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Vicki is a total prick teaser when she is drunk ,so i wasnt suprised last weekend while we where at a wedding ,we got chatting to a lad we had known for decades rob told her he had always fancied her from back in the day ,her reply shocked me as she told him he should have said something at the time as she had always  fancied him back ,it was like i wasnt there for the next ten minutes as they flirted outrageously with each other.  To my suprise him telling her he had heard a few romours she liked  putting it about behind my back .  Thankfully vicki  denied  it . 

But he  then whispered  the name of a mate of his in her ear  who had told him he had  been meeting up and  fucking her for several years at the benidorm  Festivaltival  always spending a night together ,with a dirty grin on her face she  eventually conceded her guilt  admittibg it ,not sure how i felt  a mixture of anger and  been turned  probably embarrassed  as he revealed several more instances of his knowledge of my wifes discretions.

Suddenly i was back in the conversation, vicki not apologising to me but calling him for the lack of discretion as he is married aswell ,rob confessed he had been told in confidence but jealousy had got the better of him tonight as she looked as hot tonight as he had ever seen her ,   he said as the truth was out now ,his  mate had also told him she was the best fuck he had ever had  a right dirty fuck  and  was up for anything as on the second night another lad  joined them and they both fucked her WOW i was in total shock rob patting my leg telling me i was some lucky bastard .

Vicki asked if she was in big trouble when i said not rob  quickly surgested we could head up to his room to finish this off ,The decision seemed made as vicki stood and pulled me up telling rob to bring the bottle of wine of the table and follow us to the lift ,i was witnessing a side of the wife i had never seen before  rob had a thing he said he wanted to fuck her in the corridor  as the thrill of been caught turned him on vicki was up for that as he got her on all fours i went into the room and could hear them fucking rather loudly .

Once in his room she headed into the bathroom,as we got a drink rob apologising for dropping all that on me vicki returned she looked amazing naked apart from her lace top hold ups and her heels her cofidence was sky high as she walked towards us and had a drink of her wine i had never seen my wife close to another guy naked before what a mind blowing thrill  she stood against the window telling us any one looking could see us ,she  then climed onto the king size bed as rob undressed  ,his cock was in proportion to his size so a lot bigger than me rob was 6.2 he was soon in the 69 postion with vicki as she began to take him in her mouth he had buried his head between her legs shee spread her legs wide and pulled her pink flesh wide apart her clit was hard and excited as he toyed with it  so i decided to sit in the chair and watch it was out of this world as they fucked for what seemed like an age vicki had never fucked me like this she was amazingly vocal  she beckoned me to join in to spit roast her i had never had anal sex with her but she took the lead and positioned herself for it demanding he hurt as she then sucked me off  as he came ,she spun around performing ATM on him ,she was like a porn star i found my self wanking myself and shot my load over her errect nipples  her trick of scooping it up into her moth was really dirty   as they came several times as he recovered and i was spent she brought herself off again  with the empty wine bottle i was in heaven watching them sitting on his face she mimed to me i love you and blew me a kiss  i sent her one back ,this seemed to please her as she started grinding he soaking cunt into hes face as she lent forward she began slowly bringing him back to life again ,as we eventually chilled out he told vicki his mate hadnt lied she was a proper dirty  fuck and hoped that we would be fine ,she told him we defo was we must have all drifted off i woke to vicki showering they had a morning fuck before we rang an uber ,  we go on holiday soon now i found this hot wife im expecting some fun

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