ma chele I pray the Fajr prayer to my mother all night and sleep


ma chele sleeps after praying the Fajr prayer all night long

Friends, I am Zubed, the only child of my father and mother. Our house is inside the tea garden of Darjeeling. There were three of us living together.

As our house is inside a tea garden, there is little expectation of people. There were no houses around.

My father Habib Saheb is 50 years old and my mother Pianka is 34 years old. My father is a tea garden manager.

And mom is a housewife. My mother looks very beautiful fair complexion. A product as beautiful and sexy as the heroines of Ekdham Blue films. Any man would want to fuck me once he saw Ammu.

My father and mother used to have sex every night in their room. And I would secretly watch their sex through the gap of the door.

But my father was having sex all night and could not satisfy the satisfaction of my mother’s pussy. I could understand that every day by watching their sex.

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Seeing these two of them having sex, I also masturbated every night and cooled my cock. And at night when I sleep I imagine I’m fucking my mom and I ejaculate inside my pants.

Some days passed like this. But I will not be able to masturbate every day. So I ticked in my heart that I was waiting for an opportunity to fuck my mom anyway.

Several more days passed like this. Meanwhile, an opportunity came to me. My mother’s incident happened to me when I was 18 years old.

Like every day in the morning me and father we leave the house together. Dad went to his office and I went to my school.

The incident happened on Thursday. I came home from school. I went to play in the field in the afternoon and at that time suddenly my father’s phone call came.

As I answered the call, Dad said that he would not be coming home tonight. Urgent need to go to a meeting outside Darjeeling on office work. ma chele I pray the Fajr prayer to my mother all night and sleep

So he won’t come back home and I want to tell this to my mother. Dad hung up the phone. I played with more friends and chatted with my friends and returned home around 9 pm.

After coming home, I washed my hands and had dinner together with my mother. I went to my bedroom. And mom finished her handwork and put dinner on the table for dad and mom went to her bedroom and fell asleep.

Around 12 o’clock in the night I suddenly woke up and Eri Madho remembered that Abbu had said that he would not return home today. So today I will kiss my mom, what will happen will be seen later.

The dream of so many days is going to be fulfilled today, so don’t think about it anymore. I slowly go down the stairs to the room and turn off the main switch of the room.

After that I slowly came in front of the door of my mother’s room. I came and saw that the door was open.

After that slowly I came to my mother’s bed and saw that my mother was sleeping so without delay I got on my mother’s bed. I hugged my mother from behind.

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And I put my hand on my mother’s hand. Mom thinks her husband has come in the room. So without stopping, he gave himself to the shop in the hands of his son.

Son Zubed is pushing his mother’s breasts in her nighty and bra. Ammu Pianka’s breathing is getting heavy as she pushes.

Boy Zubed slowly took off his mom Piankar’s nighty and bra and threw it down then he started sucking one of his mother Piankar’s dicks in his mouth.

And the other is pushing and sucking the pearl inside his hand. And Ammu Pianka’s mouth only started to say aa aa aa aa aa aa aa.

After some time sucking and pushing mother Pianka, son Zubed made a complete mess. After that, Zubed slowly took off his mother Pianka’s panty and threw it down.

After that, Zubed put his face in his mother Pianka’s pussy and began to lick his pussy with pleasure, and his mother Pianka aa aa and my mother died saying go aa aa oh oh aa with his mouth.

And mom is thinking of her husband saying Habib I can’t do anything anymore. Please comfort me with yours, I can’t take it anymore, she screams.

Then son Zubed without delay took off his pants and put some thu thu on the tip of the cock. Zubed set the cock in his mother’s ass and made half of the cock go in one fell swoop. Mother Pianka got up on the spot.

After that, Zubede slowly stroked him to his mother Pianka. His mother Pianka shouts aa aa oh aa after Zubed’s repeated beatings.

And keep telling me to hit me more and more. Hearing this, Zubed starts slapping his mother more and more and his mother is giving a response to Pianka and Nichthe.

Due to Zuved’s long and thick strokes, his mother Pianka suddenly hugged her son Zuved with both hands.

She twisted her son Zubed’s waist with her two legs and mother Pianka screamed aa aa oh oh ah ah my get out. And saying that more speed is hit. Zubed also increased the speed of the tap in one mind.

