My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 18


Please read the previous part here ( My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 17 ). Now let’s continue

Even before I had my fill with her boobs she trembled crazily as a strong orgasm passed thru her. When she came round, she held my face pulling me up and kissing me wildly.

Then she said “thank you sir, this was the first time I have ever experienced something like this. You are really an expert with women. Madam is very lucky to have you”.

I naughtily laughed and said “wait till you have the main course” and went back to her boobs. Then I went further down till her navel, she trembled when I licked around it teasing her.

After a few minutes of teasing, I pushed my tongue inside making her whole body jerk with pleasure. While I was at it, Rafiq walked in carrying mom and laying her next to Ayesha on his bed.

Mom extended her hand to me, I understood and went to the living room and brought two condoms. She gave one to Rafiq, he went mad with happiness finding it hard to believe that he was getting an open invitation from mom to fuck her.

He was trying to say something but words were not coming out of his mouth. Mom saw his excited and awkward condition, she said “you have dry humped me enough all these years Rafiq. Now I want to see how good you are when you actually fuck me”.

He quickly put on the condom and got on her, mom helped guiding him inside. As soon as he entered inside, he went berserk pounding mom. After playing with Ayesha’s navel for some time I went further down to her pussy.

She had little hair which looked like she was aware of shaving but this time she had not shaved in maybe a week. When I placed my mouth on her clit followed by licking her entire slit, she moaned loudly.

I continued my oral assault on her pussy going down to her butt hole also for a long while resulting in her body writhing again with her next intense orgasm. Now I took the condom which I had brought earlier, she held my hand stopping me.

She said “Sir please don’t use a condom. I want you to have me without it. I said “sorry Ayesha, I don’t want to make you pregnant”. She held my hands squeezing them hard.

She said “Sir we both will be very happy and thankful to you if you can make me pregnant. Please do whatever you want with me but please don’t use a condom”. I got surprised listening to her and looked at Rafiq, he paused pounding mom.

He looked at me and said “Sir, she is right. Please don’t use a condom, we have also been trying for a child since many years now and you are the first man to be in bed with my wife besides me. We will be very happy if you can make her pregnant”.

I thought to myself why should I have a problem anyway if everyone insists, so I got on her. Ayesha had spread her legs wide raising them till her knees touched the sides of her breasts.

For sure she might have been gymnast material to be so flexible. I didn’t need guidance and entered her easily and got into my usual rhythm. Ayesha was one hot piece of ass, all the while she kept moaning and kissing me wildly on my ears, my neck, my nipples, everywhere.

I was thoroughly enjoying fucking Ayesha, as it is she was the icing on the cake for me because I came here to help mom to try getting laid by Rafiq and ended up with this hot babe.

Looking sideways I saw Rafiq resting on mom panting hard. Mom was also looking at me while catching her own breath and with a satisfied smile on her face.

On the other hand, my balls were getting tighter indicating my approaching eruption. Ayesha too had cum a few times since I began pumping into her. Now as I gave a few final strokes depositing all my seeds inside her.

She wrapped her legs tightly around my back pulling me deeper and locking me inside her. Ayesha hugged me and looked into my eyes saying “sir, I am really grateful to you, you have made me experience pleasures of different level. I truly feel like today was my first time. Please if you do not mind can I visit you more often at least till we get the good news”?

I said “yes darling, absolutely. I too am in love with you now. If you want, I can come visit you too”. We locked in a lover’s embrace, I smooched her and said “darling, if you don’t mind, I would like to have the pleasure of enjoying with you even after the ‘good news’”.

She blushed uncontrollably looking the other way while I held her face and kissed her again. She didn’t release me for a long time probably making sure every drop of my seed flows into her womb.

During this time, she continued kissing me and bucking her hips against mine every now and then. This cause my cock to stir and begin to regain hardness again while still buried inside her.

She felt it too and blushed followed by a naughty smile. A minute later I resumed fucking her without disengaging, she looked into my eyes with burning passion, she said “I too wanted this sir but I was very shy to ask you”.

I said “you can call me Sonu sweetheart and for such a hot and sexy woman like you, how can any man say no”. She was already letting out moans, in-between moans, she said “today is the first time in my life I am really enjoying sex. You are far better than my hubby also, thank you Sonu”.

I said “the pleasure is all mine sweetheart”. I turned my face to look at mom, both were already busy doing foreplay preparing for their next round. Rafiq took the second condom and mounted mom again.

This time mom made him switch positions and have her. I too took Ayesha on her knees when I knew my own release was getting close. I chose this because you get deeper penetration in this position.

After a long round of continuous fucking I filled Ayesha again with my seed. Rafiq too announced that he was close, I signaled him pointing to Ayesha’s raised butt and he quickly pushed his cock in her pussy and filled her with his seeds too.

Ayesha leaned against the wall raising her butt higher surely wanting both out seeds to naturally find their destination. Now Rafiq went to the bathroom to cleanup, mom and Ayesha slid closer locking in a French kiss while fondling each other’s tits.

I could easily make out that mom wanted more and my excitement already knew no bounds because I had just experienced my first group sex and now I was heading to my first ever MFF threesome.

The other important thing adding to my excitement was that I was going to fuck Rafiq’s hot and sexy wife for the third time in his presence and with his consent. This was too much motivation for my cock to begin getting hard again.

I have done three times back to back but today I was proudly past that score and was raring to go again. Mom was lying partially sideways squeezing Ayesha’s boobs and sucking on her nipples.

I spread mom’s legs and began eating her pussy. Ayesha was already lying with her legs open, I took the chance to push two fingers in her pussy finger fucking her.

The entry of my fingers made her entire body jerk. I used my left hand to cup mom’s boob and began gently squeezing it while twiddling her nipples. This threesome action was really thrilling.

Now mom herself place her palm on mine pressing her own boob harder. Ayesha saw this and reached out with her hand cupping mom’s other boob copying our actions.

I wanted to get more adventurous with Ayesha now, so I removed my fingers laced with a mixture of hers, Rafiq’s and my juices and began rubbing her butt hole.

Ayesha let out a loud “oh Maa” when I did this, my guess was she was still an anal virgin. So got back to rubbing her clit while I started gently pushing my lubricated finger in her rear hole.

I face a lot of resistance because she was tense and holding her muscles tight. I went back up and kissed her lips, I said “relax, I will make sure it won’t hurt. Instead I can promise you far greater pleasure there”.

She smiled and nodded yes, I went back to my position and again dipped my finger in her pussy and then pushed it in her rear. This time it entered easily, seeing the progress I pushed in two making her jerk more intently this time.

I also felt her muscles clamp tightly around my fingers. Despite this I continued fingering and soon I felt her relax again and let our moans. very ambitiously I darted three fingers inside making her moan loud.

To be continued….

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