mayer putki mara panu Muslim mother’s stomach when son gets 1


mayer putki mara panu Muslim mother’s stomach when son gets 1

I am Asif, I am sixteen years old. My height is about six feet. I am the only son of my parents. My father is a seaman and he works in a Chinese container ship.

Due to work, father can hardly spend time with family. My mother is a housewife. Mother and father were cousins ​​and married into the family.

When the father was twenty, the mother was only thirteen. He was married then. At the age of fourteen, my mother became pregnant and gave birth to me

My mother is a religious woman Mother fasts two or three days a week and spends most of her time reading Quran and other religious books while doing housework. Mother is very secretive.

When the mother goes out of the house, she wears a three-layer burqa, socks on her hands and feet, and a hijab Mother wears salwar-kameez at home.

Mother tries to cover up at home too But not everything can be covered. No matter how much you try to hide it, it will come out. My mother’s beauty is like that. mayer putki mara panu Muslim mother’s stomach when son gets 1

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My mother’s name is Rehana. If we talk about mother, we have to say that she is hot sexy material. Honestly, if mother was Naika, then she could compete with any Bollywood Naika.

Mother’s complexion is fair. Due to the veil covers the entire body, due to which the body does not feel the heat of the sun. As a result, there is no rust on the leather and the smoothness of the leather remains like that of any young woman. Moreover, father regularly sends various banded cosmetics for mother.

Now let’s talk about the physical structure of the mother. There is no fat in the mother’s body. And mother’s chest size is 36 and butt size is 38. And mother’s whole body measurement is 36-30-38. It is wrong to even think that no one would imagine having sex with someone like that.

Now tell me how I petted my pious mother by bringing her under my roof.

I used to watch porn regularly. So one day I fell asleep watching porn. Mom turns off the lights in my room and actually sees porn on my phone.

Then he called Maama and wanted to know what all this was. It’s not that mom doesn’t understand what porn is. In fact, mom wants to know the reason for watching these things Then I stand low.

Then one day my mother found a book from the bed in which some pages were fried. Basically it was a chatty book and the fried pages were mother-son chatty.

Mother started crying after that. Then Maama was beaten severely. Then mother started wearing burqa at home too. But from mother’s hiding her body from me, I started to feel extra attraction towards her body. mayer putki mara panu Muslim mother’s stomach when son gets 1

From then on I took her bra and panty from mom’s closet and put it on the pillow in my room, inflated the balloon inside the cup of the bra and began to put my hands on it.

One day I forgot to close the door and mother suddenly entered the room and saw everything. Then Mama started cursing in different ways.

At that time mother was cooking and mother was wearing salwar-kameez. Mother’s white kameez is wet due to sweat. Due to which the folds of the mother’s body could be understood. And I was completely excited then.

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Thinking of what I jumped on mother and pulled mother’s kameez. Then the mother’s kameez was torn and her breasts came out.

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Then I am your mother. After eating mother’s char, I became more angry and tried to take her to bed by holding her. Mom kept throwing her arms and legs and clutching me with her hands.

I then became fierce like a wild animal. Throwing mother on the bed I grabbed her pajama and pulled it off

Then I tied mother’s hand with that pajama. Then mother started screaming loudly. But it couldn’t go out because the window was closed. I spread my mother’s legs and put my cock inside her.

Mother said then, these are sins. They are forbidden They don’t. But I was not in the mood to listen to that. I kept hitting my mother with all the strength in my body.

After pushing for a while I had a meltout and poured it on my mother’s breast. Then as soon as I untied my mother’s hand, she started slapping me and started crying.

The mother then said that after doing so much all my life, I was raped by my own son, etc. etc. Mother then ran to her room.

Then the next morning I saw mother cooking in the kitchen. I went and grabbed her from behind. Then the mother pushed me away. And said, you have done everything to destroy me. What else do you want?

Then I held my mother’s hand and apologized to her, but she closed her eyes Then I told my mother what happened Whatever happens is for the best. mayer putki mara panu Muslim mother’s stomach when son gets 1

Let us restart this relationship from now on. Then Debdebe looked at Maama. At one point mother left the kitchen Then I said loudly “Think about it, I will give you what Baba could not give you.”

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Forget shyness. What’s wrong with what happened once again? If you agree, go to my room in the afternoon.

After noon it was evening. I thought Maa will not come But my mother came to my room after proving me wrong. Mother was wearing a light pink kameez and a dark pink salwar.

Mother covered me from head to chest with a white veil. I slept on the bed in my room. Seeing mother, I sat up. Mother came and sat on the corner of the bed.

I put my hand on mother’s back. Mother got up a bit. I removed mother’s veil and put my hand on her chest and stopped her. Is it right to do this?

Doing this will be a sin. Father will be treated unfairly. I then told mother that doing these things will not cause any unfairness with father.

And do what you want to meet the needs of the body. Then I placed my lips on both of mom’s swollen lips and started kissing them. Mom’s lips make mom more sensual.

Then I took the mother to the bed and lifted up the mother’s kameez and exposed the mother’s chest. Mother was wearing a red bra. Then I took off my mother’s kameez and took off her bra.

