madam panu story madam my sex crush – 1


madam panu story madam my sex crush – 1

The time was just after one evening in January, I was doing my school homework when I came to read tuition to Madam whom I call Didiman.

Grandma had gone to the next room for some work, suddenly Grandma called my name from the next room:

Ronnie, is it yours?

No, there is a little left

Why is it so late to do this number?

I can’t get a number, I keep making mistakes

which one Meanwhile, let’s see the income.

Hearing that, I took the notebook and went to my grandmother’s side room, I was shocked when I entered the room, my hands and feet got colder in the severe cold, my chest was pounding when I saw the scene in front of me.

Neela Bhabhi’s eyes caught my eye

My name is Roni, the incident is when I will give high school, I am good at studies, I have always got good results, from family to school, neighborhood everyone is hoping that I will get good results in high school.

The result was very good in secondary. And the biggest contribution behind my good result is my grandmother.

She has not had tuition since class 5, and she does not teach anyone else, but because she is a good friend of my mother, she could not refuse her request, moreover, she knows me, knows me, loves me very much.

Sometimes being scared sometimes fills me with motherly love. I also respect and love him as much as I fear him. madam panu story madam my sex crush – 1

And yes, it is not difficult to admit one thing today, the first crush of my life and my grandmother, nor any lust or dirt in my mind.

But a strange feeling comes when I go in front of him, how sweet his presence is. Not very good looking but very good looking, age 26 or 27, about 5’4 height, fair, long nose and eyes full of emotion as she rules me from time to time as well as fills me with love.

She is not married, saying that she will stand on her own feet first and then get married. She has been preparing for civil service for several years.

In his house, parents and one brother, my family and I have a very good relationship with everyone, it is clear from our two families that we can become one family even if we are not related by blood.

Like the rest of the day, I came from school and went to my grandmother’s house for tuition. I was doing the homework one by one in front of my grandmother.

There is no one else in the house that day, after a while Grandma got up and went to the back of the house, came back and entered the next room and a little later the conversation started.

The scene I saw standing at the door of the house floats in front of my eyes today.

Babu is sitting on the bed, wearing a sheet, and Grandma’s hands are going inside the sheet and looking at me. Even though Grandma is indifferent, Suman Da smiled like a little criminal when she saw me.

Maybe Grandma still thinks I’m a kid but I don’t understand what’s going on here.

No matter how good a boy everyone knows me to be, no matter how much I love him or have any dirty needs towards him, I was 18 at the time.

I’m old enough to understand that and masturbate to blue pictures. I have never received such a shock in my life, my hands and feet were paralyzed.

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I didn’t know what to do, I was standing at the door like a fool, Suman Da couldn’t even say anything, maybe the voice was not coming out because of happiness, Sambit returned to Didimani’s words.

Kire, I see you can’t figure out any numbers

I got Sambit back and hurriedly went to him, held the notebook in front of me, meanwhile my head was completely empty.

No feeling is working, I try not to look at Grandma’s hand descending on it, but some forbidden pull keeps my eyes moving towards it.

I gave you this number right in front of me that day, but I forgot it in the meantime! Where is your mind these days? madam panu story madam my sex crush – 1

Grandmother scolded me in a harsh voice, when I was going to say something, Suman Da got a little cocky, Grandmother looked at Suman Dar and I looked at Suman Dar, both of them made eye contact and what happened next turned my life upside down.

Didimani put her face directly under Suman Dar’s sheet and started moving her whole head up and down near Suman Dar Babu’s lap.

After a few seconds it stopped and it remained like this for some time, after a while when Grandmother Suman Dar took her face out from under the sheet, I saw something of a light brown color sticking to the corner of her other lip and she licked it with her lips.

To tell the truth, after seeing this scene, my view of my grandmother suddenly changed completely, the strange loving feelings that used to come so long turned into a dirty desire to cum.

I wanted to bite his lips and fill him with kisses like crazy, the strange thing is that I never had these dirty thoughts for anyone before.

Even seeing the blue picture, those thoughts would have been limited to Tuku at that time, but today, seeing Didimani in this form, Didimani and

Standing in front of Suman Dar, I started to feel a strong sexual attraction towards him, without my knowledge, the penis inside my pants became hard, my mind began to flutter, as if I was in a trance. This time Suman’s voice returned.

Ronnie, you are studying well! But you have to get good results in higher secondary.

I don’t know why I was angry with Suman Dar after hearing this, so long I didn’t make a sound out of my voice, now he is looking for my studies. Although I said it

Yes, I do.

This time Suman da smiled normally. Didimani said who

Let’s go now, come home later, mother called you.

Grandmother smiled and shook her head in agreement, I understand that mother called is an excuse, there will be more.

When Suman left, Grandma asked me to sit on the bed in that room

Sit on the bed and look at the old scores carefully, I have given you this score, if you forget it so quickly, you will not have to get good results. I am coming soon, before I come the number should be madam panu story madam my sex crush – 1

If it were any other day, I would have poured my whole heart into the book, but today the feeling is different.

When Grandma left the room, I thought that Grandma had shaken someone’s penis on this bed, and if I was that lucky person, wouldn’t it be good.

My penis, ugh, pant got higher in his soft hands thinking these things. Suddenly, I thought where did my grandmother go! So what Sumon Da called went there?

I came out of the room with courage in my chest, the balcony after the room, the kitchen across the balcony, and the bathroom on one side.

A mischievous thought hit my mind, I went towards the bathroom, but the mischievous thought was lost to my fear, I came back to the house. Bengali chatty story

Back home, I tried to focus on Ang, but only that scene floated in front of my eyes, and in my mind, the respect and love for my sweet motherly grandmother disappeared, and the love of lust arose. Is this the grandmother with whom I bathed and bathed together?

As a child, in front of which I wandered naked! If I could be naked in front of him again, if he would hold me and let me suck his breasts and play with my penis! Thinking about these things, I did not understand when Didimani came home again.

What is the number!

I ate Vabacheka and looked at Didimani, does she feel a little different today? I saw this red nightie the other day too

But today as if all the folds of her body are drawing my attention, it is high from the chest, two very big breasts, a little bit sticking out from the shoulder, there are dots of water accumulated in the nightie.

What will give me to lick the water! That’s Grandma’s thin lips! Where Suman Dar’s semen was a little while ago, don’t give me a kiss on those lips! Don’t put me under your nightie, I’ll tongue your cunt like a blue picture.

What happened! What are you looking at me like a fool!

The fence of sexual thoughts was torn by a gentle reprimand. I said somehow

No, I haven’t yet

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Ugh, where is your mind these days? Said grandmother rolled a sheet and came to the bed, sat next to me and took the notebook from me, she had come and sat next to me before.

It would be wrong to say that he only sat next to me, I also sat on his lap, I went to a picnic a few days ago, when a car broke down, everyone went back in one car, then I sat on his lap for half the way and he sat on my lap for the rest.

But why did my chest palpitation increase when I came to my side today? For some reason, the smell of perfume from his body is intoxicating me.

For some reason, the water is attracting me in different parts of his body, for some reason, I want to touch the body hidden behind the nightie under that sheet, to see it completely naked. Will continue………. madam panu story madam my sex crush – 1

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