Kolkata Panu Golpo is the strange story of a Kolkata model


Kolkata Panu Golpo is the strange story of a Kolkata model

I work in management in a production unit of Tuli, Cinema and Modeling. I myself have done a little modeling before but now work under Boss.

I have been working here for the last 6 years. Me and my son in law live in Mumbai. I am a happily married woman. I am 32 years old and my husband is 35 years old. My body structure is very attractive and my size is 40C-30-41.

My height is 5’9”, fair complexion and long hair. My husband is also a smart guy. He works as an IT manager in a foreign company.

Let me share with you something more about me. I’ve always had a weakness for older men.

I have always had a penchant for walking naked in public, and having sex with one or more people in front of my husband.

bou chodar golpo love sex with new wife

Later I never got married but my illicit relationship with my boss was always lurking. gud chuda panu

My sex drive increased because my husband was always busy with his work and my boss used to satisfy my sex drive with his penis juices. Kolkata Panu Golpo

Tell me a little about my boss; He is 54 years old, tall, well built in proportion to his age, weird guy and he has lost interest in his wife so he has a lot of appetite for illicit sex. It has a large dhon of 4 inches thick and 8 8 inches.

He continued experimenting with me in various poses and rhythms. Hardcore wears clothes when we’re out on tour.

Buys lingerie, bikinis and mini dresses to show off my tits and ass. Especially when going on a tour in Goa. My boss always had an eye on me from day one. His eyes were always lustful.

Later I developed a relationship with him as I was his secretary and had to accompany him in every meeting and on business trips.

He took good care of me, provided gifts, clothes and all my expenses. My boss and I have many experiences but would like to share one experience with you.

The incident happened when we went to Delhi for a meeting. The tour was for a week. Only I accompanied the boss in meetings and business tours and my husband didn’t mind. chodar chotiy golpo tour office boss Gud Chudlo Choti story

The meeting is over in two days and I have five hands, I don’t know what to do these days. mayer pasa choudar glpo
In the evening my boss said to me “Let’s go Maya Mara for 5 days from Manali. It’s not far from here.”

Hearing this I jumped up and said “Yes let’s not”. It was our last night in Delhi so we decided which club to spend the night in.

Brahin Pith Khala wore a short sexy dress. The dress is so short that if I fall down, my backside will be exposed. Kolkata Panu Golpo

bangla choti I stepped into the trap of profit and got fucked

I wore high heel shoes with him. Basto was shocked to see me. He kept looking at me with his two lustful eyes. Jayhawk took control of himself and the boss took me to the night club.

I went to the pub and saw a crowd of people. Somehow I got a table for two.

I started with beer and then one by one slowly. After taking a few pegs the boss started to wobble.
He hugged me and started kissing me.

After a while he went to get the pegs again and I was fixing my short clothes when I noticed some boys in the pool looking at me.

Seeing them, I thought I knew how and gave a mischievous laugh looking at them. Seeing that, they immediately came to my table.

As it was very crowded, the boss was getting a little late with the peg. The boys gave me their phone numbers and left. I started to feel like a whore and thought so my pussy was wet with juice.

Meanwhile the boss appeared with a peg of whiskey. I thought tonight would be a good night. The boss came and said he saw a nice table in the dark corner and to go there.

After a glass of whisky, my boss kissed me and started touching my tits and pussy over the dress. I also continued to hold his cock, the cock is very hard.

And after hitting a few pegs I went to the floor to dance. As we made our way to the dance floor, some hot guys grabbed my hips while staring at me. I also blinked.

Me and my boss started dancing and boss started feeling my whole body with his hands. I also started touching his cock over the pant. The boss looked at me and said “let’s go to our room”.

I really wanted to dance but the boss had other plans in mind. The boss took me by the hand and took me out of the pub. It was almost 12 midnight so there were no cars or horses on the road. Kolkata Panu Golpo

We decided to walk. Sitting kissing me while walking. The story of alienation

The distance from the pub to the hotel was not much. Suddenly removed my clothes and started sucking my tits in the middle of the road first time someone is standing in the middle of the road sucking my tits. Just thinking about it, the panty got completely wet with pussy juice.

