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People can’t do anything to grow up, so Kavita didn’t even dare to give her honor to become a singer.

Kavita lives in the village, aged between eighteen and nineteen, looks very beautiful and sings very well.

Parents also want their daughter to be a singer Kavita’s boyfriend Gaurang, he also wants Kavita to become a big singer

One day Kavita sang in a college function, a music director came to her

When Gaurang proposed it, he said it was okay.

Meet us at Gauranga reached there with Kavita very happily.

He went there and saw the director and two musicians talking inside a room
Gaurang – Hello sir

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Dere: Hello, what do you want? koci mal sex director system with kochi mal

Gau: Sir you asked to come newchotigolpocom

Deere: Oh well, what’s his name?

Kavita said in a soft voice, Sir, my name is Kavita

Dere: Sit

They sat on separate sofas next to the director

Dire: – Where did you learn poetry?

Poem—Sir, to my mother

Dire: Is your mother a great singer?

Kavita—(nervous) no mean… koci mal sex director system fuck with kochi mal

Dire: – Look, don’t think that you have become a great singer after getting two or four applauses by singing in Fanshan.

If you want to be a singer, you have to learn a lot and work hard

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Kavita — Sir, I want to work very hard and learn, if you kindly teach

Dere: (to Gauranga) who is this? newchotigolpocom

Poetry is my friend

Dre: Ok come here every evening at 8 pm I will get you ready

Kavita Ok sir, I am coming today

After reading the poem to him, the musicians told the director that Sir Malta’s voice is really good

Dere: Hey brother, in today’s age everything should be good from the neck to the floor – Who is it, sir?

Kavita came the next evening, – Good evening sir Yes, Kavita has come, sit down!

Dire: He started speaking koci mal sex director system with kochi mal

Listen to poetry now there are many singers in the market! Leave them and bring Shrata to you

Surely there must be honey in your song and I will bring that honey to your voice, I just want to have your mind. — Oh sir —Sing a song to, do ghunt mujhe ve pilado sharabi phir dekh hota hai kiya.

Singing poetry today mou go is accumulated in mahua, mahua is accumulated today mou go, hair covered slit has that gold color that…. newchotigolpocom

Dire: – Holo na, holo na sing this beautiful romantic song well

Poem again… Mahua has accumulated today mou go, Mahua has accumulated mou go today, the hair covered slit has that golden color that…

Bangla Bhoda Chata – Girlfriend’s younger brother licks my Bhoda Chata

Dire: Oh, what’s going on with the poem, it’s not really romancing Sing again, poetry sang again.
Director Rege – Well, do you have a romance with your boyfriend like this? Singing romantic songs as if you have never had a romance Take it again koci mal sex director system with kochi mal

Poem – today mou go is accumulated in mahua, today mou go is accumulated in mahua, the hair covered slit has that golden color that

Dire:- Kavita you don’t get bored, a bit sexy in the voice means give a sexy voice, don’t be shy, we have to erase the word shame from our mind. (Kavita feels bad but how can she become a singer) newchotigolpocom

Gao Mahua has accumulated mou go, today mou has accumulated in mahua, the hair covered slit has that golden color that

Bengali sex story of giving up her honor to become a singer

Dere — Nah” Poem Come here stand before me and see how your voice changes Kavita came forward, the director started touching Kavita’s navel.

Kavita’s body feels like a current is flowing because this is the first time that a boy is touching her belly full of youth —Sing now, koci mal sex director system with kochi mal

Poem – Today mau go is accumulated in mahua, today mau go is accumulated in mahua, the hair covered slit has that golden color that

Dere —Wow very nice, sing again,

Poem – today mou go is accumulated in mahua, today mou go is accumulated in mahua, the hair covered slit has that golden color that

She sang like this for about twenty minutes and the director stroked Kavita’s belly fat Deere — So far today, don’t worry, you’ve sung very well Will come again tomorrow I have other work you go – Who is he?

On the first day of singing lessons, Kavita’s vagina watered, because the director’s real intention was to get her into bed. newchotigolpocom

The next day, he lifted the drum on Kavita’s thigh and wet her panty The next day, the back and buttocks were swollen, and within a few weeks, almost most of Kavita’s body was swollen.

Kavitha wishes she could pay anything to become a singer So it’s like he’s sold out to the director
And the director wants to go to bed koci mal sex director system with kochi mal

In the last few days, Kavita has understood well what tone the director wants to create in Asole

So today came to the director’s house on time He was surprised to see the poem! He doesn’t understand whether he came to sing or dance today

Ah Ki Dressing, black colored tight leggings are wearing for which all the structure from bottom to top is bright, as well as the swollen part of the vagina and red short and tight t-shirt.

The pair of breasts are like two pears hanging, and the navel is like a hole in the middle of the stomach like a clean dish. The director saw that his upper head was not working due to the madness of his lower head

He has thought that pop music should be recorded today

Deere – Kavita Today I will teach you a melody that is very important for a lady singer to learn

Kavita- yes sir koci mal sex director system chodal with kochi mal

Dire- ulala, ulala mai jawan hogayi newchotigolpocom

Poem – Ulala, Ulala Mai Jawaan Hogayi

Dere – Nice, now say! Ouch

Poems – Oh, oh, ouch

Dere—no holona, ​​say it again ah ah ouch

Deere — I know it won’t be that easy.

Listen, if I put my hand on your body, you will see how beautiful the sound will be Today he just touched this place of poetry for the first time Kavitha immediately got up

Dere—Okay, it has to be more.

Meanwhile, the juice is flowing from the vagina due to singing poetry newchotigolpocom

However, the director says, no, the sound is not coming, it seems that it will not be done by you

Poem – Sir try a little more as you can koci mal sex director system with kochi mal

Dre- ok you say let’s see when we get last chance Look, if you want to bring this kind of tone, you will try to keep the same romance in your mind, brain, and body.

Kavita- Sir, I don’t understand how it will come

Deere – Let’s go where this tune sounds so good (taken to bed)

Today I will fill your voice with sexy romances, see how many names you spread in the first song. Do not keep any shame or distress in your mind

That’s why he opened Kavita’s t-shirt high, Kavita was silent, the director said Kavita would make noise. Who is he sir? Brata also opened, Kavitha sighed

Yes, that’s right Kavitha is slowly stroking the red nipples — ah ah uh uh doing After sucking the breast, the tone is rising newchotigolpocom

He took the leggings and panty together and pulled them off, Kavita is singing very beautifully He began to lick the vagina with his tongue and began to sing poetry ah ah ouch and his whole body was swaying.

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Dear – Let me clean Kavita’s throat a little, said the director’s leather brass and started to brush loudly inside Kavita’s mouth. He cleaned the neck cuffs well

Deere – Yes, see how the sound comes out now The director sat near Kavita’s waist with his legs on both sides and put the director’s eight-inch pipe in the mouth of the vagina.

Then the pop music started, and to the rhythm of the music, the poetry of the song was ah ouch ouch ah ouch ouch ah ouch ouch.

Dere — Ah Kavita, what is the tone of the song, you will be a great singer one day newchotigolpocom

Kavita — Sir aspired to be a singer, you play your flute louder. koci mal sex director system with kochi mal

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