My Wife My Life-11 – Sex Stories


Thank you for all your encouragement, please read the previous part here ( My Wife My Life-10 )

I showed him my necklace and bracelet. He said “that’s a really expensive gift”. I said “yes darling, both were so happy that they gifted me this”. He asked “You must surely be very tired now”?

I said “yes darling but ready for you to take me” while rubbing his crotch. I was surprised he was totally soft even now. I asked “do you want some good news”? Finally, his face lit up, he asked getting excited “what good news”?

I said “both Kumar and Sunil are from Bangalore”. Ramesh got more excited hearing this, he asked “And? Tell me more”. I said “they asked if I would give them a chance to enjoy with me in Bangalore”.

Ramesh exclaimed “so what did you say”? I said “I don’t know what will happen after I get there, so if I get a chance then surely I will invite them”. Ramesh held my face and we kissed lip to lip with reignited passion.

All this while my hand was on his crotch and now I could feel his cock stirring and growing hard. Listening to my future plans that I was not going to leave my new found life behind in Goa and still continue when I get to Bangalore got him really aroused and his cock rock hard.

We quickly removed all our clothes, he pushed me on the bed and got on top. Ramesh does not focus on foreplay very often but today he went overboard giving me an orgasm with only his tongue and almost driving me to the edge of my next one.

He asked “where do you want it baby”? I asked “where would you love it”? He said “I love your ass”. I naughtily said “if you keep going after my ass then how will we make babies”?

He said “don’t worry, I have it all planned. Next ten years we are going to enjoy like this only, after that we will plan for a baby. So can I have your ass now please my sex queen”?

I was overjoyed listening to the word queen from his mouth, super excitedly I screamed “yes my lord, my ass is all yours”. He made me lie on my chest and entered my butt from behind.

Now he was fucking me full speed with real force in his strokes which has never ever happened before. He was giving me orgasm after orgasm which I have never experienced before with him like this.

The most fascinating thing was he broke all his previous stamina records by a significant amount. For the first time I felt more tired with him than with Kumar and Sunil together.

Almost nearing the 20minutes mark he stiffened and shot a big load of cum in my ass giving me another orgasm at the same time. He collapsed on me panting like he sure has run a long marathon.

I pushed him to my side and we both lay sideways facing each other. Even now he was the first to kiss me on my lips, he said “thank you darling, this was awesome”. I said “actually I need to thank you for the best sex ever. If you always fuck me like this, then I don’t think I will ever need anyone else”.

He put his finger on my lips saying “don’t ever say that dear, watching or listening about how you enjoy with others and still come back to me gives me the real kick”. I asked “darling so you want me to continue having sex with others despite having such an adorable and loving husband like you”?

He said “yes dear, even if you choose to fuck the watchman, the servant or the delivery guys, I will not mind. Just don’t stop, for my sake please. I trust you with whatever you do and that will only get deeper with time. Let’s just keep it that way”.

We smooched again and I felt his cock already hard and raring to go for the next round. I got on top of him guiding his cock in my pussy. Surprisingly he held me and rolled on the bed getting on top.

He pulled out and started his foreplay again. Today he was unusually romantic and very caring. After driving me to the edge of another orgasm he pushed his cock in my pussy lying on top pounding me with renewed vigour.

I was surprised where he got this energy from because usually after one bout of good sex he always says he is tired and scoots. Midway thru the fuck I had an orgasm while he stopped waiting for me to relax.

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