ma chele romance muslim mother’s bhoda when son gets 3


ma chele romance muslim mother’s bhoda when son gets 3

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Selina Begum is sitting in the car thinking, what is crazy then son. Then no hijab burqa will be needed, even Shaun buys her one or three hijabs and 1 burqa and 1 sari.

Selina Begum smiles in her heart how much her son cares for her and how much she loves him.

Shaun has always been Selina Begum’s nemesis and it has increased after Shaun’s father died. Selina Begum prays that Shaun gets the happiness he wants.

Shaun and Selina Begum came home thinking about all this. Then a lot of time passed after this incident. When Selina Begum needs something, she tells Shaun to bring it.

Selina Begum spends most of the day in prayer. When Shaun left for the office, Selina Begum did some housework and was engrossed in the prayer.

Shaun has not gone anywhere for a long time. Although he wants to travel, he doesn’t want to go anywhere without his beloved

He cannot live without his beloved for a single moment. Shawn thought the office would be closed tomorrow on Saturday, so he thought he would take his girlfriend for a walk. Shaon said to Selina Begum during dinner at night-

It will be ready tomorrow afternoon. We will go for a walk tomorrow.

I will go to visit tomorrow, where? ma chele romance muslim mother’s bhoda when son gets 3

If not, you can see it tomorrow.

Selina Begum did not ask anything else. Because he knows that even if he asks his son a thousand questions now, he won’t answer.

Shaun is a very serious boy. Smiles very little. Don’t tell anyone your thoughts easily. Shaun is a mysterious boy.

No one knows what is going on in his mind and what he will do next. That’s why Selina Begum didn’t hurt Shawn anymore. Shawn woke up a little late on Saturday.

There is no star to go to the office today. After waking up and having a fresh breakfast, Selina Begum gave Shawn a list of everything she would need in the house.

Shaun also had nothing to do, so he went to the market without a word. He brought it from the market.

Selina Begum finished doing all the housework and sat down to pray. After prayer, 2 had lunch. Shaun said – I am not sleepy. I will wake up.

Selina Begum also agreed. Then the awaited time came.

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Shawn wakes up fresh and wears a black shirt and gray pants with the shirt tucked in.

When I went to Selina Begum’s room, Selina Begum was shouting. Shaun said – get ready mom I will go out.
Selina Begum listened to her son without a word.

He also got ready. Selina Begum wanted to dress up a bit today. So she wore a black bra and panty

The panty goes all the way up to the bottom of the bikini style. Selina Begum saw herself in such a sexy way after a long time.

Bra panties are very good expensive brands Selina Begum wears nothing but expensive brand clothes. After reading the bra, her 38 size breasts look very big. ma chele romance muslim mother’s bhoda when son gets 3

Selina Begum wore a blue 3 piece over that bra panty.

Then she put on a black burqa, her 38 size breasts can be clearly seen in the burqa. Even if you don’t understand much, you can understand that the milk is big, and the black hijab fell.

And light makeup. Put a little kajal on the eyes. A little light red lipstick on the lips.

Whoever sees Selina Begum in this form will not be able to blink. In this form, he went in front of Shaun, Shaun forgot to even blink at this form of his mother Selina Begum.

His heart is beating very fast. Selina Begum felt a little ashamed to see Shawn looking like this. He couldn’t stand any longer and said, why are you so late?

oh yeah come on

Saying this, they left in the car. Not only that Selina Begum looks beautiful, Shaun also looks incredibly beautiful. No girl can turn her eyes away.

While thinking about all this, Shaun and Selina Begum came to a park. Leaving the car on the side, they entered the park.

People of all ages come to the park at this time, those who are older come to hang out, those who come to exercise, lovers come to visit, and children to play.

After many days, Selina Begum came to the park with Shaun’s father, but this was the first time after Shaun’s father died.

Selina Begum and Shaun look like husband and wife. They fit so well. Many are passing by and saying who their partner is-

Look how beautiful you look, like a newlywed.

Yes, it seems so.

Chude mama forcefully tore my bhodar koa

Selina Begum is hearing this and is getting embarrassed. Can’t even tell these strangers now. They are not husband and wife. They are mother and son.

So I listened as a silent audience. Meanwhile Shaun is smiling after hearing all this. It feels good to hear his words. But he didn’t reveal it.

Selina and Shaun have come into the park as they walk. A few boys were chatting in front, as soon as Shaun noticed it, Selina took Begum from right to left.

Which Selina Begum could also see. It gave him an air of peace. After coming inside, Shaun and Selina Begum sat in a branch.