Meanwhile, mother Pianka said ah ah oh ya ah and started to release her pussy juice in son Zubed’s cock. Ammu Pianka spilled the juice of her son Zubed’s cock in the room. ma chele I pray the Fajr prayer to my mother all night and sleep

Zubed is thrusting again in this way for 30 minutes at a high speed, with thrust after thrust, suddenly the boy Zubed starts to cum in his mother Pianka’s vagina deep in the vagina.

And In this way, throughout the night, he floats his mother Pianka’s pussy and ejaculates inside it. Son Zubed ejaculated 20 times in his mother Pianka’s vagina throughout the night. ma chele sleeps after praying the Fajr prayer all night long

After that, they hugged each other and fell asleep. In the morning, whenever Zubed’s mother Pianka woke up, she saw that her son Zubed was sleeping on top of her and hugging her.

Seeing this, he couldn’t think of what to do, so due to some movement, son Zubed’s penis swelled again.

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And the boy keeps falling asleep in the rhythm of sleep and the semen of the night comes out of the anus and wears it on the bed.

As the sperm is throbbing on the bed, once again with a strong speed, the boy Zubed is hitting throbbing after throbbing and long long throbbing, then his mother Pianka realizes that the son will now ejaculate.

He tried to make friends, but to no avail, son Zubed pushed him further and pushed the cock deep into his pussy and his sperm started pouring inside his mother Piankar’s pussy.

He threw it from the top and saw that the entire bed sheet was covered with semen and the semen was dripping from the vagina. At this point, Ammu Pianka’s head was completely lost.

He woke up his son Zubed with a kick. When the boy woke up, he slapped him on the cheek. And he said, pig, you have ruined me.

How will I show my face to you now? Swearing and scolding. Unable to cope with all this, son Zubed said, “All night long, you satisfied your hobby with me. Now why are you talking again?”

Hearing this, my mother became even more angry and beat me. I couldn’t help myself and again I put my dick in my mother’s pussy and started to fuck and said that she was hungry.

Aiz tak chude either I will die or you will be my ram’s slave, and Ammu Pianka is making jura.

I hold her tightly with all my body strength and give long long thrusts and say magi today I will fuck you in front of your husband and make you the mother of my child with strong speed and more speed.

Then I am knocking and mom is shouting and abusing me saying that Shala is abusing me by saying take out the piglets. ma chele I pray the Fajr prayer to my mother all night and sleep

In the middle of this, I am going to put the sperm in the vagina again, and in the middle of it, dad calls me.

will stay He hung up the phone saying I should tell my mother. Putting down the phone, I took out the cock from inside the penis and put it in the vagina and told him to cum. Magi this one week you will not get relief for once I am pregnant with you

After that I put a cock in my pussy and cummed for a week and cumed 10 minutes before my father came home I took my cock out of my mother’s pussy.

And I told my mother that I have all the sex videos of this week because if I say anything to my father, all the videos will go viral.

He said that you had sex with a man. I left him and came to my room and took a bath.

I came fresh and saw my mother coming out of the bathroom. I went to the room and again took off her pants and fucked her. Meanwhile, the bell rang and my father called and told her to open the door.

So I took off my pants and told mom that I will sleep in your bedroom tonight. I came from mom’s bedroom and opened the door.

I went to my mother’s room with my father as he was in the room. Then Dad went to the bathroom to take a bath

I took off my pants again and started to fuck my mother after some time, after some time I put the material in my pussy again and then we both waited for my father. ma chele I pray the Fajr prayer to my mother all night and sleep

Dad took a bath and bought sex pills from the pharmacy in the evening. When I go to mom’s room I see the sex pill on the door.

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I put them in my pants pocket and left the sleeping pills there. Came and had dinner and went to my room.

In the meantime, Dad calls and tells J to give him a paracetamol, so I take the opportunity to give Dad a sleeping tablet.

After that Mom and Dad have intercourse for some time and Dad ejaculates and falls asleep while Dad is snoring.

I took her nightie from my mother’s pichon, took off her panty, put her in her pussy and filled her pussy with semen all night. Since then I continue to fuck my mother in this way. ma chele sleeps after praying the Fajr prayer all night long

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