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Hello everyone. Hope you all would have read previous parts about how Basheer ikka seduced me and fucked me. Basheer ikka and myself got in an illicit relationship and it extended especially during lockdown. Even though Basheer Ikka was happy fucking me and cumming on my face i wanted to feel his semen.

It happened around 2021 when the lockdown was slowly reduced. Since i work as a teacher i traveled to school in Basheer ikka’s auto. I somehow convinced my mother to take my daughter with her to my brother’s house. My mother returned after wave 1 where my sex with Basheer ikka reduced. From Apr- may since there was lockdown i didn’t even meet ikka. The last sex we had was in feb month that too inside the auto. After that my husband was there and we never had a chance during lockdown wave 2.

It was a Friday june month. My mom went to brother’s place taking my daugher. My husband is in some country. I went to school with a Apple green cotton saree matching with Dark brown sleevless blouse.we were on our way to home from school in evening around 5. Basheer ikka and myself were giving glimpses in Auto. Once we reached home Basheer ikka left and said he will come around 8.30. sharp 8.30 he came but rain got heavy so parked his Auto inside the gsrage and came to home.

Once we reached inside i asked Basheer ikka what he needs coffee or Tea.
He replied i need you and came near me and kissed my lips for 10 mins. By the time my phone ranged. It was my mom. Since it was a video call i asked Ikka to leave the house since he doesn’t enter when my mom is around. He went to back yard and was working on something. After half an hour of call with my mom and daughter I went to search Ikka. He was working on some digging activity.

It suddenly started raining and was dark outside. I asked Ikka what are you doing in rain lets go inside you will catch cold. He said mole its rain water to flow correctly. After he doing it he had sand fully on his leg. He was wearing just a banian and Lungi. Since its a heavy rain there was a minimal light near our house and in the farm. Ikka took the torch and came near me. I was already drenched in the rain and my saree was sticking in the body. He said you were asking for variety and why don’t we do it here. I was shell shocked and thought what if someone sees. He said no one will see if we do it there. He shown a place which is in my backyard having a rock covers max view.

When i was to hesitate he took me in his hands and put me there. He took his lungi and baniyan off.

His dick was pocking off his inner. He said lets do it here bitch and removed my pallu. I was on my back in the rock and he was kissing me fully. He slowly removed my saree and rain were pouring on us. Our only light was the reflection of our backyard lights. Even if some snakes comes we don’t know. He removed my saree completely. He said you look different today and i hugged him tightly.

He put his hands inside my petticoat and started to finger me. His rough fingers were inside my panty. He was playing with my trimmed hairs.

Ikka- Kalli its seems your hairs are trimmed. Seems you were waiting for me.
I was blushing on rain and he came on top of me. He started licking my clevage and navel while his fingers were going in my petticoat. He fully removed my saree and thrown it somewhere. He slowly lifted my petticoat till knees and kissed my feet. He removed my blouse and licked my boobs. Without a warning he bit my boobs. Within few mins of fingering i got my first orgasm.

He lifted my petticoat and removed the panties. He also came on top to remove the blouse. He used his teeth to unhook the blouse. My dark brown blouse was opened but he didn’t open fully. He inserted his dick in my pussy slowly. Its been months since i had it. He slowly started to fuck me. His speed increased after 10 mins of intense fucking. I am being fucked by a cheap muslim auto driver who is 50 years old father of 6 kids and husband of 2 women. He fucked me when rain was pouring on us.

He never stopped till 30 minutes. Water was flowing our us and we were fucking non stop. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out. He turned me in to doggy style and fucked my pussy again. After 10 mins he removed my blouse and threw it. While fucking my pussy he started fingering my anal. He fucked both holes and pulled out from pussy. Within few minutes he entered my anal. He fucked me non stop there while i was in bra and petticoat getting fucked in my own backyard by a cheap driver who is not of my age not of my skin tone and not of my religion. In minutes he came a huge load in my ass and laid on top of me. In few mins i came to my senses and took my dresses covered myself and ran into house. While walking ikka’s cum from my ass was leaking. I went to bathroom and ikka followed me just with his underwear. His dick was still hard and i could see cum on it. He slowly removed my bra and petticoat. We switched on the shower and were having bath in hot water thats coming from solar heater. We kissed soaped eachother and cleaned ourselves. We saw the time was Around 11, ikka called his home and said he will stay in some place as his auto punctured. I was in towel and combing my hair. Ikka saw few scratches in my back. He came and started kissing there. This time he was slow and was rock hard. We both became naked and He carried me and put me in my marital bed. He said i have fucked you everywhere except here now its time.

He came and sat on my face. I took his balls and dick was sucking slowly. I was unable to move and he grabbed my pussy and started to lick it. I was crawling and he slowly fingered. In a heat of moment i started to lick and suck his balls. Within few seconds my mouth went near his ass. I started licking his ass through it tasted bad i did out of love. His licking became intense and i had my orgasm. Ikka came on top of me and inserted hid dick in my pussy. This time he was slow kissed me everywhere. Head eyes lips nose. He sucked my earlobe. His dick was fucking my pussy while his hands and mouth were playing with my body. He was non stop fucking me and i was enjoying it. He fucked me like a beast and my legs were on his chest. He used multiple styles in missionary and since he came just an hour back he said he won’t come for sometime. My nails were scratching his back while my another hand was on his balls. I cross locked my legs in his back and asked him to fuck me.
Ikka said to me- Mole its been 2 years we are fucking but everytime we fuck its getting better

Me- Yes Ikka we can do this all day keep going
Mole i have a dream of Cumming inside you but i am not sure whether it is okay.
Me- Ikka its been while someone has cum inside me.
Ikka- Mole if i cum inside you, you will get pregnant. If you are okay i will make you pregnant. I want to sow my seeds into your womb
Me- Ikka yes make me pregnant. Breed me. Give me a child i want a child manly like you.
Ikka – Aaaah mole if thats the case i am surely going to cum my strong muslim seed into your hindu womb.give me a son.

Me- Yes ikka cum in me i want a black baby, you should be the father but i lie to my husband that its his baby if he identifies i will divorce him and be a slave to you. Fuck me. Breed me. Destroy me. Cum inside me.

(All this i was saying out of love but deep inside me i knew i was in safe period and i lied to him so he doesn’t get disappointed)
Ikka- Mole i am cumming in you aaaaanhh aaaahhh aaahhh aaahhh.

Ikka shooted jets of sperm and even while shooting he was fucking me. His cum oozed inside me and was also leaking outside. 50 year old man has better stamina is what i thought.

He lied on top of me and we dossed off. After an hour when i woke up we were naked with his cum dried outside. We slept stark naked. Again in the morning he fucked me and came in me. I got my periods but he didn’t leave me. He kept cumming in me so to avoid this i started taking birth control pills.

This went on till he identified it which I will continue in next part.

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