Mama Vagni Choti


Mama Vagni Choti

Our fucking fun with Sheetal mr went on for six months. Then after my exam was done sheet mr stopped coming. My sex is off.

Then with whom? -Then about me one uncle Mezhkaki ie Nitakaki’s brother Fatik uncle. But while doing it, an accident happened.

-What accident? – As a result, I had to have sex with a stranger hotel manager and hotel boy.

Of course, I didn’t mind their fucking, I liked it. -Isn’t it? How? – That’s a story. – Listen to the speech. – Aunt Nita went to her father’s house for some time.

Bouma’s desperate appeal to the father-in-law is to wet the pussy

Meanwhile, one day his brother Fatikmama came to our house to invite his sister for marriage. The wedding is still a month away. He asked everyone in the house to go to the wedding.

And wanted to take me with him. Nitakaki said to take me with her. As Nitakaki’s brother, he is uncle to me.

So no one in the house objected to let me go with him. The next day I packed my bags and traveled to Mezhkaki’s house with Fatikmama.

Mezhkaki’s house is in another district. We have to go here by bus quite far from our house. Three or four hours of road. I fell asleep in the jolt of the bus.

I fell asleep leaning on the seat. I didn’t realize when I put my head on Fatikmama’s shoulder without knowing it.

At one point I felt Fatikmama’s elbow pressing on my milk as the coach jolted.

I woke up. I saw that I was sleeping with my head on her shoulder and Fatikmama was pressing my milk with her elbow. Fatikmama will be twenty-five and twenty-six.

The touch of such a young man’s body made my body feel hot. Especially with the pressure of his elbow on my milk I started to get excited.

I pretended to sleep. After a while, I saw Fatikmama holding my left breast with her hand and started pressing it.

I couldn’t stand still. One of my hands went between Fatikmama’s legs. Over her pant I began to press Phatikmama’s hard cock.

After a long time, Uposhi found my cunt fatikmama’s cock and started getting wet with juice to get it inside.

Fatikmama understood my desire by the touch of my hand on her penis. He said in my ear Rekha let us get down to Vinodpur town ahead.

Then spend the night in a hotel and go home tomorrow. No, no, what if the people at home know? How will the people at home know?

The people of your house will think that we have gone to our house and the people of our house will think that we are staying at your house.

I pressed my hand on his cock and said that I should go to your house instead of the hotel.

Phatikmama put her hand between my thighs and poked my pussy with one finger and said these things are not allowed in our house these days.

The whole house is full of people on the occasion of marriage. Even elder brother and sister-in-law don’t get a place to have a little quiet sex, that’s what sister-in-law Neeta was saying to Didi, I overheard.

-You finally agreed? – Yes, I am a long-time follower, so I don’t want to miss such a chance.

We got down at Vinodpur midway and rented a room in a small hotel as husband and wife.

After entering the room and leaving the bag tag from her hand and closing the door, uncle and niece’s chodan Leela started. Fatikmama hugged me and rolled on the bed.

Neither of us could stand it. Roll on the bed and kiss us. Lightly biting my full cheeks with one long kiss and sucking my lips inside his mouth.

Phatikmama now slowly started to open my upper body and undressed, got my milk in her hands and began to rub and suck like crazy.

My milk was aching with his heavy cunt, squeezing my milk with one hand and sucking the other milk by his mouth, I became completely horny.

If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 6

I felt so good that I wanted to hug Mama and take her inside me.

A tide of juice is flowing in my pussy. Mama now crossed her legs on both sides of my body and sat on her knees

He lay down on my body and cupped my milk with both hands and started licking my chest from navel with his tongue.

Mama now opened my panty, spread my two sides and looked inside my pussy.

Sitting up mom started licking my pussy with her tongue, I couldn’t hold back anymore and started moving my legs, real mom son sex story

Mama licks, licks, I sit up silently uh-ah with big breaths and mamma

Hugging and kissing like crazy, uncle started kissing me, fatikmama put his big cock in my mouth and I started sucking.

After sucking for a long time, mama laid me down, fitted her cock in my pussy and pushed it up and down with the mundi.

Phatikmama pressed her cock inside my pussy for some time and then slowly began to thrust.

I responded to uncle’s thrusting by bottoming and uncle began to thrust hard, for about twenty minutes uncle rammed me and released the material inside my pussy.

Both of us were tired and fell asleep. This is how the first time uncle and niece’s chodan leela ended. Mama Vagni Choti

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