Maid from Heaven – Part 34


Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 33 ). Now let’s continue

My pleas fell on deaf ears, papa had already pulled his cock out and was grinding it hard against the lips of my pussy. Soon his cock found its destination and he aggressively pushed it all the way inside.

This time again he started slowly but went full throttle very quickly. I clenched my blouse between my teeth to silence my moans because I was bloody aroused too.

Papa continued like a machine giving me many orgasms before he finally filled me up. Then he got off me and sat again without bothering to put his cock back inside his night pants.

I took a little bit longer to recover and get up and correct my clothes. I rushed to the kitchen and cleaned myself with tissues. Then I got dressed and came back to the hall thinking papa would have finished his drink.

Papa surely had finished his drink, he said “make me another peg Uma”. I wanted to stop him because I was thinking about you waiting for me, but I did not have the guts to tell him that and the sex with him was far too good to let go.

Hoping he would just drink this last peg and retire I poured him one more and again sat with him. I asked “papa are you not getting late? It is nearing midnight and you need rest because you are traveling tomorrow”?

He said “right now I don’t need rest, I only need you”. I had a strong intuition that he was probably going to have me like he did on the first day. So I put my foot down this time.

I said “papa this is going to be your last drink for the night”. He cut me off saying “but I am only getting started with you now Uma. We have the whole night to enjoy ourselves”.

In a more firmer tone I said “papa I will give you the bottle and you can continue if you want. I am really tired and off to sleep because I have to wake up early to work”.

Papa grabbed my hand and pulled me on to him. This made me fall in his lap. Then he began pulling apart my blouse top hard and would have torn it off had I not pushed him back.

He was clearly back to his animalistic behaviour now. He grabbed me again trying to pin me down on the sofa while trying to get on top himself. Out of natural instincts I gave him a hard slap across his cheeks and got out of his grip.

I corrected my clothes while he came back to his senses realising what happened. He was staring at me with angry eyes. I went to the kitchen and brought the bottle of whiskey and kept it on the table.

I was also fuming with rage now, I said “papa I thought you had changed and I had some hope of having some good moments with you. But now I realise you are an animal and will always remain one”.

I walked towards the staircase when papa said “stop Uma, I am sorry. Please give me a chance to explain myself”. I said “you should consider yourself lucky that I am still addressing you as papa. It is only because of my love and respect for mummy and Krishna sir”.

Papa said “I already said that I am sorry darling, now what more you want from me? Why are you doing so much drama”? I said “papa firstly stop calling me darling, you don’t deserve that privilege. Second such a big mistake can only be excused once. Not when it repeats. So drop the act”.

Without waiting for his reaction I continued to my room. I did see that he settled down on the sofa drinking more. That is when I called you to say we cannot do it tonight.

Next morning when I came down I saw papa on the floor with his night pants at his feet and also saw the whiskey bottle was empty. So I understood he must have drunk himself to glory and crashed out.

This is when I woke you up because I could not pick him up alone and take him to bed. Rest you know….

Then Uma and me carried dad to his bed when mom woke up because of the noise. She asked “what happened to him”? I said “I went to bed while he continued drinking and Uma stayed behind to serve him”.

Uma said “nearing midnight I also left and today morning when I came down I found him passes out on the floor next to the sofa”. Mom was very pissed now, she said “you leave now Krishna, I need to talk to Uma privately”.

I left from there dying of curiosity of what she was going to ask Uma, especially because I kind of knew what might have transpired last night. Uma came out nearly half hour later, she did not look at me in the eyes and went straight to the kitchen.

I went after her and asked “so what did mom ask you”? Uma turned to me and said “she directly asked me if papa misbehaved with me after getting drunk”.

I asked “so what did you say”? She said “I tried to dodge the question and went in circles but mummy was smart to figure out by filling in the blanks”. I asked “so what do we do now”?

Uma said “mummy told me she had to replace all the female maids in the house with males”. This was new to me, so I asked “but why”? Uma said “it seems papa was banging all the female maids by force like an animal and it was hurting the family reputation”.

Bewildered I asked “so does this mean you told mom that he banged you too last night”? Uma said “well mummy’s line of questioning was so strong and direct that I could not hide it anymore. I am really sorry Krishna. I did not mean to”.

I said “you don’t have to be sorry, it is not your fault”. Just then mom came out of her room. She was boiling with anger, she sat on the sofa and screamed “I don’t know what to do with this sick man”.

I sat with her to calm her down, I asked “mom what happened”? She burst out crying loudly, she said “I thought in this house at least sanity will prevail but I was wrong. Do you know what your father did last night”?

I pretended innocent, I asked “what did he do mom”? She blurted out “he banged Uma forcibly after getting drunk. Now I don’t have a face to show anyone including Uma. Even at the function he forcefully banged his brother’s wife behind the stage while the holy rituals were going on”.

I did not know how to react to this, so decided to stay quiet. Mom continued “your dad is such a horny bastard that he will hump a tree if he does not find a woman and I am really sick and tired of this”.

“Back in the village he has banged all the maids who came to work for us making many of them pregnant. Now no lady is ready to come to work for us because of him”.

I asked “so now what do we do mom”? She called Uma to sit with her, she said “I am really very sorry for my husband’s actions. Please I beg you, don’t tell anyone about this”.

Uma said “mummy please don’t say such things, I have eaten your salt, so you have my loyalty forever. I swear that I will never talk about this to anyone”.

Mom said “I know what he has done is unfathomable and I am ashamed to even talk to you about it”. Uma sat with mom, she said “mummy we cannot change what has already happened. But we can try to forget and try to behave normal and move on with our lives”.

Mom said “Uma you have a very big heart. All I can request of you is please don’t quit this place like we spoke last night. I will forever be indebted to you for it”.

Uma said “mummy please don’t say such things, I am very grateful for all the love and affection you all have given me. I promise I will do whatever you say and never speak to anyone about this”.

Soon mom packed their bags, she woke dad and chased him out in his night suit to the waiting cab. She flatly refused that I drop them to the airport.

Mom was fuming like I have never before so I too just agreed to whatever she said. Then an hour later mom called that they had reached the airport and would call after they land.

Here life was returning back to normal for me and Uma. I sat in the living room with Uma, I said “I am really sorry about everything. Please tell me what can I do to make it up to you”.

I saw a twinkle in her eyes, she said “Krishna you wait here for a minute”. She went to her room and came back with her books. She asked “so can you please start teaching me now”?

I liked her attitude because after so much had happened with her, she was behaving normal and ready to move on… I sat with her for the next 2hrs taking her thru the full syllabus.

Uma listened very intently and asked a lot of questions which I answered. At the end of our “tuition” class I gave her some assignments to help her learn basic English.

After our class got over she caught my hand and gave me a naughty smile. I knew because of dad we both had missed our bedroom adventures from last night and today morning.

To be continued….

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