Part 1 Kire Magi is very fond of sucking, isn’t it?


Part 1 Kire Magi is very fond of sucking, isn’t it?

That day we went to the bank of a river, suddenly my lover put her hand on my dhona and said – “Take your dhona and I will suck it.”

I was surprised and said-

What are you saying, can these things be done in such a public place?

Then she reminded me that one day on the bank of that river I put my cock in her pussy and fucked her hard, and there was no problem that day, I got courage to remember that.

I undid my pant chain and held my 8 inch cock in her hand and immediately my girlfriend grabbed my cock and stuffed it in her mouth like a sweet lollipop.

My girlfriend is a very nice cock sucker, whenever I feel like sucking a blue-eyed whore magi comes and sucks my cock.

After sucking the cock for about 5 minutes, suddenly a strong hand came on my neck and someone said, I have caught both of them today.

I’ll see how much you can suck, and this daddy life is a pig, so much when the fucker wants to take it home and fuck it.

And if not, your mother could have killed us, then we would not have had to fall into our hands, let’s see today how many bars your lover can take together in the vagina.

Dad made me cum by reading the chatty story

The height of the man is about 6 feet 2 inches, long and broad, and the complexion is black, he looks like Ravana, and the same appearance, as well as the strength of the body, as if he put his hand on my neck and raised his head as if shouting.

Both of us were very scared at that time, the heart rate suddenly doubled due to fear, the whole body started to tingle, the hands and feet became cold, I did not understand what to do.

I got the man while I was paying the money, I said – “Kaku, please leave us, I won’t make such a mistake again, I won’t do such dirty things in any public place, please, tomorrow.”

The man said – “Leave it? No question, such a little thing never goes away, listen, not only me, 4 more people are coming, total 5 people will fuck your lover.

And you will see that this is your punishment” saying this the man left me and grabbed my girlfriend over the shoulders and started squeezing my girlfriend’s 32 size breasts.

My girlfriend was crying and said to the man – “Kaku you are like my father, please don’t do this to me, I can’t show my face to anyone Kaku”

The man said – “So think your father will fuck you today, in the next few moments I will be your owner and you will be my protector, you will have to listen to what I tell you, I will fuck your face and I will fuck your milk.

I’ll fuck your pussy, I’ll fuck your butt, I won’t give you time to breathe for the next few hours, my friends are coming and we’ll all fuck you together

I’ll enjoy you, Magi, I’ll enjoy you, if necessary, we’ll take your boyfriend with us, you don’t like to fuck too much!”

I was very scared when I heard that, I understood that my lover must become a prostitute today for our survival

And I started to think in my mind that no one except me has ever seen him as a langto, after a while 5 people will fuck him together, will my girlfriend be able to fuck 5 people at the same time?

My lover was wearing a black one piece that day, suddenly the man said to my lover – “Look at your pussy, see how many balls are on the pussy” and put his hand directly inside the panty under the lover’s one piece.

He and I tried our best to keep the man’s hand out of my girlfriend’s panty, and he didn’t stop at just putting his hand inside the panty, he inserted his middle finger into my girlfriend’s pussy and started shaking it.

Suddenly, my girlfriend’s face changed, “ah ah ummm no please ah ah um no and no” suddenly came out of her mouth, my lover went to the land of lust in a moment, and the man in front of me was my lover. Good inserted his fingers and continued to move.

After 10 minutes of continuous fingering, my lover couldn’t hold it anymore and let out a “ah let me go, ah ah ah ah, um ahhhh, um ah ah”. Like a stupid boy, I watched an obscene sensual scene between that dog and my lover for 10 minutes.

Shali fainted after seeing my thick cock

After drinking water, my lover was a little weak, and the uncle took advantage of that weakness, he said to me – “This khanki’s son, I am lifting up the one piece, you take off the panty of this whore magi” I was helpless, I had nothing to do, I then His head was bursting with anger, but there was no way.

That cuckoo called to remove my girlfriend’s one piece in front of me and forcibly removed it. My girlfriend tried and could not stop it. After removing the one piece, that cuckoo’s first words – “Kire beshya magi tui bhabli kikre tor ae batabi lembo ka mai amara na chudei” give up

Then he looked at me and said – “What did you think, you will enjoy this apsara alone, I have never seen a randy magi with such a body, open it, father, take off your lover’s bra and panty with your own hands, me too

I am helping you a little” I listened to everything quietly and till the end I took off my girlfriend’s bra panty and gave it to the crow. My lover is standing in front of me in front of one man after another.

Suddenly that uncle said to my lover – “Magi I put my fingers in your pussy and gave you heavenly happiness now it’s your turn, until my friends come you suck my dick with your beautiful lips.

Take me to the land of cum” saying Kaku took off his pants and gave his cock to my girlfriend, who was 2 inches taller than me.

And fatter than me, I was surprised to see my lover without saying a word and without interrupting once took the cock in her mouth and started sucking it, she might have realized that she must be a whore today.

I saw my girlfriend put the cock in her mouth and hold it for a while and then do it again, and it continued for a while until the cock’s cock was full of my lover’s saliva.

At the point that if he wanted he could put the whole 8 inch cock in my girlfriend’s pussy on the first try, but my girlfriend was still sucking his dick after about 12 minutes.

While doing this, suddenly the sound came out from the mouth of the crow – “One more suck, one more suck, it will come out soon, it will come soon” while saying this, my lover’s face was full of white mucus with hot saliva, my lover swallowed the entire saliva in no time. Fallo, I’m standing and watching.

Then Kaku asked my lover to lean back so that he could insert his cock into my lover’s cunt, and also said – “Magi you are nosing less than Apsara.

You don’t know your body was made by God for a long time, not only your father, but many other people fucked your mother, then you left, otherwise I have never received such a beautiful blowjob from anyone, I can’t explain what kind of material you are.

And I can’t eat you with sharing, I want to eat you alone, so lean forward, bend forward” said my lover leaning forward, my lover hit that beautiful plant 2 times and put his 10 inch cock in my lover’s pussy, my lover hummed a little while entering. got up

Ah, then the banging starts, Kaku holds my lover’s hands from behind and keeps on giving them one after another, and my lover continues to take one after another, I look at Kaku and once at my beautiful lover.

How is this guy with a face like black manure is groping a beautiful tender girl from behind, and my lover – “ah ah give give ah more give more more harder ugh ah ah ummmmm ah ah ummmmm I can’t take it any more hit it a little harder

vabi pacha choda choti two hills behind bhabhi

Crack my pussy, make me a cuddly whore, ah” Saying this, Kaku intensified the pounding, I could see my lover’s eyes were closed as she enjoyed the pounding.

And going to Chilli, this ramthap went on for about 25 minutes then Kaku – “Ah ah Magi my goods are coming out” my lover said – “Let the goods come and let the rice fall, don’t slow down the speed of fucking” Kaku I was surprised to hear both of us.

Kaku also did the same and dumped all the material inside my lover’s pussy but didn’t stop fucking, suddenly my lover – “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ummmm ummmm ummmm ummmm” again drained the water and threw the material and again bowed down and sat on the ground, then Kaku also got rid of this terrible sensual woman. Part 1 Kire Magi is very fond of sucking, isn’t it?

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