There are very few people here and nothing to disturb. Those who are are far away and busy playing with their lover’s breasts.

Shaun and Selina Begum sat on a small bench. Shaun sat a little closer to Selina Begum.

When Selina Begum came to Shaun, Shaun’s breath stopped at the smell of Selina Begum’s body.

Luckily Selina Begum would have understood that her 8” dhon was standing under her underwear.

But Shawn very faithfully hid it. Selina Begum asked Shaun after sitting down-

Well, everyone your age brings a girlfriend here, and why did you bring me?

I don’t have a girlfriend.

Why, there are many beautiful girls working in your office. Do not like any of them?

No, I don’t like any of them.

Why then what kind of girl do you like?

If I say like you. ma chele romance muslim mother’s bhoda when son gets 3

After hearing this Selina Begum laughed out loud and said with a smile-

Haha, you like old women like me.

Huh who said, you are old? You don’t understand old lady.

Hey dad, my son is angry?

Don’t be angry, you old lady doesn’t understand.

ok i understand So tell me how to find a girl for you?

If I say absolutely your carbon copy?

How is that possible? I am the only one.

If I get a carbon copy of you then I will do it.

Well, what do you see in me?

You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

I am old. Am I still so beautiful?

Mom, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

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God knows why boys of your age prefer older girls.

You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. If I get married, who will be your carbon copy? If not, I won’t do it.

ok ok Now it will be evening. Azan will be given again.

hmm come on

Saying this, Shaun got up first and extended his hand towards Selina Begum. Selina Begum smiled and held Shaun’s hand.

Selina Begum thought that Shaun would let go of Shaun’s hand after Selina Begum stood up, but no Shaun held her hand.

Then Shaun started walking in the park with his hand on Selina Begum’s hand.

While walking, he saw a flea market in one place. Shaun knows that Celina Begum likes Fuchka a lot. So Shaun said – ma chele romance Muslim mother’s Bhoda when son gets 3

Let’s get you drunk.

But here?

yes come

Saying this, Shaun took Selina Begum to the Fuchka shop and ordered a plate of Fuchka.

Selina Begum started eating with great satisfaction after the arrival of Fuchka, Selina Begum did not eat Fuchka for a long time. So today I started eating to my heart’s content.

Seeing that, Shawn’s mind felt calm. Selina Begum finished eating almost one plate. So Shaun ordered another plate. Selina Begum saw Shawn not eating.

So Selina Begum said to Shawn – I am giving you food.

Shawn and Bina reluctantly agreed.

Selina Begum started to feed Shawn. It is understandable that Shaun and Selina got the satisfaction of eating from the hands of Begum.

Shaun and Selina Begum play 2 plates of Fuchka together. See after coming with the bill. Selina Begum’s lipstick got a little lighter while eating, so Shaun said-

Mom, your lipstick is a little spoiled. I am holding the mobile, you fix it.

Shaun turned on the mobile camera and held it. And Selina Begum started fixing her lipstick. Selina Begum fixed the lipstick and said – it’s done.

Come on then.

When Shaun and Selina Begum went out from the park, they saw a crowd at the gate of the park due to many people coming out together.

Then Selina Begum was in front and Shaun was behind. Shawn saw that there could be a mother’s problem among so many people. So Shawn hugged Selina Begum’s waist, and pulled her towards him.

Selina Begum takes a stab at this work of Shawn, who knows what her son is doing, but soon realizes that her son is having children from her exposure to other people. ma chele romance muslim mother’s bhoda when son gets 3

Shaun and Selina Begum started walking like this. When Shaun was walking with his hand on Selina Begum’s waist as if Selina Begum was showing this manly behavior of Shaun’s Bibi Shaun and to Selina Begum.

Selina Begum’s head began to wobble after the masculine scent of Shawn’s body hit her nose. And Selina Begum’s cunt started jumping, or you can say shaking.

The pussy started jumping like crazy. This is the first time that Selina Begum felt this way. I know how Selina Begmer feels.

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Selina Begum thinks in her mind, if her husband was so manly, or if he kept her so much, the wife of his son will be very happy, his son will kiss and caress his daughter-in-law as much as he wants. What does Selina Begum think of these things? shit

But suddenly he noticed that his pussy got wet. He held out a hand to test. But saw that his gut called bun.

After many days water came in her vagina and started getting wet. What a situation. Selina quickly blushed in embarrassment.

Then he saw that he had come in front of the gate. So without delay, he ran away from Shawn’s hand and went out through the gate. ma chele romance muslim mother’s bhoda when son gets 3

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