My Wife My Life-12 – Sex Stories


Thank you for all your encouragement, please read the previous part here ( My Wife My Life-11 )

There were a few men and boys around us, they were all ogling at me with wide eyes, Ramesh said “looks like you are giving all the men a hard time already”. The women seeing me hurriedly took their men away surely feeling jealous.

I said “I don’t care about anyone, I am here to enjoy with my husband”. We were in knee deep water and I wanted to go deeper because I am also a good swimmer, I pulled Ramesh but he did not budge.

He said “I don’t know swimming darling so I am scared to go any deeper”. I said “you can trust me this time, I am a good swimmer”. He showed me the clothes & phones in his hand.

He said “I will stay back because these cannot get wet, you enjoy yourself. I will watch you from here”. He took a few steps back where the water was ending and sat on the sand with all our stuff.

I love water and this was my first time on a beach so I went mad enjoying myself. I saw about 20feet away there were some youngsters playing in the water at the same depth as me.

All were men and had their eyes glued to my body. I looked at Ramesh and then I saw these young men. I got a crazy idea to flirt with them a little with Ramesh watching, just this thought got my juices flowing.

I looked at Ramesh and then these men and winked back at him, he understood I was going to try something naughty and that too in public, his jaw dropped looking at me.

He signalled looking at the open place. I winked back at him and turned to swim. On the pretext of swimming I went in circles and ended up within arm’s length of them.

When I stood up making sure the water was at my boobs giving them an even better reason to stare at me. I pretended I got there by accident and looked around, Ramesh was still sitting where I had left him and he could still see me clearly.

Let’s just call all of them A, B, C, D & E. So as I stood there moving with the waves A turned to me and said “madam you are looking really very beautiful”. I wanted to seduce them yet be subtle about it, so I said “thank you, only beautiful”?

B & C also joined the conversation, we were standing less than two feet from me in chest deep water. Grabbing the chance B said “no madam, you are really looking very beautiful and sexy”.

I only smiled back at him when C said “Madam you are looking really hot and sexy”. By now the last two had also joined, I looked at C and said “thank you”. E asked “madam you don’t look like you are from here”.

I said “no I am here for a holiday with my friend” pointing to Ramesh. A asked “is he your BF”? I said “no, he is just a casual friend who is giving me company”.

I could see some excitement on their faces when I said this. D asked “madam are you a swimmer”? I said “no, but I am learning. Why”? He exclaimed “Wow madam, being a beginner you are standing in such deep waters”.

I saw everyone’s eyes were fixed on my scantily covered boobs. I was a little aroused too and was not wearing a bra on purpose, that made my erect nipples very prominent.

I asked “are any of you good swimmers”? Everyone screamed yes together. I said “now I feel safe since the five of you are with me”. A excitedly asked “do you want us to help you go deeper in the water”?

I said “yes I would love to but I am scared”. A came to me almost hugging me while the rest surrounded me less than a foot away. I asked “please guide me what to do next”.

A said “first you turn around madam”. I realised he was holding my waist and as I turned around he held my butt standing even closer to me. I could sense his face over my shoulders, he whispered in my ears “madam you have very sexy pair of boobs”.

Now I knew I had him where I wanted, I replied “thank you, what about my butt”? A wave just came in as I said this and we all jumped a little in the water, he held my waist tight with me leaning on him.

I felt his hard cock firmly pressed in my butt. He whispered in my ears “your butt is beautiful and feels great”. The others also saw what we were doing so they came closer.

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