Maid from Heaven – Part 40


Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 39 ). Now let’s continue

This is when my phone rang and it was Chetan. I took the call in the other room, Chetan said “Dear can I please come and meet you now”? I said “I am not sure if that is a good idea Chetan”.

Chetan said “please I promise to behave myself. I will not do anything that you don’t like”. I said “give me some time, let me think about it”. After the call I got dressed and came to Raja.

I said “Raja sir is coming back now. So you please leave quickly”. He said “before I leave madam, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, I will remember you for the rest of my life”.

I was amazed at his honestly and humbleness. What impressed me the most was like others always do, Raja did not ask when we could meet again or anything like that.

He was about to exit the door when I stopped him pulling him back inside. I pushed him against the wall and locked his lips in a passionate kiss. By now his kissing skills showed good improvement.

After the long kiss I was still holding his face while his hands were around my back. Then he left and I rushed to my room and took a quick shower and dressed up in that navy blue frock waiting for you.

Then I called you and you said to invite Chetan for lunch. I called Chetan, I said “Please come now and join me for lunch”. He asked “where is Krishna”?

I said “Krishna sir is also on his way back and will join us for lunch”. He said “I was wishing I could meet you alone, you know just the two of us…”.

I said “well if you want to come then now is your only chance or we can meet some other day”. He said “no no its ok, I will be there shortly”. Chetan came very soon, guess he might have been nearby when he called.

I welcomed him inside. He stared at me scanning me from head to toe and then tried kissing me. since I already knew his main agenda behind meeting me and Raja had also got me very aroused, I let him.

Soon we were both kissing each other wildly because I wanted to show him my consent. Then he knelt between my legs raising my frock and kissed my pussy from over my panties.

I too opened my legs little more giving him the direct invitation. Chetan pulled my panties to the side and went crazy eating me down there. Thankfully I was leaning against the wall while he was eating me because he was driving me crazy.

He said “Uma, you are so tasty down here. I regret for not having eaten you earlier. I said “well it is never too late”. Chetan asked “where is Krishna”?

I said “he is still on his way back”. Chetan asked “how much time do we have”? I said “I don’t know, but whatever you want to do, do it quickly”. Then he got up and unzipped his pants.

He turned me around bending against the wall, I said “not without a condom Chetan”. He said “yes I know so I came prepared with it”. He slipped on a condom and entered me from behind.

Like his usual style he hugged me from behind fucking me full speed like a dog. I did not see the time but not too long later he stiffened filling the condom with his baby making soldiers.

Then we rushed to the bathroom and cleaned. We literally just got back to the living room when I heard you pulling into the driveway. Then you rang the doorbell and I answered the door. You know everything after that.

Uma’s narration ends….

I thought to myself, Chetan told me about eating her before I came but he never mentioned having a quickie too. I had to thank my stars that Uma was so loyal to me because if she would have kept quiet and I would have never found out.

Listening to her sexual adventures I was now hard as a rod like it always happens. Uma got off my lap and quickly undressed me and herself. Then she took me to my room where we again fucked once more like mad rabbits.

It was evening now, so Uma got me coffee and snacks. Then she got up to go to her room. I asked “where are you going now”? She said “Oh, I want to complete the assignments you gave me” and left.

I was impressed that even in the middle of all this she still had her priorities clear. The rest of the evening was as usual. After dinner we were back in my bed like earlier days.

Tonight we only had one bout of sex because I did not have the energy but that still felt as great as ever. Uma’s moans during sex had now reached a new level, it was like I might need to sound proof my house soon.

Following morning, she woke me up early with our wake up sex round. Today our excitement levels were at a new high. Today Uma was starting her training classes with Charles.

We had our breakfast at 8am with her in my lap feeding me followed by a quickie under the shower. Then Aslam called on her mobile, she took the call on speaker still sitting in my arms.

He said “madam I am reaching your house by 9am, please be ready”. She said “ok dear, I will be ready for you” and ended the call. I thought to myself why does he need to come in 1hr early to drop her off so nearby.

Then Uma headed to her room to get dressed. While leaving she said “Krishna I will call you at 11.30 if I am not able to make other arrangements, else I will meet you at lunch time, there is lots of stuff in the fridge, so are you fine if we can have that”?

I said “yes absolutely fine with me”. She went and I got busy with my work contacting customers. At sharp 9am Aslam pulled up in his scooter and went to Uma’s house upstairs using the external staircase.

I expected them to be leaving in the next few minutes but they didn’t. Then at 9.45 Uma came down to me wearing tight black jeans with a lemon yellow t-shirt.

She was wearing black inners because I could see it thru her t-shirt. The neckline was fine, not too conservative, not too deep with her hair in a ponytail.

Uma was glowing fresh with excitement all over her face, she sat in my lap holding my face. She kissed my lips and said “wish me luck Krishna, today is my first day and I am so nervous”.

My hand was already around her waist, I pulled her closer and said “All the best darling, put your best foot forward and your nervousness will vanish”.

She kissed me again and was about to get up, she paused a moment looking at me. She said “I hope you did not mind me spending time with Aslam in my room while you are still in the house”?

I gently patted her butt, I said “don’t worry, I am fine. You go ahead and enjoy and call me at 11.30 if you need me to pick you up”. She smiled and left with Aslam who was waiting outside.

She sat behind him hugging him like they were a couple. I already knew the story between them so there was nothing for me to mind or get jealous about.

I went about my work and left home for my meetings. Uma did not call me today at 11.30 so I assumed she had made alternative arrangements with Aslam maybe.

I went about my work and returned by 12noon. I saw a different scooter parked outside my house. Wondering who it might be, I went inside unlocking the door with my keys.

I did not find Uma in my house so I called her on her cell. She answered with a shaky voice also panting heavily, she said “yes Krishna”.  I asked “where are you Uma”?

She said “I am in my room upstairs a little busy right now”. I said “ok” and disconnected the call. It was a no brainer that she was having sex but the million-dollar question was, with whom… because it was a different scooter from Aslam’s or Rizwan’s.

While my mind wandered in all directions trying to guess without luck. I switched on the TV and got busy trying to distract myself. Then around 12.30 she came down while I heard the scooter outside leave.

She was dressed in her usual baby doll nighty without inners like she always does only when she is with me. Uma smiled at me and went straight to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water for me.

She served and waited to see if I wanted more. After I was done she sat next to me on the sofa. I looked at her, she remained quiet and kept blushing.

I put my arm around her waist pulling her to me and playfully asked “why not my lap this time”? She hugged me burying her face in my chest continuing to blush.

To be continued….

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