Read my mother’s real strange true story


Read my mother’s real strange true story

Today I present to you a real incident that happened in my family. Before writing the incident I thought several times whether to write it or not

Then decide to write as this is not a story but a true story of a housewife and she is none other than my mother. My name is Akash Pramanik, age 22, home in Kolkata.

My mother is housewife, present age 44 years. Mother is very good looking 5”4” height and very fair.

With age now mom has gotten a little fat and has a little belly fat but is still very attractive and has a lot of hair on her body and both armpits.

I often see mom’s armpit hair when she wears a hand cut maxi or blouse.

Pod Mara is a group of noble Khankis of the Mofswal area

Earlier, mother used to save her body hair, but in the last two or three years, she did not save anymore because her mental peace seemed to be lost.

I am the only child of my parents. My father works in Singapore, so once he goes abroad, he does not return for less than 4-6 months. Even though we are quite well-off, our father has always been a very strict and irritable person.

At the end of the day, if there is a bit of lime from the drink, then it will be buzzing about it, even cheeky does not reduce me and my mother.

In the months that he stays at home, not a day goes by that I or my mother don’t hear from him for some reason. So to tell the truth, we mother and son are much better when father is abroad.

Last May 14th was my mother’s birthday, father stayed at home since 6 months before, then decided to take the covid vaccine and leave for Singapore on May 14th, so mother was very disappointed that at least father could have gone with mother on her birthday. But the father says, “If you stay at home, your income will not increase like this.

So mother got very bored and packed father’s luggage. I also feel very bad for mom, finally dad left for airport around 11 o’clock on 14th May.

We have rented a house next to my house to run a factory, he has two machines running there

Another boy works there, his name is Saiful Alam Rabbi, Muslim by caste, age 24 years. A little hodka type black and chubby cheeked.

I have been very friendly with him since the beginning, he has been working in this factory for the past 3 years. His home is Murshidabad, so he returns home after two or three months away from Calcutta.

They call me younger brother and mother as aunt. He does a lot of work for us like shopping for small items in the bazaar, bringing flowers and sweets for mother’s puja every morning.

In this way, he became like a member of our family, he used to talk a lot with his mother and sat on the stairs after carrying the goods in the machine.

At first Saiful used to say that he misses his mother very much, then my mother told him that I am also your mother”, since then Saiful loved to talk with his mother very much.

Mother feeds Saiful fish, meat etc. every day at my house, calls him and says that today mother is taking her cooking. On those days, his food expenses were saved.

I am not discriminating about the sex, I satisfied the anger of Bhoda by giving the driver

When father was at home, mother would secretly give him a bowl of meat or fish and he would eat sitting in the factory and if father was abroad, he would eat upstairs in our house.

Now let’s come to the main point, after father left for airport I decided that I will buy cake for mother and give mother a surprise in the evening, tell Saiful so Saiful also says and will close the factory in the evening and go with me to buy cake because Saiful also knows my father by heart.

That evening we both go together to buy cake for mom and Saiful buys an imitation necklace for 250 rupees to gift to mom.

When we returned home, mother was not very happy to see all this, but she did not disappoint us, mother cut the cake and fed it to us, and we fed it to mother.

Then mother cooks khasi meat in the kitchen and Saiful then helps mother hand in hand in the kitchen to talk, as a result mother’s indifference is removed a lot.

Then at around 10:30, after our dinner, Saiful asked mother, “Well, aunty, can I stay over you today, then I could talk with you until the night, it is very hot in the factory, I will sleep in Akash Bhai’s room.”

Mother wants to look at my face and ask what I like? I also say well, stay in my room and sleep.

So mom made a mattress for her in my bedroom. Then I sat and watched TV in my room till 11:30 and mom and Saiful were sitting in the room chatting, Saiful was talking a lot about their Murshidabad and mom was laughing a lot listening to his funny stories.

Then I asked them “When are you going to sleep?”

Saiful says “Not now bro, one more hour I will talk with aunt then.

Mother felt a little sleepy then, but she couldn’t stop talking to him like this.

So I went and lay down in my room as I was quite tired and fell asleep in no time.

However, I woke up at 12:35 pm, I looked up from the bed and saw that Saiful was still not in the bed.

Dad made me cum by reading the chatty story

So I came out of my room but I saw that the light of the room was off but the big light was coming from the window of my mother’s room on the balcony but the door of the room was closed.

So I went to the window, closed the window and the AC was on but the curtains were not drawn in my mother’s room and I could never have imagined what I saw before.

Saiful is lying on the bed holding his mother completely naked, mother is only wearing a long panty.