After that I started sucking mother’s breasts I was eating these milks at that time. After growing up, I could no longer grasp it, I lost my rights from them. mayer putki mara panu Muslim mother’s stomach when son gets 1

From today I can play with them again. After that, I pulled the ribbon of my mother’s selwart and took off the selwart. Then mother’s swollen bosom came out.

I didn’t notice much when I was fucking my mother last night, but today my mother is sitting. Today I will enjoy my mind.

Mom spread her legs to make room for my head. Then I started licking my mother’s pussy There were petals on the breast of the mother. I move it with my tongue. Mother was at the peak of excitement.

Then I got up and raised my cock in front of mother’s face and mother moved away. Then I held my mother’s face and pushed my cock in her mouth

The mother’s eyes widened after the entire penis was inserted into her mouth. Most likely, the mother took the cock in her mouth for the first time. Maybe the mother could not bear the smell of the cock

But then when I inserted the cock again, the mother did nothing Mom then started giving blow job. Then I took my cock out of my mother’s mouth and I set my cock on my mother’s lap and started pounding her

Mom blushed with embarrassment. I slowly increased the speed of the tap. At one stage I threw the goods on the lap of the mother and carried it on the mother

After dinner at night, mother goes to put the things in the kitchen and I go to my room. Then I study for a while. Then I go to mother’s room Go and see mother praying.

I sat on my mother’s bed. Mother finished the prayer and saw me with a smile. Then asked why Maama in his room? Wanted to know if there is any need.

Then I say there is a need. Then mother said what is necessary Then I told mom I need you Then the mother said with a smile, “All this again at night.” Can’t do it

Then I say it’s more romantic to do this at night. Then mother says what do you mean by romantic at this age? Then I grabbed my mother and said to know that you have to stay with me every night. Then mother said ok

Then I went to my parents’ bed with my mother. I took off mother’s clothes and started pressing mother’s ass The flesh of mother’s fair ass turns red when I press it

After that I put my mother in doggy position and took out my cock and inserted it into her mother’s vagina. mayer putki mara panu Muslim mother’s stomach when son gets 1

Then I laugh and say where is the legality of mother-son sex? Don’t worry about them. you get stuck

Then I tried to insert my cock into the mother’s vagina. My thick cock was not entering the opening of mother’s achoda. Then mother said wait, I am making arrangements.

Then mother brought some oil from her dressing table drawer and rubbed it on me and swallowed it. Then mother handed me the bottle of oil and told me to apply more oil on her legs and feet.

I did the same. I fingered oil in the leak of the pod and made the mouth of the leak a little bigger. After that, I spread the meat of the ass with both hands and inserted it into the opening of my swollen penis.

First, I entered the growth. Then I took it out and put it back in and pressed a little more. Then I took it out again and pressed a little harder.

In this way, I slowly put the whole plant into the pot. No one was touching her mother’s leg, mother cried out in pain and continued to say ah, uh with her mouth.

Then I took out the rice again and applied oil to the edge of the pot and put the rice again. As the oil is high, there is a knocking sound along with the tap. Mother was still in pain But mother was also having fun

Then when it’s time to malout, I take out the cock and put the cock in the mother’s mouth and malout. When mom started to throw away the material first, I held my mouth and swallowed it Then the mother got a little angry.

I then smiled and said “You are still a single woman. After a few more days you will understand the fun of this yourself” Then I thought that if mother knows these things about sex, she should show porn.

Then I went to the TV room with my mother. I brought the pen drive from my room and put it on the TV and started porn. Mother started looking in surprise as she had not seen this before.

Seeing different types of sex positions and actions, mother started jingling them. I explained to mother. Since then I used to fuck my mother every night.

Even though the mother had an illicit relationship with her son, the mother followed all religious rules. One day the father called and said he had a high fever.

To pray for him Mother then vowed that if father is good, mother will keep three fasts and feed one day in an orphanage outside our district. mayer putki mara panu Muslim mother’s stomach when son gets 1

After two or three days, the news came that the father was healthy Then mother prepared to fast. At night, I kiss my mother for a long time

I woke up early in the morning when my mother got up to eat Sehri. Mother was eating at the dining table. I went and sat beside her. Mother started eating food. I sat on mother’s chair

Mother’s strange allowance forcefully cracked my butt

Then pull the mother’s fly and throw it away. Then I pressed both of Ma’er’s breasts. Then I brought a hand of my mother and gave it to me.

Mother started eating it and with one hand began to scratch my cock. I lifted up mother’s kameez and took out her breasts. I kept pressing mother’s breasts.

Then at one stage when it’s time for me to eat out, I stand up and pour the food into my mother’s food. Then the mother eats them I was with mother all day

I pressed the mother’s breasts Sucked I sucked the pod I sucked the milk and put it in a bowl after malout.

When the Maghrib Adhan was given, when mother went to drink water to break her fast, I gave her a bottle of food. Mom broke the fast by eating it. After that mother had a light meal and prayed mayer putki mara panu Muslim mother’s stomach when son gets 1

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