mayer putki mara panu Muslim mother’s stomach when son gets 5


mayer putki mara panu Muslim mother’s stomach when son gets 5

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In the morning he woke up to his mother’s call. Mother was waiting for me at the dining table with food.

I freshened up and came to the dining room and sat on the chair next to mom. Sitting on the chair, I gave my mother a kiss, after which she started serving the food.

In between eating I put one hand on mom’s thigh and started rubbing mom’s fleshy thigh.

Then Mao started rubbing her leg with mine. After eating, I went to the sink to wash my hands. Then I stood on the balcony and looked at the mountain.

The hills are not very high, but very beautiful, there are many big trees on the hills, there is a tea garden on one side of the hill, but people don’t come to that side.

As there is a lake and mountains in front of the house, no one has a chance to come towards or see our house from the front

The only locality is also a bit far. In a word, our house is in the most secluded place. After a while, the mother came and stood there. I grabbed mom from behind.

With mountains and lakes on all sides, no one was afraid to see. Ma was wearing a white salwar kameez. I keep kissing mom’s neck.

I hold my mother’s breasts with both hands and start shaking them. There was a small swimming pool next to our house. I went there with my mother on my lap. There were umbrellas and small beds for sunbathing by the swimming pool. mayer putki mara panu Muslim mother’s stomach when son gets 5

I put my mother there and slept next to her. I held my mother and rubbed my mother’s nipples with my mouth. Mom gets a bit scared and says someone will see.

Then I told my mother that no one can see here, I showed her the surrounding mountains and lake so no one can see here. Then mother became normal and I also held mother.

We were standing on the edge of the pool, mother pushed me and threw me into the pool water, I also threw the pool water on mother, mother kept laughing.

I got out of the pool and tried to catch my mother. Mom ran around the pool and I ran behind her. Mother’s breasts started jumping to the rhythm of mother’s running.

At one point I caught my mother. I also pushed mother and threw her into the pool water. All the mother’s clothes got wet in the rush of water.

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The white cloth gets wet and clings to the mother’s body and everything is visible. Mother looked more sensual and attractive in such condition. Mom was wearing orange bra panties inside the shirt, they were clearly visible.

I took off my clothes and went down to the pool and went to my mother. Mao is slowly approaching me.

After that, I grabbed my mother by the water, she started caressing my cock which was submerged in the water with her hands. I also kept shaking my mother’s ass.

Then I took my mother in my arms and sat her on the edge of the pool, then I took off her clothes, only bra and panty were on. I then grabbed mom and kept licking mom’s neck with my tongue.

Mom closed her eyes and held me tighter. After that mother jumped on me, I also took mother in the bowl and dived in the water again.

I took my head out of the water and kissed my mother again. Then mother pushed me into the water and started laughing.

Mom came out of the water and put on a nightie and waved me to follow her. I started following mother after mother.

Mother entered the small rest room in the garden by the pool. I entered too. After entering the room mom turned to look at me and took off her clothes, I also went to mom.

I took off my mother’s bra. Mom’s mom is in the room, mom is making a sex noise saying ouch, uh as she gently fucks with mom’s blunt teeth.

I continue to run the black circle around mother Mai’s boat. Insert the finger of another Maia inside the Maia.

After that, I pushed the mother to the bed, opened the mother’s panty and exposed the pussy. The more I see my mother’s pussy, the more I like it, I looked at my mother’s breasts for some time. I regained consciousness after calling my mother.

I put my lips on the lips of the mother’s pussy. I keep licking with my tongue. I started moving my fingers inside the vagina. Then I put two fingers in and fingered.

After a while, the mother’s water breaks. Mom is a bit shy. Then I wet my cock in mother’s vagina and put it in her vagina. I started tapping slowly.

Mao began to beat the rhythm of the beat. I also kept giving khisti against mother’s khisti. At one point I ejaculated.

I put everything in my mother’s pussy and lay on my mother. After a while mom got up from under me and took my cock in her mouth and started giving me blowjobs. After a while, mother put my cock between mother’s two breasts and held both breasts with her hands and started giving bubs job.

As the material came out, the material did not come out much, only a little thin semen came out. Mother puts it on her mother’s mai and takes it with her fingers and eats it in her mouth

He took my cock in his mouth again and sucked it like a lollipop. After that we both rested for a while in the rest room.

A little before noon, my mother and I woke up. Ma quickly left the rest room and went to the main house. I go a little later. I went to the main house and saw my mother praying.

Mother was wearing a kurta and a green hijab for Zohar prayers. I was sitting beside and looking at my mother in surprise.

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After the prayer, mother sits to recite the Qur’an Sharif. Mother started reciting the Quran in a melodious tone. After a few hours, the mother finished the prayer with a light zikr. As she was tidying up, I grabbed her again.

After that, I took off my mother’s hijab and stayed in the room next to my mother. Then I took off my mother’s kurta-pajama. And spit on mother’s bottom and hit mother’s bottom.

After a while I took my cock out and licked my mother’s ass. After that, I put the cock in the mother’s stomach again.

Then the mother told me to take out the cock and put it in the vagina and cum there before the goods come out. I slapped mom on the ass and said “okay mom”

(Continued) mayer putki mara panu Muslim mother’s stomach when son gets 5

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