Maid from Heaven – Part 30


Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 29 ). Now let’s continue

Papa then let go of my nighty and pulled out quickly pulling up his night pants. Just then mummy opened the door and called him. Papa said he is coming and slowly whispered in my ears asking “will you please wait for me like last night darling”?

There was no shame between us now. I turned around and kissed him just like the way I kiss you. I said “yes papa, I will wait for you but only on one condition”.

He kissed me back and asked “what is it dear”? I said “promise me that if I wait for you tonight then you will repeat last night’s full performance”. He hugged me again giving me a long smooch.

Then he said “I would have done that even now if we were not pressed for time”. We smiled and he left to his room. Then I got busy preparing breakfast and mummy and papa settled at the dining table to have it.

I stood between them waiting on them when mummy asked to be served again. I bent towards mummy serving her and just then papa daringly slipped his hand inside my nighty from behind and squeezed my naked buttocks quickly.

I jerked suddenly at this but controlled myself from showing my reaction to his surprise attack and this gave him even more confidence to grow bolder. Papa’s hands slipped to my pussy now and he felt my barely moist pussy crack.

I too was enjoying this high risk game which he was playing so I too slowed down serving mummy to give him more time. He began fiddling with my clit making me involuntarily jerk again.

Then he pushed his finger inside my moist pussy. This was too much for me to handle so I straightened up before things got out of limits. Papa quickly pulled his hand out and showed his fingers straight inside his mouth.

He looked at mummy and said “breakfast is really delicious today right darling”? Mummy totally unaware of the real meaning of his words chipped in saying “yes dear, Uma is very good at everything she does after all”.

Now is when you came to the dining room and met them. This high risk play that papa did, got my juices flowing and I was desperate that they leave soon and I get to enjoy myself with you. Rest you know…

Listening to her experience made me hard and really horny, I asked “so do you want me to take you right now dad’s style”? Uma laughed and said “just be yourself Krishna, I cannot afford to get exhausted early in the morning”.

Trying to behave like a romantic and to also try something different, I asked “so where do you want me to have you”? Uma naughtily looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes.

She said “take me on the dining table to finish what papa started” and buried her face in my chest. Uma was already sitting on my lap so I got up carrying her in my arms, I said “so be it Uma”.

I carried her to the dining table and laid her on her back. Her nighty was already curled up to her knees so I pushed it further up till her hips. Uma raised herself and pulled it off completely looking into my eyes like a lioness in heat.

I lowered my tracks and came between her legs. I put my mouth to her pussy lapping up her overflowing wetness till she screamed “don’t torture me anymore Krishna, just put it in quickly”.

Obeying madam’s orders I positioned myself and pushed my cock in one hard stroke. This was the first time I had ever done like this and it made her yelp loudly with pleasure and pain.

Now I never want to be rough so I stopped and pulled out. I asked “did it hurt Uma”? She said “its ok, it was not that bad. Now please hurry up Krishna”.

We both had a very steamy session with both of us imagining it was dad doing her again. Again now she was moaning “OHHHH HUHH HHHHHAH Oh maa uhhhhh AHHH Oh maa uhhhhh” loudly.

I remembered that this was exactly what happened when she imagined Rizwan doing her when she was with me after that. I decided that from now on I was going to bring in characters in our love making role play to spice things up.

This time too Uma orgasmed multiple times before I finally filled her with my cum. We were both tired and sweaty now, when I was about to pull out she wrapped her legs more tightly around me locking me in.

I looked into her eyes, she was still delirious with lust and unbridled sexual ecstasy. I could clearly see she was not yet done with me. With her still impaled on my cock I lifted her and carried her to my bed.

This was still my first round of the day so I was equally charged up to do it again with her. We kissed and played with each other for some time. I asked “were you again imagining dad”?

Uma smiled and nodded yes, this time she did not hide her face with shyness proving to me that she had now openly accepted the truth. Then I asked the million-dollar question which every man wants to ask his girl in bed.

I asked “so between dad and me, who do you enjoy more with”? Uma looked into my eyes and said “I knew sooner or later you will ask this question. The truth is both of you are really good in your own ways”.

I said “that is not the correct answer, if you had to decide between us then who would you choose”? She said “without doubt it will be you Krishna. Everyone else are like the seasons, they will come and go. But you will always remain my first choice”.

I knew Uma was desperate for one more bout now but I decided to tease her first. I said “Uma get up now, it is time for your studies”. Again she wrapped her legs around me while staring at me with hungry lust filled eyes.

I wanted her to say it out so I asked “what Uma? Why are you not letting go of me”? She covered her face with both her hands and said “please do it once again”.

I removed her hands and continued “I did not understand, do what Uma”? She turned her face sideways and whispered “that thing we just did, please do it again”.

I was really enjoying this tease, I said “oh so you mean talking, yes we can but we don’t need to be like this to talk”. Uma stared at me for a moment, then she grabbed my boner hanging between her legs and started stroking it.

She said “yes I want this thing to do the talking inside me and for that we will need need to be like this only”. I asked “and how do you want to do that Uma”?

Now at this point I had a gut feeling that I pushed my luck too far with her. Uma pushed me aside and got off and went to the kitchen taking her clothes with her. I too followed her but she did not let me even touch her.

She said “if this is how you want to play Krishna then wait and see, I will show you what I can also do”. She was sounding bloody serious now and I could see my chances of continuing in-between her legs go kaput.

Then she prepared breakfast for me and served it on the table without bothering to feed me like she always does. While I sat at the dining table mulling over my own stupidity, Uma took her phone and called Aslam on speaker.

She asked “are you available to come right now to my place”? He excitedly said “yes madam, give me ten minutes, I am finishing one delivery nearby and coming straight to you”.

She said “ok some directly to the room upstairs and call me and please come with 3-4hours in hand”. She did not bother to look at me anymore, she said on her way out “I will be busy. So don’t bother to call me. I will make sure lunch is ready and served” and left.

Well what started as a nice day got ruined by my overly confident “teasing”. Anyway I did not have a choice now so had my breakfast and left to complete my work outside.

I dropped her a message that I was going out and was not sure if I would be back in time for lunch. She did not reply to that, guess because of her frustration.

Then, however I reached back home by 1pm and saw a delivery vehicle still parked outside. My gut feeling was that Aslam was still around with her.

I went inside and saw freshly prepared lunch served on the dining table but Uma was nowhere to be seen. So I called her cell, Uma answered panting heavily “yes Krishna”.

I was dead sure Aslam was fucking her now while she was talking to me on the phone. I said “I just got back”, she said in-between heavy breathing “I have kept lunch ready for you on the dining table, please have it before it turns cold”.

Unable to control myself I asked another dumb question “where are you Uma”? She said “I am very busy in my room and will be with you in an hour”. I asked “is Aslam with you now”?

To be continued….

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