Natasha, the Shopkeeper and the heavy rain


Let me begin the story by telling you about the main character. Natasha is a striking young woman with pale skin and long, black hair that cascades down her back in soft waves. Her delicate features are accentuated by her large, blue eyes, which sparkle with a mix of innocence and curiosity. A nose ring adds a hint of sexyness to her look, while her dark red lipstick is always perfectly applied, adding a touch of allure to her appearance. Natasha’s body is a perfect blend of softness and curves.

Her figure is 32E-28-32. She has huge soft breasts that are impossible to ignore. Her stomach is slim and toned, leading to a narrow waist that flares out into gently rounded hips. A small patch of fleshy love handles adds to her feminine charm, while her fleshy navel is just another example of her unique beauty.

On the day on this incident she was wearing a low neck t-shirt exposing a huge cleavage and jean shorts. It was raining heavily and since she wasn’t wearing a bra her tshirt started sticking to her body, clearly showing the outline of her figure and her nipples. In the relentless downpour, Natasha, with her vulnerability etched on her face, sought refuge in Mahesh’s dingy little shop near her college. The cramped space forced her into uncomfortable proximity with the unappealing shopkeeper.

As they stood, the stale scent of tobacco from Mahesh’s breath mingled with Natasha’s body heat, igniting a forbidden spark within her. Mahesh, consumed by Natasha’s obvious allure, had noticed the subtle signs of her arousal. His eyes glinted with a predatory intent as he conceived a brazen plan.

‘My dear, you’re shivering,’ he said, his voice a seductive purr. ‘Why don’t you remove your wet shirt and wear one of mine?’

Natasha’s eyes widened in shock. Yet, the warmth of the moment seemed to override her better judgment. She was caught in a movement where she found her body constantly betraying her. After battle inside her head that went on for a minute she decided to surrender to her sexual whims.

As she turned her back to him and removed her t-shirt, exposing her slender spine, she could feel Mahesh’s heated gaze upon her. Reaching for a dry shirt, Natasha’s body trembled slightly. Mahesh leaned closer, his breath whispering compliments about her sexy back in her ear. A surge of unfamiliar excitement coursed through her body as his hot breath caressed her neck and shoulders.

Sensing her vulnerability, Mahesh played his cards right. He whispered, ‘There are other ways to keep warm, my dear.’ His hands found her soft waist, and he began to grind the burgeoning hardness in his pants against her spine.

Natasha’s breath became shallow as her body betrayed her will as she dropped the spare t-shirt she was going to pick up. Mahesh noticed the telltale signs of her surrender and unzipped his pants, revealing a throbbing erection. With each stroke, his precum-soaked cock tantalized the sensitive skin along her spine.

‘Your back is so soft,’ he whispered, his words like honey dripping from his lips.

A bittersweet thrill surged through Natasha. ‘Do you want to know what’s softer?’ she whispered back, her voice trembling with longing.

With practiced ease, she unzipped her shorts and slid them down, revealing her succulent curves. Then, with a seductive arch, she pushed her buttocks onto his rigid phallus, her soft, jiggling buttocks enveloping it like warm velvet.

Mahesh groaned in ecstasy as he rubbed his cock between her plump cheeks, each thrust a symphony of pleasure. Natasha’s body swayed with an abandon she had never experienced before.

Forbidden desires had come to a head, and in the dim confines of Mahesh’s shop, two souls lost themselves in a whirlwind of passion.

He hugged her from behind, holding her stomach and pulling her closer. Natasha inhales sharply as she feels his breath on her neck, sending shivers down her spine.

Slowly, Mahesh slides his hands upwards, and as soon as they touch Natasha’s underboobs, she feels a jolt of electricity run through her body. Her breasts have always been her biggest weakness and Maheshs touch drove her wild. He cups them with his rough hands, kneading them hard, making them red.

Natasha is soon overcome with desire, her breath coming in short, sharp gasps. She can feel herself inching towards orgasm, and she grinds her hips against Mahesh’s, urging him on.

But Mahesh is already lost in the moment, his own pleasure building up inside him. With a groan, he starts to cum, covering Natasha’s entire lower back with his warm, sticky fluid.

The feeling of Mahesh’s release sends Natasha over the edge, and she comes hard, her body trembling with pleasure. The tightening grip of Mahesh’s hands on her breasts, his nails digging into her skin, only adds to the intensity of her orgasm.

As they bask in the afterglow of their passion, savoring the moment and the intimacy that they have created. Mahesh hears a car coming. Mahesh, still bottom less, instructs naked Natasha to conceal herself beneath the counter.

As the customer inquires about particular items from his car, Mahesh’s hairy manhood dangles precariously close to Natasha’s face. The potent urine aroma arouses Natasha’s longing to savor it, and she instinctively wraps her velvety lips around his shaft, gradually taking him into her mouth. Mahesh seemed to enjoy the unexpected attention, making no move to stop her.

The pressure of holding his pee from before, the heavy rain, combined with his recent orgasm and Natasha’s enticing blowjob, causes him to lose control as he releases a steady stream of pee into Natasha’s mouth. Although she’s surprised, she continues to savor and swallow every drop with expertise, as if she were parched for it. Her skill was understandable as she had done this before with other men. With each swallow, she felt a surge of desire coursing through her veins. Every cell in her body seemed to be coming alive with pleasure.

Mahesh was barely able conceal his satisfaction. Once the customer drove away, Mahesh was finally able enjoy the pleasure of Natasha’s skilled technique. Within minutes of groaning, he ejaculated, and Natasha consumed every last drop, milking him dry with her mouth.

Although unexpected, this wild encounter only intensified their desire for exploring each other’s body, leaving them yearning for more steamy moments.

After their scandalous encounter, Mahesh decides to close the shop to avoid any further interruptions. Both are left feeling exhausted and vulnerable, and Mahesh takes the opportunity to offer Natasha some tea. As they sip the hot beverage, the sexual tension between them continues to build, creating an atmosphere thick with anticipation.

Suddenly, Mahesh drops his pants, revealing his arousal. Natasha looks into his eyes and sees the desire burning within them. He pushes her against the wall, lifting her up with the support of the wall. With Natasha’s hands tied above her head with her own t-shirt, Mahesh enters her, fulfilling her deepest desires.

Waves of pleasure course through Natasha’s body as Mahesh’s cock stretches her walls. She shakes uncontrollably, her delicate and sensitive body unable to resist the intense sensations. Their genitals, wet with desire, allow for a steamy and passionate session of lovemaking. Fifteen minutes later, Mahesh reaches his peak, filling Natasha with his seed and unleashing his pent-up carnal desires.

Despite the intensity of their encounter, Natasha is left with mixed feelings about getting impregnated by a man she barely knows. The rain eventually subsides, and Mahesh leaves Natasha at her home on his bike. She is left alone with her thoughts, the memory of their fiery encounter weighing heavily on her mind. She wondered why she turns into a slut every time a man touches her. Will she ever get rid of her sexual addiction or will she bend to her whims every time and continue getting used like a free use slut. Only time will tell.

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