Living Again After Growing Old-9


Please read the previous part here ( Living Again After Growing Old-8 ). Now let’s continue

She got up to leave and Putta locked the door after her. By now even we had finished the snacks and coffee. Putta came to me and pulled me to my feet in another bear hug followed by crazy sensual kissing till we were breathless.

I kissed him passionately while grinding my crotch against his big hard dick. I said “let’s not waste time now, right now I want you to make love to me wildly”.

Putta put his hands on my butt pressing my crotch harder against his big bulge. I said wait let me remove my saree first so we do not spoil it. I quickly removed my clothes while he removed his.

We were now standing hugging each other fully naked. His big and hard manhood in-between my thighs massaging my pussy lips. We kissed a little more before we got on his bed.

I was under him and he took me starting with his usual passionate foreplay followed by a never ending nonstop pumping session with his big dick. I had so many orgasms that I passed out for a brief moment (Putta told me this later).

By the end of it Putta gave me his big dick in mouth giving me a stomach full of his seed. We had another round of energy drinks before resting without which I would not have been able to even get out of his bed, leave alone going home.

We rested for half hour after which Putta placed my hand around his big dick which was saluting me fully hard. I looked at him and said “sorry hubby darling, I cannot do it anymore. You know I passed out when you were half way pumping me”.

He said “I understand Munni darling, I am only asking you to help me once last time tonight”. I made him lie on his bed and sat between his legs pumping his big dick with both my hands.

Putta was looking into my eyes while I was doing this and that made me blush with shyness. To avoid his eyes, I brought my mouth to his dick and started giving him a blowjob.

After a few minutes he made me turn around and lie on him, now he was eating my pussy while I was giving him a blowjob. His tongue was doing magic on my clit and also inside my pussy.

We had been at this for a long time when I felt I could not take this anymore. I was bloody aroused and horny for another round of pumping by him. I got off his mouth and got on my knees on the edge of the bed.

Putta came behind me smoothly pushing his big dick fully inside. He held my wide hips and started his pumping action like a steam engine on full power. He had already brought me to an orgasm with his mouth.

Now his powerful pumping action made my body go mad with pleasures making me orgasm repeatedly. I again passed out and came around but he didn’t realise it this time because my face was buried in a pillow to muffle my moans.

Soon I felt him slow down giving me really powerful shots and flooding my womb with his seeds. We both collapsed on the bed lying side by side. I looked at him smiling for having given me the experience of a lifetime.

An experience that every woman craves for from her lover or hubby. I asked “how was it hubby darling”? Puta said “you already know the answer Munni darling. I have never felt like a man till you showed me heaven”.

I said “thank you my darling, I felt the same too. Ok listen, did you know I was so scared that Radhika would notice my new mangalsutra because women are very observant about such things”.

Putta said “Munni darling, now you can wear this all the time and even your family will not notice the difference”. I said “yes my love, I am more determined than ever to wear this because you only are my real husband now”.

Putta said “just in case your Ex notices it then what will you do”? I said “I will choose to ignore him”. He asked “what if he does not agree and things get messy”?

I said “well I have not thought about that till now”. He made the most unbelievable statement next, he said “if that situation happens then you walk out of that house for good and move in here with me”.

I was shocked listening to this, I said “are you mad Putta? How can I leave my family behind like this”? He calmly replied “well one day you have to become my real wife anyway, so why not”?

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