Maid from Heaven – Part 29


Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 28 ). Now let’s continue

We were now lying naked in each other’s arms on her bed with her face on my chest. I asked “so Uma, have you made up your mind to continue with papa”? She said “yes Krishna, see when papa is gentle, he is very good. And this way mummy will also not have to suffer any more pain”.

We both had a hearty laugh at Uma’s last words. I raised her face and looked at her, I asked “so what now”? Uma looked at me smiling naughtily. She said “what do you think” winking at me.

I said “after that crazy marathon session you had with dad, you still want more”? Uma blushed and buried her face in my chest, she said “I wanted more even then but I wanted to do it with you only”.

I said “you are really unbelievable Uma, after all that you still have the energy for more”? She said “yes I always have the energy for more with you. There is no way I will let you go to bed without taking care of your needs”.

Uma already was stroking my erect cock while saying that last sentence. I asked “so why did you decide to lie to dad about us”? Uma said “see Krishna, I consider our relationship to be very sacred, as sacred as my relationship with my mama”.

I asked “so what does that have to do with this”? She said “you mean the world to me. You have given me what no one including my mama was able to give me. You have taken care of me like no one else”.

I interrupted her, she cut me and said “wait I am not done yet, I know in the near future you will get married to a beautiful and lucky woman but that will still not change my feelings for you”.

I said “but we will not be able to enjoy like this then”. Uma said “do you really think I am only talking about the sexual pleasures we have both enjoyed and continue to enjoy”?

I said “then what else”? She said “I already said what you mean to me. Yes, sex is wonderful between us but it is not the end of the world for me. As long as I am around you and get a chance to serve you, that is all I need”.

I was loosing my cool at this irrational discussion, in an irritated tone I asked “so what will you do then? Use the carrots and cucumbers from the fridge like you told dad”?

Uma pulled my face towards hers, she looked into my eyes. Her eyes were moist, she answered in a hurt tone “did I say something so wrong that you are talking to me so irritated like this”?

I realised my mistake and quickly said “I am sorry, but I did not mean that. You are being so impractical, so that pissed me off”. Uma with tears in her eyes now still looking into mine asked “what did I say to piss you off”?

I grabbed her by her back and pulled her up to me so that her face was inline with mine. I kissed her tears, then said “well I don’t know about you, but I will not be able to live without you. Please understand, you also mean the world to me”.

Uma said “please promise me Krishna, if your parents find a girl for you to marry then you will not refuse and go ahead with it”? I said “yes I promise to go with her if that girl is only you”.

Uma stared at me in disbelief at what I had just said and stayed like that for a few seconds. Then she buried her face in my chest and burst out crying like crazy.

I did not stop or console her this time and let her be. After sometime her sobs reduced, she looked up at me. She asked “you really love me so much”?

I held her face and gave a quick kiss on her lips, I said “yes, much more than you can even imagine”. Uma said “but this is a sin because of our different social stature and not acceptable in society”.

I said “we will cross that bridge when we get there”. She said “if you love me so much then how can you even tolerate me enjoying with others including your dad”?

I said “well Uma, let us just think that my heart and brain are not connected when it comes to you. I love you yes, but I also realise that you have needs and what makes you happy”.

Uma interjected, now I cut her off. I said “as long as we are honest and transparent to each other, I am fine. It does not matter who you are with, as long as you tell me what happened”.

Uma smooched me till we were breathless, she said “you are really unbelievable Krishna, I already know that listening to my sexcapades excites you like crazy, but this is next level”.

I said “let’s forget everything and just go with the flow for now”. We now engaged in a very long and intense love making session before falling asleep tired. Next day Uma was up by 6am and woke me up.

I wanted to have our wake up sex session but she chased me to go back to my room quickly before my parents woke up. Then I went to my room and continued with my beauty sleep while Uma went back to her daily duties.

Later on Uma woke me up around 8am because my parents had to leave for the functions. I got up and came to the hall after completing my morning stuff. Dad and mom were having breakfast while Uma stood between them leaning closer to dad waiting on them.

I looked at her and she blushed looking the other way. I called the cabbie and soon both got ready to leave. Again mom said “Uma please don’t wait for us like last night, we will again be late”.

Uma replied “don’t worry mummy, it is my pleasure to wait for you and papa”. I noticed dad and Uma talk with their eyes when they parted. Then I went and sat on the sofa, Uma locked the door and went to the kitchen.

Then she came with my morning coffee and sat in my lap bubbling with excitement. She gave me a nice morning kiss before handing me my coffee mug.

She said “Krishna a lot happened while you were sleeping in your room today morning, don’t you want to know about it”? I did not know what to expect so I just smiled at her.

Uma said “we were very lucky that I woke you up in time and sent you to your room”. I asked “why”?

In Uma’s words from here….

You went to your room around 6am, then I was working in the kitchen. Then less than fifteen minutes later papa sneaked into the kitchen from behind me and surprised me with a hug.

Initially I thought it was you because you always do that but when he kissed my neck I understood it was him. Papa asked “so did you sleep well last night darling”?

I nodded yes silently because right from the start of the hug he was pumping his erection in my butt while his hands were fondling my boobs over my nighty arousing me.

After kissing my neck and ears nicely papa said “mummy is going to wake up soon, so we have little time to do it quickly if you also agree”. He had already pulled up my nighty to my waist slipping his hands inside.

Now he was massaging my bare boobs while fingering my clit. I was highly aroused and not in any position to think straight, also because we could not have our morning bout of sex so I was starving for it too.

I did not answer him. Taking my silence as my approval papa quickly pulled down his night pants and undies and pushed his hard cock in my pussy from behind.

Again he started slowly at first but quickly went full throttle. This time he did not stop fondling my boobs or clit while humping me. This quickly drive me towards my first orgasm of the day making me cum with great intensity.

During this papa did not stop or even slow down and continued ploughing me fast and hard. His multitasking on the sensitive areas of my body was driving me mad with pleasurable sensations.

I was also really enjoying this “quick” fuck session more than ever now. I don’t remember how long we were at it because I lost track of time. Then I got the same feeling as last night when his warm cum started filling inside me and his thrusting slowed down.

Papa then let go of my nighty and pulled out quickly pulling up his night pants. Just then mummy opened the door and called him. Papa said he is coming and slowly whispered in my ears asking “will you please wait for me like last night darling”?

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