Saiful is squeezing the mother’s milk very much and is constantly sucking and spitting on his mouth. Biting the mother’s neck, throat and licking the whole body.

But the mother says from time to time, “Saiful, these things are not going well, my son will be very upset if he finds out.” You are Muslim, our religion is different.

Saiful is not taking anything but he is hot with so much lust. Earlier, Saiful had fucked one of his maternal uncles several times when he was 19 years old. He himself told me because I used to talk to him about everything.

His aunt’s family broke up with her husband, that’s why Saiful used to give pleasure to his maternal aunt.

Saiful used that experience in bed with his mother. He held his mother’s hands and raised them above his head and saw that he was licking her hairy armpits. I stand behind these windows and observe.

A strange feeling of longing was coming in my mind, I felt like Saiful was thrown away, but seeing my mother’s naked body again, my heart stopped. Bengali Panu story

Saiful is kissing mother’s belly, navel, belly button like mad, as a result of which mother’s sex has reached its climax.

Saiful takes off mother’s black panty and starts eating with his mouth on mother’s hairy pussy, mother starts to squirm on the bed making ahh uhh.

Then Saiful inserted his black 7 inch cock into mother’s pussy and lay on top of mother holding her tight, mother held her tight and Saiful started fucking.

After fifteen minutes of sex, Saiful ejaculates in his mother’s pussy and lays down next to his mother. Mother said to him, “Go and see if my son is sleeping?”

I immediately stomped into my room and pretended to be asleep. Saiful came to see me and mobile torch also hit my eyes but I didn’t open my eyes, then Saiful went back to mother’s room.

I then got up after some time and went downstairs to the bathroom, crossed my legs and masturbated imagining my mother for the first time in my life. I have masturbated a lot before but I never imagined it but this time I did it.

Then again I went to the window of the mother’s room and saw Saiful then lying down and hugging her by kissing different parts of her body.

I sat on a small chair and hid by the window, again around three o’clock in the morning, Saiful once again fucked my mother, lying on top of her and putting her fingers in the hole of her hips.

In this way both of them spent the whole night in bed without sleeping, it seemed as if Saiful and mother both had the taste of birth today.

As soon as I saw my mother sitting up, I immediately put the chair in its place and went to my room. After some time, I realized that Saiful had come and slept in my room.

The next morning I woke up and saw that mother had gone in early to take a bath and had removed the bed sheet in her room.

That day Saiful ejaculated inside mother’s vagina, it seems that mother took the pill but since then they used condoms every time they had intercourse which I often found lying in the drain of the septic chamber at the back of the house.

Maybe I went to the bank or to borrow a book from a friend or to hang out at a club, without two or four days I see Nirod lying down, which then comes and goes in the water that comes out of the bathroom pipeline.

It happened last June one Sunday it was raining low pressure all day, I went to the club to hang out and play a bit but it wasn’t possible to play because of the rain so I went back by 12 o’clock.

After several knocks on the door, Mom still didn’t open it, so I unlocked the door from the back of the house, with a duplicate key always attached to my bicycle key.

As soon as I entered the house, I realized that Saiful was fucking my mother inside the bathroom and she was screaming ahhhh uuuu and so on.

I was forced to go to the club through the back door of the house with a bicycle. At one o’clock in the afternoon and twenty minutes later, my mother called me to find out why I did not return home?

I went back home saying I was hanging out, mom didn’t even realize I was back at 12 when she was busy in the bathroom making out.

I have not yet let them understand that I know everything, but I don’t know how long this will last. And mother is very happy now that Saiful is in her life who is fulfilling all the physical needs of mother and also getting satisfaction from sex.

Their estrangement will continue like this, often without a day or two, until the father returns in October. Two or three days a week, Saiful sleeps with his mother in his mother’s room during heavy nights. There is a small door in that factory which can be opened to enter my house.

I often watch when I want to see them having sex at night, sometimes doggy style, sometimes maa rides Saiful on her dhon.

Chatty story of sex with father in hotel in exchange of money

However, most of the mothers are sleeping on the bed. Maybe I get a lot of peace by masturbating myself after watching this but my main point is ultimately that all housewives involved in extraterrestrials are not bad in the first place.

A lot of the fault lies with the householders who are busy earning money but don’t care about what his wife expects from him.

My mother was very good from the beginning and I never noticed any bad behavior from my mother since childhood or before

For the first time in her life, the mother was forced to get involved in extramarital affairs, even when she was over 40, and again with a boy of her own age.

How much suffering and suffering will people endure and spend their lives with indifference and loneliness? Thinking of these seven and five, I pretend not to know everything. Maybe when my father returns home, all this will stop. Read my mother’s real strange true story

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