sex golpo massage with oil and deep in Bhoda with one thrust


sex golpo massage with oil and deep in Bhoda with one thrust

Fifth day of Paush. It has been bitterly cold in the city of Kolkata for the past two or three years. Madan Chandra Das, the retired chairman of the municipality, passed the age of sixty-four and turned sixty-five three months ago.

Age is getting, pain in various knots in the body. With the coming of winter, the body and legs are very painful. On the other hand, the base of his penis and the surrounding area of ​​his testicles are covered with coarse hair.

Madanbabu has not been cleaned for a long time. With age comes a laziness in retirement.

Meanwhile, around his testicles is very itchy. Itching in different parts of the body.

Madanbabu’s sixty-four-year-old body needs a little better servicing.

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“Hello sir. tell me how are you They don’t call me anymore these days. How is your body going?

And the reply of Malishdidimani, fifty years from the end. This is Urmi. Urmi Mandal married Mother of one son. Son drives autorickshaw, married, father of one son.

Urmi’s husband Haridas used to drive a rickshaw. Now the body is not good. Lives at home. Urmi’s body is pretty. A full body, called, like milk, like pussy. sex golpo massage with oil and deep in Bhoda with one thrust

But Swami Haridas can no longer perform the sacred duties of milking and cunt-fucking. After drinking Bengali liquor for many years, the body has suffered, the libido is also gone. But Urmi is very unhappy about this.

“This is going on. I needed you so much today. are you very busy today “-Madanbabu. It was nine o’clock in the morning. Madanbabu lives alone.

O father, you have remembered me after so long, I am so happy sir. When will I go to your house?” – Urmi said to Madanbabu with a raspy voice and a characteristic smile.

Come by eleven o’clock. And listen, Urmi, I am telling you something. Madanbabu said.

tell me sir “– Urmi.

My na dhon is very forested at the base and beach. It is very itchy there. You have to make it clear.” – Madanbabu has no shame.

sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.sssss. I will serve you beautifully with my own hands.” – Urmi replied with a smile.

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A few years before this, Urmi massaged Madanbabu’s body well with olive oil.

At Sir’s age, the dhon would have become thick and hard by the touch of Urmi’s soft hand, wondering what Urmi had become.

Rubbing his unsatisfied Gudumani with his left hand over the nightie, he said to Madanbabu – “Sir, I will clean you there, massage oil, give you a very good bath in hot water.”

Urmi will clean my house?” – Madan asked Urmi in a natural way.

Mind you, not really. I am coming to your house at eleven o’clock, now I am hanging up. Urmi said and hung up.

At that time Madan’s body began to wake up. When Urmi will come, now it is just nine in the morning. It will come at eleven o’clock.

Still almost two hours late. Thinking all this, Madan Babu became restless and started walking alone in the house. He wears a full-sleeved white gingham by Ulikot, a thick punjabi by Khaddar, and a blue check-check lungi.

Inside, Big Boss is wearing white drawer-cutting underwear. Madanbabu Urmi became increasingly lustful as he thought about Malishakarini. sex golpo massage with oil and deep in Bhoda with one thrust

He sat on the roof in the sun with a cigarette packed with Manipuri ganja spice and started enjoying it.

In the kitchen of the one-story flat opposite, a Bihari housewife in a white salwar and red tuktuk kameez is cooking, presumably, “sarsho ki shaag”. Wow, what a beautiful figure, of a forty-year-old Bihari housewife. Fair complexion, full ass, spade spade milk pair.

When you smile, it falls on your cheek,

Madanbabu’s rice is dripping from the roof.

This Bihari woman is smiling and talking to Madan. But a very close neighbor says that Madanbabu can never tell her to take her directly to bed. Mother of two, husband working in Jharkhand.

That’s all. Now the masseuse Urmi is just wandering around in the radar of Madanbabu’s mind.

Madanbabu’s dark brown forked penis is phoning inside the drawer-cutting underwear.
Bichi Te Haat Bulote Bulote Madanbabu is measuring Bihari housewives from the roof in the one-story kitchen of the adjoining flat.

Looking at the clock, it’s twenty minutes to ten, still forty minutes left. Madanbabu is getting increasingly impatient, when Urmi comes and lays Madanbabu down on the bed and starts work.

Manipuri ganja spice packed cigarettes Madanbabu charges two cigarettes in a row and is in the peak of intoxication on the roof of Poush.

Looking at the clock, it is half past eleven. The calling bell rang at Madanbabu’s house.

Madanbabu came down from the roof to open the front door. His body started to boil with excitement.

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For so long, the sun has been shining on the roof. It’s quite addicting. He wears a lungi, a full-sleeved white gingham from Ulikot and a Punjabi from Khaddar. Big boss white color drawer cutting underwear inside the lungi.

Open the door and oops. Urmi has come to massage in red tight leggings, black kurti, printed hot sheets. sex golpo massage with oil and deep in Bhoda with one thrust

Big round red dot on forehead. Married woman wearing Shankha Sindur. Madanbabu- “Come, come, come in”. Urmi was brought inside after a warm welcome and locked the front door.

Urmi Ladka is moving forward, swinging her ass, Madanbabu is moving backwards. His underwear is a piece of bent Singaporean banana tucked away in a drawer (underwear).

Madanbabu took Urmi into the bedroom and hugged her with both hands. Urmi hid her face in Madanbabu’s chest, saying “Ugh sir, after how long, I came to you”.

Madan’s tricked clothes are trying to come out through the underwear, lungi. Urmi’s lower abdomen is covered with Madan’s clothes over the leggings and panty.

Urmi understood very well, Sir has become very hot. Urmi’s two spades are pressed against Madan’s chest. Madan Kamandha then.

Hugging Urmi from the back, Urmi’s head, forehead, then, lifting Urmi’s face with one hand, pressed her lips to Urmi’s soft cheeks and kissed Urmi. One in the body of

Brought tremendous excitement. Bringing her left hand down to Madanbabu’s stomach and lower abdomen, Urmi then caught Madan’s dhonkhana hanging over his lungi and underwear.

Isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss-and what’s up with it, the naughty one is drooling over you. ” said Madan’s face buried in his chest and started shaking Madanbabu’s tricked dhon in his left hand.

Ugh, I don’t understand what you’re going to do with me in bed today, sir. It is very urgent for you.”
Madanbabu is another mule. What are you talking about so fast?

You don’t know anything.

As Urmi spoke, Madanbabu rubbed his lips on Urmi’s cheeks and lips and said – “Don’t tell me what you are talking about”.

Look, leave now. Take off your clothes. After saying this, Urmi first took off Madanbabu’s Khaddar Punjabi, full-sleeved gingham of white cloth and started running her fingers through Madanbabu’s bare chest, like a straw-garden.

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Madanbabu’s check-checked blue lungi was pulled open. Madanbabu is bent high in front of the drawer.

Urmi gently laid Madanbabu on the bed and rubbed her soft fingers on Madanbabu’s stomach and chest. sex golpo massage with oil and deep in Bhoda with one thrust

Madanbabu then became very horny and said to Urmi, “Open your clothes, honey. I see you full of eyes.”

Urmi Madan started shaking the dhon on the drawer with her left hand.

Look what kind of jungle you have made here”- said Madanbabu’s underwear in one pull, as a spring came out like a spring, a dark brown seven and a half inch long, one and a half inch thick, pierced penis.

“Isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and what is your forest here?”

See, apply the lotion first. “- said Urmi, completely removing Madan’s drawer-cutting underwear and making Madan Babu completely langto. