Maid from Heaven – Part 37


Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 36 ). Now let’s continue

I only smiled stubbornly and nodded convincingly at her. She stared at me for a moment then finally gave in. she placed her hands on the wash counter pushing her butt out while I got between her legs with my mouth on her love hole.

She let go of her golden stream slowly giving me enough time to drink it all. Then like always I continued to lick and tongue fuck her even after her stream got over.

Now Uma too was willingly enjoying it because she was herself gyrating her bottom against my mouth. Now I took some of her juices in my fingers and pushed two fingers in her butt.

This made Uma moan more loudly also rocking her bottom with increased pressure against my mouth. Within a few minutes she climaxed again, I was also greeted with a fresh supply of her nectar.

After finishing we got under the shower to clean-up. Even while showering Uma frequently kept kissing me all over showing me that she was still in heat.

After the shower I said “go and dress up in something conservative, we are going out”. Uma asked “where are we going”? I said “I want to enrol you in an English learning center to help you get a faster grasp on the language”.

She was very excited hearing this and left to her room. I got ready in my usual jeans and t-shirt. I was expecting her to come down in her Punjabi suit that Rizwan had stitched for her.

Instead Uma came down wearing a blue jean with a deep red chiffon blouse top. I was in awe of her beauty and how how hot and desirable she was looking at the same time.

Coming back to my senses, I asked “are you comfortable in going out in this”? She confidently said “yes, you asked me to wear something conservative so I wore these jeans otherwise I had planned to wear something a lot shorter”.

I was dumbfounded by her simple yet confident justification. To tease her I asked “what if someone falls for you and flirts with you seeing you dressed like this”?

Uma calmly replied “well that would be really encouraging. That would surely make learning much more exciting”. I said “well if you are comfortable then I have no problem”.

She said “well you could have told me this before naa, anyway I am too lazy to go and change again. Let’s go quickly now”. I was still getting used to these surprise shocks from her but quietly went with it.

I was happy to see her confidence at a new level. I took out my car and we drove down to the place. Uma said “Krishna this is less than a kilometre from home, we could have walked down”.

With an even more surprised tone, I asked “you want to walk down dressed up like this also wearing heels”? She calmly answered “yes, so what”?

I said “I thought you were the one who wanted to keep low profile in this neighbourhood”? She said “Ah yes, but are you going to drop and pick me up everyday”?

I said “for now yes, that is what it looks like”. She smiled and then we went inside. This place was referred to me by Suresh and I was told to ask for Charles who is the senior faculty here.

I asked for him at the reception, he came out of the adjoining cabin behind the reception desk to meet us. He looked like a mid-forty-year-old average built man with a sophisticated formal look.

He welcomed us nicely (guess Suresh had told him to expect us). Then we followed him on a brief tour of the facility before settling in his cabin. All this while he had been checking Uma out by randomly stealing glances on some pretext or another.

Once in his cabin, he gave a short objective questionnaire to Uma telling her to fill it. While she was busy filling it, he asked “so Mr. Krishna, what are your expectations from us, how much do you want us to help you”?

I cooked up a story, I said “you see Uma was sent here from my village so I can help her with higher education and if things work out then to settle in a good job. Now she has been struggling with English, so that is why we are here”.

He took the paper from Uma and went thru it, he said “Sir I would have blindly told you to go for a one-month crash course but I am sorry to say” looking at Uma “dont take me wrong. She has a lot to learn”.

I asked “so what do you suggest”? He said “depending on how much effort she puts in, I think three months should be fair for now”. I looked at Uma, she gave me an uneasy smile.

I asked “so what level of proficiency are we talking about here”? Charles said “Sir I am targeting fluent grammatically perfect English”. I said “fine then. What are the timings”?

He said “we currently have four batches in session, but I don’t think I can add her to them just yet. I will personally coach her for 3weeks by when the next batch will commence and then I will add her too”.

I said “fine, but what time does she need to come here everyday and for what duration”? He said “since I will be coaching her, I am flexible”. Now Uma interjected, she said “what we mean to ask is if you give us options then I can decide keeping my work at home in mind”.

He turned to her and said “well we start at 6.30am everyday but I am free from 10am to 1pm only”. Uma said “if you can excuse me I need to make an urgent call” and stepped out.

I was surprised and wondered who was this important call about and that too why now. She came back soon and said “no that is too long, I need to get back and prepare lunch. Can we do 10-11.30”?

Charles said “yes absolutely, that way I will also get time for other students. So when do you want to start Uma”? She looked at me, then she said “from tomorrow morning itself if possible”.

Everything settled I paid the enrollment fee and other charges. Thanks to Suresh we got a hefty discount. We left from there and got back in the car. I asked “what was that call about”?

She said “ohh that was Aslam, I remember he telling me that he goes to work around that time so I wanted to check with him if he could drop me to the center on the way”.

I was mighty impressed by her planning and also the need to be independent. I asked “sounds good to me, what about coming back”? She said “ohh don’t worry, I will sort that out tomorrow when Aslam comes”.

I was even more impressed seeing Uma change into such an independent person. To tease her I asked “do you plan to wear such dresses everyday when you go there”?

She calmly answered “yes, why”? I asked “did you observe Charles today? His eyes were transfixed on you most of the time”. She said “yes I already know”.

I said “it did not seem like a normal gaze to me”. She said “yes I already know that”. I asked “then do you think…..” leaving my sentence unfinished.

She calmly answered “I cannot say now. We will see when we get there”. Dying out of curiosity that how far was she willing to go, I asked “so do you plan to give him a chance”?

She said “yes why not, he seemed like a nice man and so far pretty interesting too. Don’t worry I will tell you everything if and when it happens” also giving me a naughty smile.

We reached home now, we settled on the sofa, Uma brought a beer and sat in my lap. She asked “dont you want to know what happened in the morning after you left”?

I now remembered that when Uma called to ask me about Chetan, she has said she will tell me later about it. I was already overconfident that she had been with Aslam.

So I said “you called Aslam in front of me and he would have come and you both would have enjoyed, what else…”. Uma gave me a naughty smile.

She teasingly said “well you know what Krishna, Aslam was busy. If you don’t want to hear what actually happened, then fine with me…”. My mind was racing in all directions thinking about a possible answer.

I said “oh yes then Rizwan would have come”. She burst out laughing at this, she said “oh yes, now my tailor will also deliver my groceries”.

To be continued….

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