Maid from Heaven – Part 31


Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 30 ). Now let’s continue

Unable to control myself I asked another dumb question “where are you Uma”? She said “I am very busy in my room and will be with you in an hour”. I asked “is Aslam with you now”?

She disconnected the call. I had learnt my lessons that everyone has a limit and if I try being over smart pushing past that then this is what I will end up with. I had my lunch and waited in the living room watching TV.

At exactly five minutes past two I heard the vehicle outside leave and then Uma came down wearing a pink baby doll nighty with matching inners. I guessed she would have enjoyed her multiple back to back sessions with Aslam.

She stood at a distance and in a normal tone she asked “did you have your lunch Krishna”? I said “yes”, she asked “how was it”? I said “it was the same as usual, just that I did not enjoy having it without you”.

I was hoping to get my point across that I enjoyed it more when she fed me with her hands while sitting in my lap. Then as if deliberately choosing to ignore my hint, Uma asked “did you finish all your work”?

I said “yes most of it, except two meetings. I might go again now to finish them”. She asked “what time will you be back”? I said “I should be back by 5pm mostly”. She said “oh you can take longer if you want”.

I asked “why”? She said “well I will also be busy till 8pm at least. Should I prepare some snacks for you if you come early”? I said “no, I will help myself. Tell me will you be busy studying”?

She had brought her lunch served in a plate and sat opposite to me eating on the sofa. She looked into my eyes and said “no, Rizwan is bringing a new dress he has stitched for me to do trials”.

I very well knew what the “dress trials” entailed, especially with Rizwan but having dropped the sledgehammer on my feet myself I helplessly nodded ok.

As if this was not enough to irritate me, she said “He also wanted to stay back till 8pm to spend some quality time with me. So I will be busy with him”.

I waited for her to say something especially about us but she remained quiet having her lunch while calmly staring at me. I was getting irritated at this awkward conversation between us.

Unable to take it anymore, I went to my room to get something and left. So from teasing her in the morning I had now become the teased! My work got over by 5.30pm and I remembered what Uma had told me.

So I decided to swing by the local bar close to my house to kill time because sitting at home while she would be having a ball with Rizwan was not something I was ready to handle now.

Then I came back around 8pm and saw a scooter parked exactly where the delivery vehicle was parked earlier. This has to be Rizwan’s scooter without doubt.

Now knowing very well that Rizwan is still around and surely Uma was with him, I went inside and waited in the living room. Around 8.30pm Uma came down looking fresh and excited wearing a maroon satin-chiffon lehenga choli (It is a combination of the lehenga-long pleated skirt and the choli-blouse ensuring the waist/midriff is fully exposed).

She came to me and asked “When did you come back Krishna”? I said “well around 8pm like you had said”. She said “oh I am sorry to have made you wait”.

Unable to contain my frustration, I blurted out “why are you feeling sorry, after all you got extra time to enjoy with him right”? Still keeping her composure and not reacting to my stinging remark, she asked in her normal tone “Can I bring you a beer”?

I nodded yes thinking maybe that might help ease the pain in my brain. While she went to get me a beer I wondered why she had not yet asked me about her new dress.

I thought if I really committed such a big blunder that we have so quickly drifted so far apart? Well these questions were killing me from inside but I did not know how to approach this topic with her.

While I was searching for possible answers in my head, Uma brought me a pint. I asked “where is yours? Don’t you want to also have one”? She looked at me with a mischievous smile.

She asked “Ohh so are you not going to let me share yours like you always do”? I was perplexed but also very excited because I was finally able to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

I gave her a big smile also winking at her trying to bridge the unwarranted gap between us. Uma quickly sat in my lap like old times and took a sip from my hand.

Today she had put her arm around my neck and I placed mine around her bare waist. Her face was now a few inches from mine. I looked down at her chest and surely her neckline was deep enough to look very enticing.

I could see a good amount of cleavage though not obscenely much. Uma caught my gaze, she said “I see you have still not said anything about my new dress”.

I was still pissed a little from the events of today, so I sarcastically said “I am sure Rizwan would have already given you enough compliments about your dress”.

Uma came closer to kiss my lips but I turned my face sideways avoiding her and she ended up kissing on my cheek instead. Still keeping her cool she said “well, that he surely did but for me till I do not hear your opinion I am not really convinced”.

I again sarcastically said “why would my opinion mean anything to you now”. She playfully patted my cheek and said “looks like someone is still quite angry”.

I said “yes I am really pissed but you must be super happy about it right”? She asked “happy about what”? I said “happy about enjoying with two of your favourites all day long…”.

Uma burst out laughing, she said “oh I see what you are so pissed about”. I almost burst out with the final straw of my frustration, I said “yes what else do you expect me to do”?

Uma said “well you had your chances and you blew it, now if I met Aslam and Rizwan just like you keep pushing me to, then why does that upset you? Why so pissed about it now”?

Well she had played my own words back to me and I did not have anything to say in my defence. Either way yes I blew my own chance in the morning when everything was going so nice and smooth.

Seeing me fumbling for answers, Uma asked “do you want to hear the details of what I did with Aslam and Rizwan today? Maybe that will improve your mood like it always does…”.

After realising she had got me twisted in my own words, I calmed down seeing no other way out. I said “I think I already know. After all what else would you do have done other than sex for nearly four hours with Aslam followed by five hours with Rizwan”?

I was feeling triumphant at having gotten a chance to finally vent out at her. Uma very calmly said “well Krishna, I love your imagination but I am very glad to tell you that you are completely wrong this time”.

Now that left me speechless. Uma took the pint from my hand and gave me a sip and then had one herself. She said “I insist you listen to everything that happened because it is very exciting”.

In Uma’s words:

You went overboard today morning making me beg you for sex despite knowing that I truly love only you. I felt cheap and slutty because of your obnoxious talks.

That broke me and I decided I had to teach you a lesson to bring your filthy derailed mind back on the right track. So I thought of something quickly and called Aslam.

I called him directly to my room putting him on speaker on purpose because I wanted you to “assume what I would do with him” which you exactly fell for.

When I went to my room from here, I changed into something very modest. Soon Aslam knocked on my door, I let him inside and he too was under the same impression as you that I had called him to enjoy sex with him.

He even tried his advances but I managed to avoid him. I cooked up an imaginary sad story that I am in a very depressed mood and needed a shoulder to cry on and not sex and he fell for it.

We chatted for a while during which I saw your message that you were going out. Then it was nearing lunch time so I came down to the kitchen with him and we continued chatting while I cooked.

Then he got an urgent call from his workplace and had to rush but he promised to come back soon. I was keeping my fingers crossed that he comes back before you did.

He sure came within half hour and I served him food upstairs in my room. After my imaginary chatting concluded I pretended that he had greatly helped improve my mood.

Then he begged me to have sex at least once with him. I politely explained with some strong reason why I could not and promised him a good time very soon to compensate him and he fell for that too.

He persistently begged me to allow him to suck my boobs which I allowed on second thoughts because he was harmless and I could also use some pleasure.

This is when you called, so I answered your call while faking my panting and moans so you would surely think I was enjoying sex with Aslam. You fell for it as I can see whereas he was only really sucking my boobs for my satisfaction.

To be continued….

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