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magi group choda sex poly magi group choda sex

I remember Polly me, the two were having sex in a rest room at a Shunshan railway station on the border of Bengal and Bihar. Karthik and his sir. They called today.

I have to take another girl with me. Must stay for two days.

They will fuck us I said two of us will go and fuck your wife’s pussy.

Because their pride is that they are big and good. Magi’s pussy is not like that. Bengali magi’s pussy is good. I told you to fuck your wives and the call did not come.

He said thinking. Meanwhile we better talk, see me and my girlfriend Molly do this.

Someone’s husband has gone to his father’s house, his wife has left, his wife will have a baby or has a baby, we provide sexual services to them together. And our partners Anil and Vishal do the same. magi group choda sex poly magi group choda sex

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They are divorced widows, and go to Alal’s house to fulfill Dulali’s wishes. There are four of us living together in a flat.

Anil lives with me and Vishal with Molly we have two children each they study in hostel.

When Anil and Vishal’s cock enters the vagina, we, the mother of two boys, also understand that something is entering the vagina. They eat according to their diet. Hindu Muslim Bangla Chatti

Chickpeas, almonds, pistachios, eggs, garlic, meat, especially chicken are not excluded. According to the rules, the bulls are bullied and fucked. It is said that there is exercise of the camel. Massage the oil with ghee. Don’t believe it until you see it.

As long as thick really fuck about one to one and a half hours. However, there was no call from there. Meanwhile, the evening has passed and it is half past eight. Anil got the call.

One of Alal’s house dulali has a crush on Chodabe. After that Mita got a call from a divorced man. However, both went out to the specified address. hot fucking choti

I know and am huge, it is known to four people who will fuck whoever they are. Some days when two women call, they are very difficult. They call any previous customer and say that they will provide service for less money.

However they are gone. I will tell the story when I come back. Now Vishal I ate and went to sleep. Vishal caressed me and took me to the peak of excitement. magi group choda sex poly magi group choda sex

Their behavior is different, there is no excitement, they will leave excitedly. I was very excited, I grabbed her ghee and put it in my pussy. He started to fuck me.

One tap is really relaxing. This is why they take money. But they are very cute. By 10 o’clock in the night, the huge bull was full. Now it’s half past eleven, Doggy poses and pours the material into the cud.

It was morning when Anil and Mita came. Then Vishal is pounding my pussy. Anil said to Mita, lie down, I did not find comfort in my cud. Mita lay down.

Anil gets him excited, this time he is stuffing the ghee-coated ram in his pussy. Anil said that Dulali of Alal’s house is in love with Gude Bandara.

Call boy search and call me. I went and saw a stomach full of alcohol. I said give the money in the account and then I will start. not too old Eighteen will be nineteen.

It seems no one entered. I got excited. Now put the cap on and put ghee on the cap because it looks brand new. Achoda Gud I checked with my finger.

I put the ram in the first drink and did not say anything. It looks like the ram is getting stuck. I fucked for an hour.

I gave it one more time that night, everything happened in the morning, I was empty-handed and screamed, my father died. Did you know that you had inserted it? I said yes.

Did he enter that big and fat thing? My best friend couldn’t be shorter and thinner. You really mean it by putting it in. magi group choda sex poly magi group choda sex

I said I entered it twice. far you lie If you screamed, I would have taken it again, otherwise I would have entered again. At the end he said it’s ok not to shout anymore.

I was after everything, but now I have to put it all in slowly and show it. But Shali didn’t give up. Had to increase. Mita was saying the words.

It has become huge. Polly let go. Mita asked to take Thap and to whom I went Shala is young but does not know how to fuck properly. That’s why the father-in-law left the house.

He means that he is squirming after getting the magi, which seems like it will run out in no time. At the end I explained that it has to be done slowly otherwise it will come out quickly.

I said to enter slowly, two or three stops, and if possible, take the camel. At that time you have to press the mouse.

After a minute or two, put it back in and tap it again.

Before it will come out, take the calf and hold it for a few seconds with light pressure on the vein between the calf and the calf. After that, the thap thap thap thap thap will never become stronger.

And eat chickpeas in the morning, if possible, eat boiled eggs every day. Boil the rusun in milk and eat the milk with the rusun.

Ghee or coconut oil should be massaged regularly twice a day. Bringing it from the base to the tip and leaving the hand again from the base to the tip, this should be done twenty times every day.

