mom choti golpo Muslim mother’s belly when son gets 6


mom choti golpo Muslim mother’s belly when son gets 6

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Just like the good times were over so quickly, my time spent traveling with my mother was over too quickly.

It wasn’t long before the school holidays were over, so mom and I had to come back home after our sweet honeymoon.

On returning home, the remaining few days of the holiday ended in a blink of an eye. Again I got busy with my studies.

Mother’s strict rules, education cannot be disturbed. I am studying diligently like a dutiful son of my mother, as a result I am loving my mother.

Currently, everything is according to my routine, I have to wake up in the morning, eat fresh food and go out for school.

School ends at four in the afternoon, take half an hour rest and go for coaching in the lane next to the school. It was seven o’clock before coaching ended. On the way back home, the clock struck seven thirty

Mother waits for me like wives wait for their husbands back from office. After returning home and having a light meal, a few hours are allotted for me and my mother.

Then continued education. After eleven o’clock at night, my studies stopped, motherhood began Exceptions are Thursdays and Fridays, as well as special closing days.

Today is Tuesday, I am having class at school. I am a bit worried Before coming to school in the morning, when I left the house, I saw that my mother was a little sick. mom choti golpo Muslim mother’s belly when son gets 6

Didn’t eat, vomited a few times. Religion class was taking place after Tiffin.

All the girls in the religion class become so polite, the girls who raise their chests and move their butts all day are the ones who cover their heads in the class. In the middle of the class, the office came and gave a paper to sir.

Sir looked at it carefully and called me and said mom is sick, I have to go home I quickly packed my books and headed home.

When I entered the house, I did not get any response from my mother. I left the bag and entered my mother’s room As soon as I entered the house, mother pushed me from behind and threw me on the bed.

As I turned to face my mother, I was stunned. I heard at school that my mother is sick, I came here and saw the opposite. Mother is completely dressed.

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Mother’s fair face was completely bright, gorgeous red lipstick on puffy sensual lips, dark black kajal on drawn eyes, light makeup on cheeks, charming palm perfume, mother was standing before me.

Mother was wearing a red saree. Mother’s big breasts were about to come out when the big neck blouse burst, mother was wearing a sari below the lower abdomen. It seemed that the vagina would be visible in a little while.

I – Mom, your body is bad, what happened?

And why are you dressed like this!

Mother – the body is a bit bad

I- Why? What happened? mom choti golpo Muslim mother’s belly when son gets 6

Mother-vomited since morning, vomited again in the afternoon.

I- what is he! Why are you dressed like this again with this bad body? Have you seen a doctor?

Mom smiles) I’m dressed for a reason. And the doctor? don’t need

I- what are you talking about? don’t brag Tell me what happened

Mom – You are going to be a father

I (putting his hand on his mother’s stomach) sati! Will I be a father?

Mother- Yes you will be a father, your mother will have a child

Me – this good news so late?

Mother – I will give you only good news today? I will give you a gift

I- gift! I’m going to be a father, what is the greatest gift? If a gift is to be given, it must be given to you.

Mother- I have found my love, I am going to be a mother of second child. Now it’s time to give you a gift. But I can’t give you that gift today, I have to give it ten months later.

Me- yes mom, I will wait for that gift.

Then mother removed her saree from her chest and pulled her high breasts up in front of me. I reached out both hands and cupped mother’s dome-shaped breasts.

I pulled my mother closer and buried my face in Mai’s neck. The soft, sweet smell of the bell flower was emanating from the mother’s body. Along with that, the intoxicating smell of mother’s body was increasing my excitement.

Mom hugged me tightly to her chest.

Mother – just wait a few more months, honey, and you won’t have to worry about dry chest. After a few days, breast milk will come.

Me – yes mother, I will make you Poyati every year to taste the pure milk of your breast.

Mother – every year when my stomach is blocked, when is Chudbi! mom choti golpo Muslim mother’s belly when son gets 6

I- I will understand that. Now take this, give it a little suck.

Mom unbuttoned my pant and took out my penis and gently stroked my hand. I then held my mother’s hair and held my face close to the boy.

Mom laughed and took the thick cock in her mouth. After sucking for some time, the mother takes the cock out of her mouth and starts shaking her hand. After a while, the mother began to shake hands with the child.

I- Oh mom, I can’t anymore. This time it will be hit. Be prepared to be overwhelmed.

Mother’s illegal stranger and I fuck mother

Mom – I am always ready to eat your food. You don’t just grow it, it’s a magic wand to cast spells on me.

Me – then quickly lie on the bed and spread your legs. I show the magic of my magic wand in your pussy.

Mother then undressed and lay on the bed. I took off my mother’s panty and inserted my cock in her pussy and started pounding. After some time, I held the mother and poured sperm into her vagina like every day.

Mother closed her eyes and began to feel the contents of the vagina. After that, mother licked and sucked my cock wet and cleaned it and lied down on me.

I also inserted my cock deep into mother’s vagina and put my hand on mother’s fluffy breast and put a sheet on both of them and slept. finished

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