Living Again After Growing Old-19 : Final Episode


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When I turned around to face him, he had picked up a sauce pan and smashed my face with it. I fell unconscious and woke up later in the hospital. I saw my son was there with his wife, my daughter and Radhika.

When I asked the nurse I was told I luckily did not have any major injuries to my left skull, only multiple stitches. Radhika came running to me first seeing me awake followed by my son and his wife and my daughter.

I asked my son “where is your dad”? He said “he is sitting outside, should I call him”? I said “no way, please call the cops first”. He was shocked to hear, then I repeated myself looking at Radhika.

Soon the cops came and I lodged a formal complaint against my Ex and he was immediately taken away. I sent everyone out and asked Radhika about Pramod.

She said both Pramod and Adarsh were here all the while and had left to work a short while ago. I told Radhika I was done with this relationship and to prepare the mutual divorce papers immediately.

She asked “what do you have in mind Sarita”? I said “I am fed up with this guy and cannot tolerate him anymore. I want to divorce him right away and move in with Pramod”.

She asked “have you thought this thru? How are you going to explain this to your children”? I said “leave it to me, I will handle it my way. I will also tell you what to tell them if they come to you”.

She said “ok, let me call Pramod and Adarsh right away and tell them to fast forward the plan we had discussed”. I asked her to call my children inside now.

I sat my children down and said “I cannot live with this animal anymore. I only stayed with him till now to ensure you both are settled in life or I would have left long ago. I have decided to divorce him, hope you both understand”.

They both tried reasoning with me saying he was drunk and to give him another chance, I said “what if I would not have survived his assault? Would you have still said the same thing”? They both saw reason and eventually agreed.

I said “I have devoted the best years of my life taking care of you all. Now if all I am asking is to get a chance to live my lost life again, is that too much to ask? Don’t worry no matter where I am, I will still remain your mother”.

My parents and his came over after a few days because they got to know what had happened. After many discussions, I finally took back my complaint. I was still content that my Ex had to spend 3 nights inside locked up.

So another 3 weeks later I was discharged, I made sure my Ex was sleeping on the couch in the living room permanently. Despite both side parents pressure I did not buckle or budge from my decision.

The cops were also regularly in touch with me to see if I wanted to press charges and proceed or drop it entirely, I told them to keep it on hold. I made my intentions for divorce clear to everyone in both families.

I said “that was the only ground for me to take back my complaint. So either everyone agrees or I tell the cops to take him away for a good few years”. My divorce announcement struck like a thunderstorm thru the family because it had never happened before in either of the families.

My dad asked “are you mad Sarita? What are you going to do after divorce at this age? Who will take care of you”? I said “dad, I have enough savings of my own, I will manage. And if I get lucky by god’s grace, I will get married to the ‘correct’ person and settle down again”.

My mother said “Sarita you have surely lost your bearings. Who will marry an old woman like you now”? I said “don’t worry mom, I will find my Mr. Right surely soon”.

Similar conversation repeated with his parents, his dad said “a divorce will bring bad reputation to our family. Please reconsider your decision”.

I said “with your son in jail for assaulting his wife, you already have enough bad reputation to deal with. Remember I am not responsible for this, your son is. So go deal with that animal who you have raised”.

When they saw I was firm in my decision they too gave up and left. I called my children and Ex to my room since I was still bed ridden. Looking at my Ex I said “this house belongs to me, so till my son is living here you can also stay”.

My Ex interrupted saying “but…”, I said “I am not done talking yet. The day my son leaves this house for whatever reason consider yourself out of this house too. Am I making myself clear”?

He said “Sarita you are bringing a lot of bad name to our family by your actions, please think again”. I shouted “shut up you bastard, does physically assaulting your wife bring you a good name”???

I called Radhika and said “please bring the papers now Radhika”. Ex asked “what papers”? I said “divorce papers, what else”. He said “I am not ready for it yet Sarita. I need time to think about this”.

I said “I am giving you an option of mutual divorce without any questions or alimony, either you accept this or I will go to court and get a divorce on grounds of physical abuse which will also entail heavy compensation which you will need to pay me. So decide right now”.

I looked at my children and said “all this is not your fault so don’t worry, I will always be there when you need me. After our divorce, I have chosen to live my life on my terms and I will not bring you any bad name, I promise”.

Radhika arrived soon, I said “Thanks for coming at such short notice Radhika, give him the papers to sign”. My Ex stared at the papers flipping thru the pages and quietly signed them eventually.

