Maid from Heaven – Part 12


Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 11 ). Now let’s continue

We had two more beers sitting like this fondling each other. Then she pulled me to my bedroom where we had two rounds of sex before falling asleep. Next morning Uma woke me up stroking my morning wood.

Like earlier days we enjoyed one round of intense sex. Uma was participating more than before and was wild in bed. I was surprised at this new side of hers but did not dare to talk to her about it.

I was curious what Mary was going to say or do now that Rizwan’s episode was in the open. Mary walked in normally and winked and smiled at Uma. Uma too smiled back, today Uma escorted Mary to my room and left.

Mary asked me “what happened to her”? I said “I have no idea, maybe something happened between you both yesterday”? She said “nothing happened”.

I was too horny to be discussing Uma now, so I asked “darling are we lying naked in each other’s arms to discuss Uma now”? Mary smiled naughtily and kissed me, we had our usual two bouts of sex, the second one under the shower.

Then while getting dressed I asked “so did you take the pregnancy test”? Mary said “yes, I am doing it every week before going to bed but nothing positive has come. I am going mad worrying about it because the doctor had said I was normal and problem was with my husband”.

I asked “how is it that having sex with Rizwan also did not make you pregnant”? Mary stared at me in disbelief and understood that I now know everything, she said “I was desperate to get pregnant so I tried with him also but I don’t know why I did not get pregnant”.

She hesitatingly asked “do you know about Rizwan and Uma”? I said “yes”. Mary asked “do you know everything going on between them”? I said “yes I know. He only told Uma about you not visiting him anymore since we met”.

Mary was shocked and out of words. After a while she asked “do you know what Uma does with Rizwan when she meets him every day”? I said “yes I know. Uma tells me everything”.

Mary had a puzzled look on her face, she asked “are you fine with it”? I said “yes I am fine with it. After all Uma also the right to enjoy her life the way she wants to. And she still takes very good care of my needs, so why should I have a problem”.

We came to the hall where Uma had arranged coffee and breakfast for us. We quietly had it while Uma waited and served us. Mary left soon, today was a busy day for me because I had a few business meetings to attend so I got ready and left.

I had told Uma to use this time and organise her house and also prepare a grocery list of what is needed in both houses. I was going to be back in the evening so I told her to not wait for me for lunch.

She gave me a kiss and also opened the gates for me to leave still wearing the baby doll nighty but with inners this time. I was very surprised Uma was not longer shy to step out in the open in such clothes where most women wouldn’t.

I left in my car while she closed the gate and went inside. Many people passing by stopped to get a good look at her body but it did not matter a vee bit to her. The day passed normally for me.

Uma called me at lunch time saying “I have prepared a list of things we need, some are urgent. What should I do”? Now I still had meetings to finish and I was not with her, so I asked “how urgent is it”?

Uma said “I need a few things for dinner tonight”. I said “we can order from outside”. She cut me saying “I hate outside food. I want to prepare tasty hygienic food for you at home”.

I said “ok, let me think what I can do about it and call you back”. I called my regular store guy and told him my problem, he said he would send someone to my house to take the list from Uma and then deliver everything.

I felt relieved, I called Uma, I said “someone will come home shortly, you give him the list and explain whatever you want, they will deliver soon after”. Uma said “ok, but how do I talk to strangers”?

I got annoyed by her response because I had to go to my next meeting and I was driving, I yelled loudly “if you can handle Rizwan and the two delivery guys then why do you have a problem”?

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