Lust Of My Friend’s Elder Sister


Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Lust Of My Friend’s Elder Sister – Friend Sister Xxx Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in the Friend Sister Xxx Story that I’m in a relationship with my friend’s sister, I used to fuck her. But on the first night before her elder sister’s wedding, the same elder sister got fucked by my penis.

My name is Punit, I am from Bhopal.

Let me tell you something about myself.
I am 23 years old, my height is 5.7 feet, my weight is 63 kg, I am quite handsome.

This Friend Sister Xxx story is about my relationship with my friend Harshit and his sisters.
Harshit and I have been friends since childhood.

Harshit has three sisters.
The elder sister’s name is Shikha, she is 25 years old and is very beautiful.

Her body measurements will be 34-30-36.
She is like an actress, whoever sees her once, his penis gets turned on automatically.

The name of Harshit’s second sister is Neetu, whose age is 23 years. Her height is 5.4 feet. She is also very beautiful to look at.

Neetu’s body measurement is 32-30-34 inches which is no less than any actress. Neetu and I have loved each other for a long time. (Friend Sister Xxx Story)

His youngest sister’s name is Shivani. She is very naughty. Shivani is 19 or 20 years old.
She has a thin waist, Big Boobs and a ass. Her body measurements are 32-26-34.

She’s always ready to take cock.

This story happened two years ago when Shikha Di was to get married.

Two days before the wedding, on the day of Haldi, Harshit stopped me at his house.
At night he said – Friend, you sleep here, I will call uncle and let him know.

I thought let’s have some fun with Neetu at night.

After everyone had finished eating, I saw Neetu alone and went to her.
So she told me to come to the upper terrace.

I nodded my head yes and went away from there.

When I opened my eyes at night, I saw that it was midnight and everyone was sleeping.

I immediately got up from there, went to the terrace with a pillow, and saw that someone was already sleeping there. I thought she would be Neetu.

So without saying anything, I lay down behind her and gently started pressing her Big Ass and kissing her neck. But she did not respond. (Friend Sister Xxx Story)

Then I started pressing her boobs with one of my hands and removed my lower.

As soon as the lower came out, I got erect which is quite long and thick.

Then I quickly pressed her boobs and she turned towards me.
I got scared after seeing her face.

It was not Neetu but Shikha who had fallen asleep upstairs while talking to her husband.

I thought that now Punit you are trapped!
Shikha Di said angrily – What are you doing?

My mouth came out – Did you?
Di immediately said – So with whom would you do all this?

I said fearfully – Neetu and I love each other very much. Neetu had asked me to come upstairs at night.

So Shikha smiled and said – Oh… so you both are having an affair… and today’s LPD happened. Poor both of them were left out of having fun!

Now after hearing all these things, I understand that if not Neetu then Shikha Di will get fucked by me.

I held Didi’s hand and placed it on my penis, which Didi had now slowly started caressing.
And I also started pressing her boobs with my hands and kissing her lips.

We both continued to fuck each other like this for some time.
Then we separated and removed all of each other’s clothes.

And coming to the terrace in a position of 69, I started fucking sister with my tongue and started caressing the clitoris on the upper part of her pussy. (Friend Sister Xxx Story)

Due to this Shikha Di’s pussy got wet and she cum.

But I had not cum yet, I continued licking Di’s pussy and after some time Di got excited again.

Di was taking my penis in her mouth and sucking it well.
Light moans were coming out of both of our mouths.

Within 10 minutes, my sister and I cum together.

Then both of us lay naked for some time.

Di started caressing my penis again and within 2 minutes my penis became hard like a stick.
I made Di lie straight and put a pillow under her waist so that her pussy could rise.

Then I opened both her legs and came in between and placed my erect penis in the mouth of her pussy and pushed it lightly. So the upper part of my penis went inside.

Didi screamed due to pain.
So I immediately closed her mouth with my lips and slowly started caressing her boobs.

When Didi’s pain subsided, I pushed with full force due to which more than half of my penis went inside and Didi started crying.

I kept caressing her boobs while kissing her neck and mouth, which gave her relief.

We remained to lie like this for 2-3 minutes, and then I pushed with full force and my entire penis went to the root and started hitting Di’s uterus. Sister was in a lot of pain.

We both remained lying in the same position quietly.

Then slowly, I started moving my penis in sister’s Tight Pussy, which gave relief to sister and she also started supporting me by raising her waist.

I said- Sister, are you enjoying it, right?
So she said – Now you don’t call me Didi… Call me Shikha!
I said- Okay, Shikha, come on, now you become a mare!

And sister immediately became a mare. I came behind her and started pushing my penis into her pussy. The sounds of ‘ha uh oh ah ah ah’ were coming out of her mouth.

She was saying – Fuck harder motherfucker!
I was also fucking with all my strength – And here you whore… get fucked by your sister’s lover! You will miss me even when you are with your husband.

We both kept having sex like this for 20-25 minutes. In the meanwhile, my sister had cum twice and I had cum once.

I enjoyed Friend Sister Xxx till 2 am.

During this time, I fucked my sister in three different positions and I wore my clothes and went to sleep with Harshit.

Didi also took her clothes and went to the bathroom to clean herself. After that, my sister got married and went to her grandmother’s house.

Since then, whenever my sister comes to her parents’ house, we meet and have sex whenever we get the chance.

So friends, how did you like my Friend Sister Xxx story?

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