Millie + Milon Azachar Sex Story


Millie + Milon Azachar Sex Story

This is the story of my life which only I and you know. I am Milan and you are Millie. The incident started when I put on Fibe.

Then you gave the metric. You are six or seven years older than me. Fuck I didn’t understand. You and I used to sleep together.

Mom and Dad used to sleep in our bed and sometimes at night I would hear my mother’s voice saying that she was in pain.

And then I used to ask you if your father is beating my mother, then you would hold my face and put me on your chest like a pillow and whisper in my ear and say that my father is cheating and I would say that you are the informer, but if you don’t say this, the lodge will not end.

Then I used to hold you in a normal way for no reason. That’s when I realized that sex is a secret.

And then I didn’t understand that it was about sex, so you used to kiss me on the lips and touch my gold, but I didn’t understand that it was because of sex.

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As he did not care, he used to wear me in the evening. You are wearing me and mom seems to have gone home, so I tell you what are you fucking?

It’s too late to say, you are holding my face and telling me to be quiet and listen to you. I said no mother then you said see where mother has gone.

I went and saw my mother talking at the house next door and told me to read and come back a little later. I came and told you.

Apa asked me to sit close and said that you want to have sex. I said yes without understanding but I don’t know how.

Then you told me that I will teach you if you don’t tell anyone because it is only done by husband and wife and they are all legal.

I assure you I won’t tell anyone. Apa then told me to look at your nipple, I untied the chain of my shorts and took out the nipple. Then I became a Muslim two years ago. You seemed happy to see my nipple.

Tai said wow and kissed my golden head and said listen son-in-laws have it, showed my nunu and said and took one of my hands on his forehead salwar and said wives have it.

Then without realizing it I pressed her Bhuni and said I know her name is Bhuni and my name is Sona.

Because of your touch, I saw how you have changed and my sex has become hard and I know that you don’t want to leave your touch, but you said, listen now mom, you and I will play husband and wife at night and have sex, why don’t you tell anyone? Can’t. I said ok.

After eating and drinking at night, we slept and I became restless for sex, then you rubbed my body, took off my pants and told me to do it with my sleeve.

I said ok and moved towards you and put my hand on your chin and I saw that you spread your legs to hold her chin well.

After I put on the salwar for some time, he took off his salwar and brought it down to his knees and whispered in my ear, open your pants and I also took off my clothes.

I lied down and put my hand on your chin again and then I was surprised and told you I see hair on your chin.

You said it happens to everyone and it will happen after a few days. After a while, the mother began to make loud noises.

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And you told me that you don’t want to fuck your wife. When I said yes, you put me on top of her and put my gold on her forehead. She said, “No, I am your wife, so to fuck a wife, you have to put gold in the wife’s forehead.”

After saying this, there was nothing else, I started to fuck, after a while, you held me tightly, and I lay on your chest with my eyes closed.

But I didn’t understand anything, I just understood that your upper body is very big. After a year like this, my parents admitted me to the city.

I didn’t want to come to town and only we know why you forbade me You cried a lot when I came again.

I saw the last of you myself. Because you got married 8/9 months after I entered the city. And my school is so strict that there are only two holidays for Eid and Puja and they did not allow me to come to the wedding because of the exams ahead.

And on Eid or Puja, you used to stay at your father-in-law’s house. And I came to the hostel and gained the knowledge of Miss Chudachudi with my friends and during my masturbation I called my first wife Apa.

So I came home after completing SSC. So the result is too late. Mother said, Milner, how long have you not seen you, come visit Milli’s house once to see you, and she is crazy, and Milli’s daughter, you have not seen her for how many days.

So I did not understand my strong desire to mother. I didn’t have a mobile phone at that time, so again my mother told you that Milon is coming home, his exams are over, so I sent him for a few days to get out of there.

Bala immediately asked you to give me the phone. As soon as I picked up the phone, he said, “If you weren’t younger, I would never have talked to you” and hung up.

I was afraid of your behavior, so I told my mother that I don’t know Radi, so I came to my room. It was late and I will sleep.

After a while, I noticed that the phone was ringing again. After talking, my mother was talking again. I understood that it was you. Millie + Milon Azachar Sex Story

After some time mother told me Milon keep the phone with you I will call you after talking with your brother in law abroad. His brother-in-law lives outside and comes after two years. The phone came after 15 minutes.

Why did you forget me? I said it after me. After that he asked, “Have you slept in that place where you and I slept?”

Apa said I miss you a lot. Tomorrow morning I will leave for my house. I will see how much you love me. I’m crazy about you.

I said let’s see how crazy you are. Apa said why are you not crazy to see me. I said after talking with Dulavhai, you said I have left it today.

After fucking his own little girls, the man will now fuck his son’s bride

I told you that your brother loves you a lot, didn’t I? You said you will tell me when you come.

You said you have grown up a lot, haven’t you. I mumbled and said, “I’m all grown up.” You said Fazil and you are. I said yes.

You said whether you have a girlfriend, I said no, I have a wife. You said there is ash. I said if you don’t mind I will say something. You said tell me I said my wife is looking great.

You know your wife is sexy. You can do it with your wife. I said you want to see if you can or not.

You said, let’s see how much you can do. Now go to sleep and leave in the morning. I said good bye to you after that I thought I would kiss you again and fell asleep thinking of you. Millie + Milon Azachar Sex Story

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