Maid from Heaven – Part 39


Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 38 ). Now let’s continue

Raja had a big fat tongue, so when he was eating my pussy it literally felt like a cock was rubbing against it. After a few minutes I lost it and firmly impaled my cunt on his mouth because my next orgasm crashed thru me.

During the whole thing, Raja did not wince or push back or even show signs of getting suffocated and instead continued eating me with full enthusiasm.

Then I got off his mouth and pulled him up. I asked while looking at his tent down there “do you want me to help you with that”? He eagerly said “yes madam, just like last time”.

I got on my knees and removed his boxers and began giving him a blowjob. Raja said “madam I want to tell you something”. I said “yes Raja, say it”.

He said “no madam, you might not believe it and will surely laugh at me”. I found this wierd, but in a normal tone I said “dont worry, say it without any hesitation. I will not laugh”.

He said “madam you are the first woman in my life with whom I am doing like this”. I found it unbelievable because Raja was easily in his forties, I said “I find that hard to believe Raja”.

He said “see I told you earlier madam, that you will not believe me”. I said “you must easily be 40+ so I find it hard to believe”. He said “madam I am 46, my problem is that I am very shy especially around women. Because of this I could not get married and kept getting rejected by women”.

I said “well this is very unusual but I still believe you”. He said because of this I am still a virgin and the only physical enjoyment I have ever experienced besides masturbation is with you only madam”.

I was shocked and surprised listening to him. I said “but everything you did with me seemed like you have good experience”. He said “no madam, that is simply what I learnt from adult movies and reading erotic stories online”.

I thought to myself, this guy is so well endowed that he could any woman weak in her knees just by the sight of his cock. Though he was not as big as pornstars, he was still above average at seven inches and thick enough to barely fit in a woman’s palm.

I said “well I have to admit that you are really very good. But even right now you know what is next right, so why are you not doing anything”? He said “please understand madam, while I have a fair idea, I am nervous and scared of making a mistake and pissing you off”.

Now I understood why Raja was behaving like this from the beginning. I got up and holding his hand took him to the diwan (bed type couch). Now I was even more determined than ever to get my satisfaction even if I had to guide this virgin.

I lay down and pulled him on top, I held his face and kissed his lips. He was pathetic at kissing obviously because of his lack of experience. I still continued and Raja began reciprocating copying me verbatim to the T.

After the kiss I said “now gently squeeze my tits while you suck and nibble on my nipples with your mouth and tongue. Use your teeth but don’t bite, if you understand what I mean”.

Raja nodded in affirmative and got busy with his practical training. Even though this was his first time, he was outstanding. He was so good that if I did not stop him now, I would experience another earth shattering orgasm with just this.

I stopped him and said *now trace your way down to my navel with your tongue and show it also some love”. He followed like an ideal student and within seconds I was on cloud 99.

After some time of his dedicated hard work on my navel, I said “now go down to my pussy and continue what you just did now. Raja followed and got me back to my peak.

After some time, I stopped him and pulled him back on top. I looked in his eyes, I asked “are you ready for the finals”? Bubbling with excitement he said “yes madam, I am ready to lose my virginity”.

For a second I thought about the condoms, but then decided otherwise because I was more than willing to make an exception to make his first time special.

I grabbed his hard cock down below which was overflowing with his own precum and positioned it at my honey pot. I said “now push slowly little by little”.

Thanks to my excessively lubricated pussy he was home in no time. I asked “how does it feel Raja”? He said “this feels like heaven madam”. I said “now start moving your hips slowly, remember to not go fast or you will cum too soon”.

He did as instructed and if there was a place called heaven on earth then I was now basking there. Even though Raja was on top of me, he was supporting his body weight on his elbows on my either sides.

I cupped my tits gently massaging them while I looked into his eyes. He got my hint and brought his mouth to them. I raised my tits to feed him my nipples and he sucked on them ever so lovingly.

This pushed me towards my next orgasm which was as intense as the previous one. I had to hug him tightly squashing his face in-between my tits to support myself.

Coming back to my senses I realised despite being his first time Raja had not cum yet, I saw the time and we were past the ten minute mark already.

I asked “Raja are you close”? He said “no madam. Why, are you tired”? I said “no dear, I have never felt so good ever and am really enjoying this moment with you”.

Raja asked “can I go faster now madam”? I held his face and kissed him showing him my approval. He increased his pace and his thrusts also got more harder rocking my whole body with every stroke.

Five more minutes later he was still going strong showing no signs of slowing down or cumming. I said “please stop now Raja”. He looked at me in disbelief, he asked “why madam, did I do something wrong”?

I laughed and said “no my dear Raja, I want to show you another position which you might also enjoy”. He excitedly got off me, I knelt on the edge of the diwan and looked back at him.

Then I said “now come to me from behind”, he came close and I guided his missile back in my cave. I said “now hold my hips and resume your pumping”.

He was a quick learner and in this position he was able to pound me much harder and faster. While he torpedoed my pussy, I reached down and began fingering my clit.

The room was filled with the loud clapping sounds of our bodies. Finally, my stud Raja said “madam, I am going to cum”. I said “go for it Raja, fill me up” and increased the intensity of my own fingering.

Soon I had my own thundering orgasm and Raja also gave a few very hard thrusts filling me up with his hot juice. We both lay panting hard on the couch.

I placed my palm on my pussy to stop his juices from flowing out and soiling the couch. I asked “so how was it Raja”? He said “madam, I cannot describe in words how heavenly this felt. I will forever remain thankful to you”.

I said “if you want to mean it then please don’t breathe a word about this to anyone, not even Aslam”. I knew this was just the beginning with Raja and I wanted to keep it private without letting Aslam know about it.

Raja said “madam if you don’t mind then I want to clean you down there with my mouth”. I said “Raja please don’t do it. I am very dirty down there right now”.

He said “madam, you have granted me so many wishes today, please let me” saying this he spread my legs and went for my dripping pussy with his mouth.

He continued for a long time till he cleaned me “properly” to his satisfaction but in the process he got me aroused again. I saw the time, I only had thirty minutes left before you would be coming back.

So even though I wanted to enjoy a second time with Raja, I decided against it. Then I took him to the bathroom attached to the guest bed room and we both cleaned up.

Then he got dressed while requesting me to remain naked lying on the couch. He spent some time alternating between kissing and licking my entire body to his heart’s content one last time.

This is when my phone rang and it was Chetan. I took the call in the other room, Chetan said “Dear can I please come and meet you now”? I said “I am not sure if that is a good idea Chetan”.

To be continued….

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