Polly Baba, you taught me everything. No, Maya is an underage bride who has run away. Goes out quickly. I am poly, leave these things, these are our daily work, our way of life.

Leave that aside, Kartik calls from that place and says, Sir, I agree, I have explained a lot, there is nothing wrong with the police going to Bala Chude and what is wrong with them.

After I said, he agreed, what do you know, Bengali boys, their bulls are small and two or four minutes long. I said I said you are born in Bihar so it is bigger and better.

Another thing will not give any money. They will pay for each other, they will do it there, we will do it here. Polly said thinking I am calling. Cut the phone. magi group choda sex poly magi group choda sex

Now four people have to discuss together and take a decision. Listen to Kartik asking four people to go but not spend any money. You have to do everything at your own expense.

Vishal said if you go then you will pay. Polly said two girls will go that far. Anil you went alone once. At that time the place was in Ganj, the incident happened while coming home. There was excess income.

Vishal says we will go but don’t do anything with them then he will pay. Anil said hey you don’t understand. The brides agreed because they would not spend money.

Molly was right. Tell me what can be done. Polly said no and it was settled but if I went there one day, something else might happen.

What happens if Molly says yes? Ok we will go, Vishal says if I get a call here I will not go. If you see Polly, four people will go, Molly said let’s not think about money all the time.

Ok, Polly called and said we are going. Will get down there tomorrow evening. The four of them got down at that lonely station in the evening.

The station master came forward to take it. No train stops here at night. But the flag must be shown. By the way, a train stops at five o’clock in the morning.

However, Karthik returns with Anil and Vishal to the quarters. Today the silt has brought with it. What did that gentleman do Molly ke Chudbe and started caressing her.

Molly saw that this fool did not know how to fuck. However, some kind of ram has been erected. Molly put on the cap. Now the ram is slowly pounding. Sahib said he is a Bengali girl.

Karthik is stomping in the sand. He has already brought their food. On that side, Anil found the gentleman’s wife, who was wearing a towel. magi group choda sex poly magi group choda sex

Now that Bihari started to excite Magi. After that he raised his own cattle. Bihari Magi is done watching. so big I saw that the girl can speak some Bengali.

Anil puts ghee on the cap and pushes it slowly. Saheb’s wife said and it seems. Anil is pushing very slowly. The head is in. bangla choti golpo 2024

A. It seems that. Anil said he did not go far. It feels like Then you will understand such a loud chant. It’s quiet now. Anil has inserted half the ram.

Now the face is distorted. A. It feels great. Again, force it in. Again, Anil slowly put in all the rams. This time Mr. Bou is really feeling it.

Anil is slowly tapping. Saheb’s wife, the mother of two daughters, realizes that a ram is entering the vagina. Almost an hour has passed. His wife’s condition is bad.

Can’t take it anymore. On the other hand, Karthik’s wife said that she fixed the name of my allowance like this. The ram is not as if it seems to be entering the mushul. Saheb’s wife suddenly calls the groom and says that he is making a loud noise.

You said Bengali boys are small, and it will take a minute or two. He has been fasting for an hour. The camel is twice as tall and thick as you.

Saheb’s wife, Vishal and Anil, together with two Bihari wife’s pussy pain. The next day they were sent home by early morning train.

Anil and Vishal didn’t just fuck those two wives. Saheb’s daughter broke the curtains and fucked them. It means that some of the girls who were there have been stuffed in their pussy.

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In the morning Saheb calls Polly and says that the boys did not work properly. Both of our daughters are KV Chud Diya. Anil said what to do, the brides could not take it.

Everyone shared. Anil said and Kartik was right, their bodies are crispy and there is no juice in their pussy, they are dry, but since those girls are small, it would not have been nice if I did not feel comfortable with them.

Vishal says I decided to pay Shala Gaye Gaye, Molly says Kartik but good sex. His lord is old. It was not good for that. Vishal said what does Karthik do in the Magi’s pussy?

There is no juice. The water receded long ago. Then nothing else. Shala has grown in the stomach of so many magi. I have never had such a dry pussy.

There is a story sitting in the train room. POLLY Look, as I said before, our story has no end. So stay. I will write my next story when the train is coming down at the station. magi group choda sex poly magi group choda sex

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