Then my boss started kissing me again and rubbing his fingers in my pussy. The boss said with his hand on the pussy, “Hey, your panty is wet with juice, let’s quickly enter the room and wash it.” “.

We started walking towards the hotel again and then my boss put his hand inside my shirt and unhooked my bra and pressed my breast and put one of his fingers right at the base of my pussy.

A small moan came out of my mouth and he looked at me with a mischievous grin and kissed me. We went to our hotel in the same way and reached the hotel

He took his finger from my pussy and put it in my mouth so that I could eat my own pussy juice. The guard was looking at us and seeing that I gave him a smile.

Then we reached the reception where about 10 to 15 people were seated. My boss kissed me on the neck and cheek without asking for a photo at the reception.

He even put his hand on my ass again on the way to the elevator. All the staff and guests were looking at us.

If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 5

Needless to say, one of them called me a bitch and bet me I must be a call girl, and he was willing to pay any price to have sex with me all night.

Hearing that, I got hotter. As we waited for the elevator my boss showered me with kisses and then we entered the elevator. Kolkata Panu Golpo

There was a couple in our elevator. The wife looked at me with disgust and her husband was enjoying my whole body with lustful eyes. I’m sure he rapped me with both his eyes.

We got off the elevator and went to our room. I saw that couple also coming behind us because their room is right opposite our room.

They unlocked their room and entered the room but we were standing outside. We could not unlock the room because we were both drunk.

But after a lot of struggle the boss opened the lock and after unlocking it he grabbed my hair and pulled me into the room and slammed the door shut.

Then he grabbed my hand and pushed me against the wall and pulled all my clothes and tore them.

For the first time he treated me with such fierce sexual excitement. I am standing in only panty. I raised both my hands and pressed them against the wall and one hand was rubbing my pussy.

I couldn’t help but started humming loudly Boss saw Aretai and put his lips on my lips and started kissing me so that I can’t hum anymore.

He let go of my hands and I immediately grabbed his cock from the top of his jeans.

I got very excited and my panty was soaked in juice and jab jab.

I unbuttoned his jeans and opened the pant. Then I took off his shirt too. He is now completely naked. Kolkata Panu Golpo

He pressed my breast and fingered my pussy and started playing with his cock. Then he made me kneel down so that I could suck his cock.

I also started to suck his cock full in my mouth like sucking ice cream. The cock was not entering so I widened the mouth and put the cock in my mouth.

He is also pushing his cock inside my mouth. After sucking for a long time, I saw madan juice coming out of his cock, mixed with my saliva and running down the corner of my lips.

Then he pulled me by my hair and placed me on the table and pulled off the small cloth covering my pussy and took the cloth in his mouth licking the juices and smelling my pussy.

Then he started to lick my pussy directly. After licking my pussy he licked and cleaned the hole in my hips.

Then he made me stand doggy style on the table and started fingering my pussy while standing up and sometimes taking the finger from the pussy and inserting it into my mouth.

After walking like this for a while, he set his cock on my cunt and hit it slowly.

He grabbed my hair and slowly increased the speed of the thumps. I went crazy with his cock in my pussy and let out my cum for the first time.

After a while he grabbed my hair again and dragged me to the bed. He spread my legs apart and inserted his big cock into my juicy pussy.

I screamed with pleasure “Fuck me and fuck me hard”. We were both enjoying the great pleasure of intercourse. Kolkata Panu Golpo

Then he started fucking me doggy style again in an unusual way. He also started licking my ass.

The boss asked, “Honey, you are feeling good. Your cock is quite big, so I was getting three times the pain as much as it was fun.”

Part 2 Ejaculation wipe all mother-in-law’s hair

I couldn’t hold myself back and let out for the second time. Boss took his cock out of my pussy and put it in my mouth. I understand what he wants.

I poured all the juices of his cock inside my mouth and I licked all the juices like thirsty.

I cleaned the juices on my face with his cock and licked his cock clean and lay on his armband.

The boss took a cigarette and gave me two to smoke. Then he said that we will go to Manali tomorrow morning. Hearing this, my excitement increased again and I imagined that I would be able to eat and fuck like this for a few days. Kolkata Panu Golpo

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