Maid from Heaven – Part 25


Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 24 ). Now let’s continue

I said “2hrs in the noon you will study by yourself, the 2hrs in the evening I will tutor you and clear all your doubts. Is that fine”? She smiled and nodded yes. I took her to the living room and showed her some English documentary channels.

I said “I want you to watch these during your free/study time so you can improve on your English speaking skills”. I called the store guy and ordered a TV for Uma’s accommodation upstairs along with a cable connection.

The store guy promised to send someone today evening and have it installed. Uma asked “why do I need a separate TV in my room upstairs”? I said “so you can study there without getting interrupted or disturbed”.

I went out and bought her a translating dictionary for translating from English to the local language. I also bought her a book written in the local language for learning English for beginners.

She was very thrilled to see it and quickly read the first few pages loudly speaking the words very enthusiastically. I comforted her saying “you have this dictionary with you while watching the English TV channels so you can learn how to correctly pronounce the words and also understand the right meaning”.

It was close to lunch time now and thanks to all our activities Uma did not get time to cook. I knew chicken biryani was her all-time favourite so I ordered from outside without telling her.

She was very upset when the delivery guy showed up at my door with the lunch. I answered the door because Uma did not want to show herself to any stranger especially wearing a transparent night dress.

I closed the door and said “well sometimes you can go without working and enjoy a good outside meal”. She grinned looking at me knowing well that I knew her weakness for biryani and quietly went inside.

Then we had lunch with her again on my lap feeding me lovingly with her hands. Only this time she was completely naked trying hard to seduce me but I controlled myself.

I said “you are pampering me way too much and this might cost you dearly in the future, when I will not eat till you feed me like this”. She laughed and said “at least this means that I have a permanent job here”.

I asked “what makes you think anyone can ever replace you”? Uma placed my hands on her boobs and locked my lips with hers in a very long passionate kiss. She said “thank you Krishna, I know but I too cannot live without you ever and it is not about sex at all”.

We continued with frequent quick smooches and me fondling her boobs between eating. After lunch Uma took me to my bed after removing all my clothes. I could see that she was aroused to her peak because her large grape sized nipples were standing proudly erect and tall.

I decided to indulge in foreplay knowing well what she had been thru with dad. I completed my really long oral love making on her body including her pussy and butt giving her a wild orgasm, Uma said “I am dying for you to fuck me now Krishna, please…..” leaving her sentence unfinished.

I was caught in-between the devil and the deep blue sea because I did not want to be the next villain after dad to ravage her body for my own pleasure. So I got on top of her and whispered in her ear.

I said “I do not want to hurt you and want you to heal completely first, so please. We can do this tomorrow maybe”. Uma said “Krishna please I am feeling fine now, I have been dying to feel you inside me, so without further delay please do it. If it hurts, I will tell you myself”.

Despite feeling guilty, I mounted her missionary while she guided my cock inside her dripping went pussy. Today I was overly conscious to not cause her pain and continued with slow and gentle strokes.

Within minutes Uma shuddered with her next orgasm, when it passed she looked deeply into my eyes. She said “Krishna I know you have been going slow and gentle with me, please I beg you, fuck me like you always do. Don’t worry I can handle it now”.

I restarted thrusting into her like I normally do but due to my mental predicament of being scared of hurting her I was losing my hardness. I finally gave up and lay by her side. Uma put her head on my chest and lay there quietly for a while.

She said “never since I have known you has this happened. Why now”? I said “please understand Uma, I am feeling very guilty that I am ravaging your body like dad did. Hence I am unable to hold myself hard enough to do it”.

Before I could react she quickly got up and kissed my feet (Indian way of showing respect to elders or people of higher stature). By then I got my bearings and pulled her back up holding her shoulders.

I asked “why did you do this Uma”? With teary eyes she said “you are so much more than even my uncle who I thought was caring a lot about me”. I held her face and kissed her lips.

I said “Uma there is nothing like that, knowingly I cannot do this to you and cause you more pain knowing well that you will not complain”. We rested in each other’s arms and fell asleep.

I woke up nearing 5pm, I saw Uma was still fast asleep. I got up and wore my clothes and prepared evening tea for her and coffee for myself. Then I brought the tray to my bedroom and kept it on the bed side table.

I gently shook her and woke her up, she was startled looking at the tray and the cups. She said “I am really sorry Krishna, I should have woken up before you and done this instead”.

I hugged her and said “that’s ok, at least I will not lose my practice of working in the kitchen”. We both laughed and then we had our tea and coffee sitting on the bed.

Just then her phone rang which was still lying in the kitchen. Uma went to get her phone, it was Rizwan. She answered the call on speaker, Rizwan asked “madam can I please come today to meet you”?

Uma replied “sorry Rizwan, things have become very difficult now. So it is not possible to meet anymore”. He begged her again and again, then she said “fine I will try after a few days after my guests leave, till then there is no question so please don’t call again”.

After she disconnected the call, I asked “why did you say no to him”? Uma disinterestedly said “firstly I will not enjoy with anyone else till I do with you. Second I am not in the mood to meet him anymore”.

I was thinking why she had this sudden change of heart because I very well knew how much she likes him and enjoys with him…. Anyway I did not want to push this topic further so kept quiet.

Even now Uma did not bother to wear her clothes, she sat again on the bed with me continuing to sip her tea. Then she started asking about the course I had enrolled her in with a lot of excitement in her voice.

I clarified all her questions but I did not realise that by this time she was fully leaning on me and gently rubbing my crotch. Unable to control the good effect this was having on me, my dick started coming to life growing to full hardness.

She quickly got between my legs and started sucking me off after pulling down my tracks. Then a few minutes later she got on top lowering herself on my erect cock and began riding me.

I asked “are you not hurting Uma”? She said “no Krishna, I have been dying for this since morning”. Now I was also enjoying it as much as her, going back to our old ways I took her in multiple positions.

Every time I paused and changed positions, it gave me a kind of a break to go longer than my usual. Now I bettered my own record and Uma was also enjoying the many orgasms she got.

Finally, I felt the pressure in my balls peaking releasing loads and loads of my cum inside her. Then we both lay exhausted on my bed hugging and petting each other.

Uma was constantly looking into my eyes and smiling. I asked “so how are you feeling dear”? Uma cuddled me closer with her lips close to mine, she said “just like the good old days. I really enjoyed and am feeling alive again”.

To tease her I asked “so do you want to call Aslam or Rizwan now”? She naughtily smiled burying her face in my chest. She whispered “I don’t mind but I want to only enjoy with you tonight. Maybe I will call them tomorrow if you are not around”.

I raised her face kissing her forehead, I said “you still have 4hours before mum and dad return, so why not make the most of today”? She blushed saying “if I call them when you are around I will feel very bad and feel like I am doing injustice to you”.

To be continued….

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