She said “Sarita I will speak to the lawyer and give her these papers, I will let you know what to do next based on what she says”. I said “fine, thank you”, she hugged me and left.

I looked at my Ex, his eyes were red with anger. I looked at my children and said “you can all please go now. I will call you in advance when I am ready to move out from here”.

My son asked “but mom where are you going to go? Maybe dad can leave and you can stay with me here only”. My daughter also added “yes mom, this will be a better idea”.

Now I was caught totally unprepared for what my children said. So quickly thinking on my toes I said “Thanks for your concern dear, don’t worry, after all he is your father. I will be close by and will meet you both regularly”.

After another two weeks the divorce was granted, I had recovered and moved all my stuff to the new house which Pramod’s parents had given us at a safe distance in this same city.

I left behind all my old sarees & inners because I did not want to carry any piece of cloth which had any connection to my Ex. I met with everyone (except my Ex of course) one last time and left in a taxi.

I went straight to the new house. It was beautiful and everyone was there waiting for me. This house was as big as the other one with big gardens, a private pool, exquisite furnishings and hand-picked luxurious interiors.

This place even had servant quarters for the maid and the security guard. All of Pramod’s cars were already parked here in the huge basement parking lot. Today was going to be my first time with my Putta darling in our own house.

We all sat down and had snacks together. Adarsh said “Sarita I have booked an appointment for tomorrow with the marriage registrar so both of you be ready by 12noon”.

This made me blush uncontrollably because I was now officially going to become Putta’s wife from tomorrow. Radhika winked at me, she said “Sarita please make sure you look fresh tomorrow”.

I looked at Pramod who had a wide grin across his face. Radhika said “your bridal dress for tomorrow is kept ready in your wardrobe, wear that only”. She said the same thing to Pramod.

Finally, I was at the start of a new journey of a lifetime with my darling Putta. Both of them left soon. For the first time I got a chance to wear the honeymoon special night dresses Putta had bought for me.

We both made love many times from evening till late night before falling asleep. Due to the excitement we both got up early and got dressed but not before completing two rounds of love making.

Radhika came in the morning with her driver and we went together and completed all the formalities. Then she dropped us back and left. I did not bother to inform my parents or my children about my second marriage.

I wanted to break the news slowly over time so it does not seem like I had everything orchestrated in advance. Now our crazy sex life continued but with a schedule.

Every morning we would wake up and have our first round followed by one in the shower. Then Pramod would get ready and we would have breakfast together before he left for office.

He would come at 12.30pm sharp for lunch where we would have two more bouts, one before lunch and one after followed by 1hr of rest after which he would leave to office.

Evenings he would be back by 7pm after which all hell would break loose till we fell asleep. I also got a new passport with Putta’s name mentioned as my hubby and my new surname.

We regularly went on holidays both domestic and international once every month, he got me lots of sex toys to keep me company while he was not around.

I got myself operated so I could have children with Putta. Over the next year I broke the news to my children who were shocked but my son seemed to be already having a doubt about it.

Anyway no one objected except my parents, but I managed to convince them somehow saying in a love marriage age does not matter. The following year we had twin boys, my children and my ‘New’ in-laws were overjoyed.

Even though I had grand children already from my son and daughter, they were very supportive of my decision to conceive with Pramod. My ex got a whiff of it and came to my new house and created a big ruckus.

Pramod called his dad who then called the cops on him and got him arrested. He also got a restraining order that my Ex could not be within a kilometre of us which permanently solved the problem.

Both me and Radhika always wanted a girl so we tried again planning with a gap of 2yrs. God answered our wishes and we had a cute baby girl in that year.

I again got myself sterilised because 3 kids were more than a handful already. Life went on and after my 3 babies started schooling Adarsh pushed me to join his business due to my good qualifications.

Adarsh and Radhika had kind of become supportive parents to my son and daughter from my previous marriage. My children too liked it and showed equal respect to all.

Due to the two pregnancies my figure went from 38D-34-41 to 38F-36-42 and Putta was crazy as usual about it because he loved my big tits and ass. I am 52yrs old now and we are one BIG happy family.

I could not have asked for anything more in life because God had given me a second chance, my Putta Darling who made me Live life Again even After Growing Old!

A Big thanks to all my readers who constantly kept me motivated to keep writing and share my life experience with you all. A Big thanks to all of you to have had the patience to read each episode till here…the end!

I know and acknowledge that many of you wrote to me that in the last few episodes there was more “drama” than sex, well what can I say. This is the story of my life and I tried to describe it the way it happened in detail and as it happened.

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