Maid from Heaven – Part 32


Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 31 ). Now let’s continue

This is when you called, so I answered your call while faking my panting and moans so you would surely think I was enjoying sex with Aslam. You fell for it as I can see whereas he was only really sucking my boobs for my satisfaction.

When you asked if Aslam was still with me, I purposely disconnected the call so that I could frustrate you further. Even Aslam fell for my fake moans thinking he was causing them by his good oral skills.

I thanked him for giving me a wonderful time despite everything that happened. Then he begged me to help him in some way with his erection which was not going away.

So I again acted faking it while I gave him a hand job and satisfied him and then he went away. Purely by coincidence Rizwan called while I was changing into my nighty saying he had stitched a new dress for me today and wanted me to try it.

I readily agreed telling him that I will call him back shortly with the exact time at which to come basically keeping him on standby. Then I came down where I met you sitting here with an ever so gloomy face as if the world had come to an end.

I knew for sure that seeing me in that transparent nighty especially after Aslam had just left would concrete your assumed feelings that I surely had sex with him and it worked.

I felt a great sense of accomplishment seeing you seething and even more frustrated. I purposely behaved normal not giving you a chance to vent it out. To my good luck you said you were going out again since your work was not completed and that gave me more fuel.

Right then I thought about Rizwan and told you that I was meeting him because he had stitched me a new dress and wanted me to try it. You already know what used to happen between me and Rizwan when I went for trials earlier.

So I used that to my advantage to make you feel even more bitter and you fell for it getting even more irritated and pissed. Then I purposely added more fuel to the fire saying he was taking the day off and wanted to spend “quality time” with me till 8pm, I too agreed to let him.

I knew perfectly well what you would be thinking that I will do with Rizwan during that “quality time”. Then you left again in a huff which is exactly what I wanted to achieve.

I quickly called Rizwan and said “please come quickly Rizwan, I don’t have much time before sir comes back”. He came within half an hour, now let me tell you what happened after Rizwan came.

I was waiting in my room upstairs when he knocked on my door. Then I let him inside locking after him. He hugged me and went mad fondling my body for sometime.

I played the same sad story I had played with Aslam and he too fell for it. Somehow nearly two hours had passed. Then to cheer me up he showed me the dress and I pretended to be very excited and cheerful again.

Then he dressed me up personally while feeling me up and I let him but nothing more than that. Rizwan found some measurements incorrect and he himself was very upset with the fitting of the dress because he had made this wearable without a bra with a decently exposed neck and back.

I asked “how much time do you need to fix this dress Rizwan”? He said “madam I need about two hours to do a quality job”. I asked “if you go right now and fix it then how quickly can you be back”?

He said “well I can be back in 3hours including travel time”. I saw the time and I had exactly 3hrs left before you would return. I knew if I let him be here with me then he will surely insist to have sex with me.

So I said “Rizwan please go quickly right now and fix this dress because I want to give your sir a surprise wearing this and maybe this might also fix things between him and me”.

He very enthusiastically left in a rush and came back in two and half hours. We tried the dress and it fit me perfectly this time. Then as predicted Rizwan asked me for sex which I refused giving him the same excuse I gave Aslam.

He fell for my excuse and begged me to help him in some way to take care of his hard on. I dilly dallied and finally agreed on a blowjob making sure I made him feel I was doing him a huge favour.

It was nearing 8.15pm now and I had already heard your car pull into the driveway around 8, so I knew for sure you had come home. Then he left and I took a shower and dressed up in this dress.

Then I came down and met you. Rest all you know. So all I wanted to do to you was payback for what you did to me in the morning, but instead you were on a high making me shamelessly beg and you still did not give it to me.

So I was determined to show you how I can also give you a hard time if I made up my mind with everything that you only wished that I did. I hope you now have learnt your lessons?

After listening to this perfectly crafted drama which Uma had orchestrated I was baffled and speechless. I was feeling like a looser and an idiot thinking how she might have been enjoying with those two guys one after the other and here the truth was completely different.

Uma had clearly knocked me and the two other men with a hat trick without bowling even one single ball. Now I honestly did not know how to react or what to say after hearing all this.

Uma held my face kissing me on my lips, she said “see Krishna, never do that to me again. I love you far more than you love me but there has to be a limit to playing cheap tricks. I hope you understand that now”?

All I could do now was to be ashamed and quietly nod a yes. I might have won the war but she clearly had won the battle. I held her hand and kissed it, I said “I am really sorry Uma, this was not my intention ever”.

She smiled at me and got off my lap, she turned around 360 degrees and excitedly asked “so how do you like my new dress Krishna”? I smiled and said “it is very nice and accentuates your beautiful figure too”.

She sat back in my lap looking extremely happy and whispered in my ears “just to let you know, I am not wearing anything inside”. I looked at her bosom perplexed because for sure Rizwan had done a marvelous job because her lack of bra was not at all evident.

She placed my palm on her boobs brushing her hardening nipple, she asked “can you feel this now”? I excitedly nodded yes having happily forgotten everything that had transpired moments back between us.

Now I was getting hard again and Uma also felt it, she wriggled and readjusted her butt to comfortably rest my cock against her crevice. Then she took my palm which was still cupping her boob and slipped it under her ghaghra(skirt) after raising it.

I now felt her moist pussy at my fingertips while she excitedly looked into my eyes as if still trying to prove to me that she was really without her inners. She held my hand pressing it harder against her moistening pussy while her eyes filled up with lust.

In an aroused and heavy tone she asked “so Krishna darling, do you want to finish your unfinished business from the morning”? I was seeing stars listening to her words, it was like celebration music to my ears especially after everything that had transpired till now.

I kept the pint bottle on the table and held her face locking in a very passionate kiss. Then I carried her in my arms to my bed gently lowering her. I whispered “why don’t you remove your new dress first, I don’t want to spoil the crease before you show it to my parents”.

Finally, she blushed and smiled like her earlier self and removed her dress placing it folded on the side of the bed. In the meantime, I too removed my clothes and got on her with a raging hard on.

Feeling my hard cock rub her entrance below made her moan loudly. She said “ohh Krishna, I have waited the entire day for this” and wrapped her legs around my hips.

My erect pole naturally found her love hole and smoothly burrowed inside. Uma locked my lips with hers again kissing me like we were reuniting after ages. I too was feeling truly jubilant for having her back and continued pumping her with slow long strokes.

Neither of us were pressed for time so we made passionate love for as long as we both could climax together. Now interestingly despite cumming, I did not loose my hardness and continued into our next round.

Now Uma was moaning loudly uncontrollably. I teasingly asked “so who are you thinking about now Uma”?

To be continued….

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