Maid from Heaven – Part 33


Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 32 ). Now let’s continue

Neither of us were pressed for time so we made passionate love for as long as we both could climax together. Now interestingly despite cumming, I did not loose my hardness and continued into our next round.

Now Uma was moaning loudly uncontrollably. I teasingly asked “so who are you thinking about now Uma”? She smooched me again and said “only you darling. Anyone can fuck the living daylights out of me but only you can make real love to me. Remember that”.

I replied “thank you darling, I have also been yearning for this all day”. We finished our second bout of really passionate love making beating both our personal records for having lasted the longest ever.

Then we showered together and got dressed just in time for my parents return. I ordered food from outside because we spent all our time making love. My parents were surprised to see me awake when they returned.

Dad looked very frustrated seeing Uma waiting on me but I did not take it seriously thinking I had won her back again to myself only. Mom was quick to notice Uma’s new dress.

She said “you are looking very pretty in this dress Uma. When did you get it”? Now dad also chipped in saying “yes Uma, you are looking very beautiful in this dress”.

Uma genuinely felt happy hearing this, she said “actually my tailor delivered this dress today only. I wanted to wear it and show it to you. I am so happy that you liked it”.

My parents retired to their room. Uma had already told me to finish my drink early and retire to my bedroom while my parents freshened up. I asked “do you want to do it again with dad”?

She said “yes maybe if he asks. See I promised him in the morning that I would wait for him”. I asked “so what about us then”? Uma said “you know after papa finishes, I am all yours after that”.

She went to their bedroom to keep the water for the night which is when dad asked “why has Krishna not gone to bed already? How will we enjoy tonight”?

Uma replied “papa, tomorrow is the weekend. So he normally stays up late enjoying TV and his drinks. You leave him to me. So after everyone goes to bed you wait for my signal and then come”.

Then dad came to the hall followed by Uma. He sat on the sofa opposite me, he asked “can I have some whiskey”? Uma said “yes papa, I will bring it right away. Do you want it large and on the rocks”?

Dad nodded yes, Uma left to bring his drinks while we chit chatted about the function they had attended and also next day’s travel plans. Then Uma came with his peg in a tray.

While she was bending forward to serve dad, his gaze went directly to her exposed cleavage enjoying the sight. Then mom called Uma to her bedroom interrupting dad’s voyeuristic fun.

Then Uma went to meet mom. Mom said “come sit here Uma, there is something I want to talk to you”. Uma sat with her while mom did her packing for tomorrow.

Mom asked “I hope you don’t have any plans of quitting work here”? Uma replied “not at all mummy, what makes you think that”? Mom said “see Uma, we both like you and see that you have taken charge of the house nicely. We strongly feel that you should work here permanently”.

Uma said “yes mummy, I am very happy here too. Krishna sir has also enrolled me for correspondence studies to I can complete my education also. So with so much love and affection that you all have given me how can I ever think of leaving”.

Mom took out an expensive maroon coloured silk saree that she got as a gift for attending the function, she gave it to Uma and asked “please see if you like this and if you will wear it”?

Uma checked the saree and exclaimed “mummy this is a very expensive saree, I cannot wear this”. Mom asked “why you don’t like it or you do not wear sarees”?

Uma replied “no mummy, I love it and I do wear sarees. But this is too expensive to give to your maid”. Mom hugged her and said “never again use that word, we consider you an important part of our family. So never call yourself a maid or let anyone else call you that. Understood”?

Uma looked at mom with moist eyes and touched her feet (showing respect). She said “thank you mummy, your love and kindness has made me forget who I was and where I came from. Thank you”.

Mom playfully slapped her and said “now stop being overly sentimental about it. Promise me whenever I meet you next time, will you wear this saree for me”?

Uma looking very happily and with gratitude replied “yes mummy, I surely will wear it for you”. Mom said “well err you can wear it for Krishna too. I know how much you like him.. don’t you”?

Now unsure about mom’s comment, Uma politely said “there is nothing like that mummy. Krishna sir is a very nice man with a big heart, he is the very reason I am here. He has given me a second chance at life and I will do anything for him”.

Mom giggled and said “that is not what I meant, I am only saying there is surely more chemistry between both of you than meets the eye. I don’t have a problem whatever it is between you two”.

Uma blushed and sat quietly. Just then dad called “Uma can you make me another peg”? Mom also hit the bed now and Uma left from there lost in thought about what mom said because it could mean anything.

Uma came to the hall carrying the saree mom had gifted her and went to the kitchen with dad’s glass. I remembered Uma’s hint to go to bed so I got up and said “good night dad, I will see you tomorrow” and left.

I saw a twinkle in dad’s eyes when he saw me leave. I already knew the reason behind that expression.

In Uma’s words from here…

I came back with a peg for papa and a fresh pint for you. I saw you were not there. I looked at papa while serving him, papa said “Krishna has gone to bed, now please sit with me and give me company.

Papa was sitting on a single seat sofa, so I said “papa there is no place for another person to sit, please sit here” pointing to the 3 seater where you were sitting earlier.

Papa got up and came while I went to the kitchen to put your pint back in the fridge. When I came back papa was seated in the centre, he pointed to the space by his left side and I sat there.

His arm instantly went around my exposed waist stirring erotic feelings in my body. Since I was prepared for what is coming next I remained calm. Pulling me closer he said “I want to have some snacks with my drink”.

I said “ok papa, let me bring you something to munch on”. When I tried to get up, he held me tighter. I said “papa please let me go so I can bring you something”. He said “why do you want to go? You have everything I want to munch on”.

Now I understood his double meaning lines so I looked the other way shyly. Papa asked “why are you not giving me what I want”? I said “for that you will need to come with me to the kitchen papa”.

He said “no I don’t like it there, let’s do it here on the sofa where it is more comfortable”. I said “papa are you mad? We are within a few feet from where mummy and Krishna are sleeping. What if they come out”?

Papa calmly answered “you are unnecessarily panicking, no one is going to come now. Open your blouse quickly, I want to start with eating your tits first”. I already knew that you will not come out and mummy is a deep sleeper.

So I unhooked my blouse and raised it to my shoulders. Papa said “remove it completely”. I said “no papa, there is still risk. So please manage with this only”. He leaned me back on the sofa and went berserk fondling my boobs while sucking my nipples.

I was also enjoying the pleasurable feelings he was creating in my body so closed my eyes enjoying till he had his fill. While I was lost basking in sexual ecstasy I did not realise when papa had laid me down and mounted me on the sofa.

My Ghaghara (skirt) was already bunched up from front to my waist and he was already dry humping me now. I whispered “papa this is very risky, please I beg you to continue in the kitchen”.

My pleas fell on deaf ears, papa had already pulled his cock out and was grinding it hard against the lips of my pussy. Soon his cock found its destination and he aggressively pushed it all the way inside.

To be continued….

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