Maid from Heaven – Part 27


Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 26 ). Now let’s continue

A few moments later I got her back on her feet looking into her eyes. I asked “so did you enjoy it”? Now instead of shying away or blushing at my question she held my face and kissed me hard giving me my answer.

Before finishing the kiss, she was grinding her crotch against my hard cock indicating what she wanted next. While I slipped my hand down to grab my cock, Uma raised her one leg making herself ready for me to enter her.

As soon as I entered her in one stroke she wrapped that leg around my butt taking me even more deeper inside her. Now I held her buttocks with my hands pulling her up and more onto my cock.

This made her wrap her other leg also around me now being totally off the ground with her arms locked around my neck. I leaned her against the wall while I continued thrusting hard into her.

For sure our love making sessions had become more intense since today while Uma seemed like an insatiable sex hungry tigress. I remembered the last time she was kind of like this was when she was thinking about Rizwan while enjoying sex with me.

So while kissing I asked “who are you thinking about right now dear”? Between moans and gasps she said “papa, I am thinking about papa right now”. I now paused and looking into her eyes asked “but you hated him for what he did to you”.

Now she started moving her pelvis on my cock, in a hoarse voice she said “yes but the first time with him was awesome”. I was too excited listening to her say this and resumed thrusting into her now with renewed vigour.

Uma also began alternating her loud moaning like earlier between fervently kissing me. I got tired doing in this position so I lowered her on her feet and turned off the water.

Then I laid her on her back in the bathtub and mounted her getting on top. We were both mating like two animals in heat. I surprised myself again by lasting longer than my normal time again.

Then I don’t remember how long, we both climaxed together with Uma letting out a loud “oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma ohhhhhuhhhhh OHHHHHH”. Then we remained in the same position till we recovered.

Pulling her on her feet and turning on the shower again, I asked “so does that mean if he is gentle with you then you want him again”? She locked her lips with mine.

This was getting very interesting now and greatly aroused me too. I now understood what she wanted and why she was so excited and aroused during our love making today.

This time Uma gave me a bath and cleaned herself too. Then we dried ourselves and came back to the hall and put on our clothes. I saw the time, we still had nearly an hour to pass by the time my parents would be back.

She brought another beer and sat in my lap drinking it with me. I asked “so would you like to give him a chance tonight”? She gave me a naughty smile without saying anything.

I asked “so how do you plan to do it”? Uma said “you go and sleep in your bedroom while I will sleep here on the sofa waiting for them to come. Then we will see how it goes because knowing papa he will surely try something”.

Then we finished dinner and Uma went to her room and changed into a simple cotton nighty without inners. Though she looked very modest without intentionally showing anything, but for someone with a perverse mind would easily identify her curves inside.

Then Just as we heard the gate opening sound, I went to my bedroom pretending to sleep while Uma lay on the sofa pretending to watch TV.

In Uma’s narration from here:

Then I opened the door greeting mummy and papa. Mummy seemed really tired while papa looked ok. Mummy said “why did you have to stay up for us when I told you not to wait in the morning”.

I said “It’s ok mummy, I was not getting much sleep anyway so decided to wait for you”. Mummy said “I am really tired so I am going to change and sleep”. Both went inside their bedroom.

Then I locked the main door and waited in the hall in case they need anything else. About ten minutes later papa changed into his night suit and came out and sat on the sofa. He said “please get me a glass of water Uma”.

I went to the kitchen but could feel his penetrating eyes on my body all the time. Right from the time he had come back he was already undressing me. I came back with the glass in a tray.

When I bent forward to offer him, his eyes desperately tried to look inside my gown with no luck because it was fully buttoned up. Then I stood by his side waiting while he took his time to drink the water.

Now between sipping water he placed his palm on my lower back and lightly felt up till my butt. I did not react but instead I remained quiet. Then he said “did you know darling how much I missed you today”?

I forgot that I had not kept drinking water for them in their room, so I hurried into the kitchen and then went to their bedroom to keep it. I saw mummy was changing in the bathroom.

So I called out to her saying “I have kept drinking water for the night mummy”. She replied ok. Then I came out closing the door and stood again near papa. He quickly placed his hands back on my butt also pulling me closer to him.

I still kept quiet, now his caressing of my butt changed to squeezing gently first then gradually increasing the pressure. His glass was empty now so I took it in the tray and went to the kitchen to keep it, he also followed after me.

Once in the kitchen he hugged me from behind cupping my boobs while his hard erection was pressing into my butt. I said “papa please leave me” but he didn’t let go of me.

He said “my darling, I am sure you can feel how much I am missing you and need your help. Please help me one last time, I beg you Uma”. Now he readjusted his cock making sure it was properly wedged in my triangle thru my clothes.

I said “papa last time I tried to help you, you turned into a monster and ravaged my body banging me mercilessly all day. How can I trust you now”?

Papa said “I am really sorry about that Uma, please understand it was all due to my pent up frustration due to lack of sex. You see my wife lets me have sex once maybe twice a year whereas I need it frequently. So I hope you understand my problem now”?

While talking, his fondling of my body continued but I felt he was not aggressive and forceful like earlier but was being gentle now. This caused me to also forget the past and start getting aroused.

His hands were gently squeezing my boobs twisting my nipples between his fingers thru the material of my nighty. He again asked “darling I beg you to please help me now. I promise to be gentle from now on”.

I remained quiet and he took that as my consent. Then I felt him pulling up my nighty and feeling my bare thighs. I said “papa please stop” trying to disengage from his hold.

He held me tighter and asked “now what happened darling”? I said “papa please let me go and check on mummy and Krishna first just to be safe”. He understood and released me.

I corrected my clothes and went out to mummy’s room and found her in deep sleep. Then I checked on you and told you about what was happening in the kitchen.

Then I came back to the kitchen where papa was waiting. I said “papa both are fast sleep”. I was about to get on my knees when he pulled me and hugged me in a tender loving embrace.

Our lips met in a very passionate kiss which I never got from him before. After hugging he said “wait a minute darling, let me free this. It has been hurting since morning” and lowered his pants and boxers to his ankles revealing his hard cock.

Then he started tugging and raising my nighty. When he raised it to my shoulders, I said “papa please stop, don’t remove completely otherwise if anyone comes then we will not get enough time to cover up”.

Then he held my buttocks and lifted me and seated me on the kitchen counter. He kissed me again, much longer this time while his hands travelled all over my tits and my back.

Papa’s new gentler side was a pleasant and welcome surprise and I was already at my peak arousal now. Then he continued kissing downwards on my neck before stopping at my boobs.

To be continued….

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