dhon. Then went to 69 position and started licking Tanya’s bhoda.

Tania also continues to suck Shahed’s wealth. Then again Shahed laid Tanya down and started doggy-fucking her from behind.

Tanya clenched her fists and held the bed sheet. After seven or eight minutes of sex, Shahed took out his penis and forced it on Tanya’s face and released the goods.

Shahed told me this when Tania broke up with me after four years of dating. And I think I would have never known if I had not broken the relationship, the truth would have been buried

Bengali chatty story After breaking up with Tanya, I found out from my roommate Shahed that he had fucked her long ago.

Throw that in my bed. Still, when Tanya wanted to resume her relationship with me again, I couldn’t turn her away.

Because I really love him. I have just finished my studies and am looking for a job. Tania was pressuring her to marry another boy from home so we ran away and got married.

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I was in great danger at that time, wondering where to get up with a new wife, Tanya gave me the idea. He said, well, Shahed Bhai was your roommate.

If you don’t say he got quarters, let’s stay there for a few days until we go home. I thought, so!

Why did not remember before? Shahed bhai is now in great condition, got promotion, car from office too. After explaining everything on the phone, he said, “Don’t worry, I’m coming.”

The servant appeared within fifteen minutes. He said, get in the car, looked at Tanya and smiled, how are you Tanya?

Come get in the car. I had already climbed into the driver’s side and he sat in the back seat with my new bride.

I remembered the previous incident. I kept looking in the rear view mirror. Although it was not clear in the darkness,

However, it seemed that Shahed’s left hand went over Tanya’s neck and entered under the veil.

But then Tanya would not say anything? Maybe the poor guy is silent knowing the danger. Now we have no place to stay except Shahed’s house.

Suddenly I saw Shahed trying to kiss her forcefully and Tanya trying to stop her. Tanya gestured to me, kochi gud choti in the rain I fucked my friend’s lover’s little pussy

Shahed then whispered “Ki jani” and then began to caress the junction of her thighs with his right hand. Tanya still doesn’t know that I know what happened to them that day. So Shahed was enduring everything without letting me understand anything despite the fact that he was beyond the level of civilization

Shahed now pulled Tanya’s hand and placed it on her bed and asked to press it. Tanya saw that I was engaged in conversation with the driver.

I thought I wasn’t paying attention. For a long time, the poor thing became horny. He opened the pant chain and took out Shahed’s clothes and started pulling them.

Meanwhile we reached the destination. After going to Shahed Bhai’s house, I came to know that he had parted ways with his wife.

After dinner, I asked while talking, Bhabhi was a very good person, why did you leave? He replied, “Don’t talk about that Chutmarani Magi in front of me.”

This promotion of mine happened a long time ago. Do you understand that my boss was targeting him? I could not agree to anything except Khanki.

So one day I went to the boss’s house after hearing about the office party. Sit right in front of me, he was forcefully fucked and my wife screamed, I looked and saw. Then he sneered at me.

I was thinking that I will not laugh or cry after hearing the incident. My wife said, what should I say to your wife who had sex in front of you, didn’t you feel bad?

Shahed Bhai laughed loudly and looked at me and said, “Believe me Rupam, the fun of watching your wife get fucked by someone else is not so much fun even if you get fucked yourself.”

I also said mischievously, I don’t believe anything without proof. Tanya heard me

As Ahlad came to kill me, I moved and Tanya could not keep her balance and fell on Shahed’s lap. The veil has been removed from her chest.

Shahed got the milk in front of his hands and squeezed it. My wife was trying to get rid of me but seeing that I was not saying anything, Shahed got more courage.

He was kissing Tanya’s neck and chest and rubbing her face. The whole thing was really very erotic and I enjoyed watching it. I think that Tanya herself was enjoying the matter even though she said that she was leaving her mouth.

Pressing Tanya’s chest over the shirt, Shahed Bhai opened her lungi with one hand and it became a leng. Then he started forcing Tanya to open her clothes.

Although her body was anxious to have sex, Tanya was ashamed of me. I got up and switched off the light. Then I went to the balcony and smoked a cigarette.

After finishing the cigarette, I came to the room and turned on the light. I saw two people having oral sex in the 69 method. Lying on top of Shahed, my wife is licking her pussy and Shahed brother is holding my wife’s vagina with both hands and sucking her pussy with his tongue.

I joined them without delay. I tried to insert my fake cock into my wife’s pussy from behind.

did not enter So I entered it with Bhonda. When the dog starts fucking from behind, my husband uh, ah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, the two of us fuck each other.

Eat both my milk. Khisti Kheur started to kill me by fucking. I have noticed before that Tanya’s head is not right while having sex.

Talks back and forth. I changed position. I lifted Tanya up and began to spank her from below.

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Shahed took a little Vaseline with his fingers and put it on Tanya’s ass hole and pushed it and it rotted inside.

Both of us were groping from both sides and my wife was shaking like a fish caught in a pole. I fucked each of them three times throughout the night. Then in the early hours of the morning, tired, the three entwined

i slept After that we stayed at Shahed’s house for a week. As long as I was at home, I used to be threesome and I would have sex every now and then. kochi gud choti cudlam in the rain friend’s lover’s kochi gud

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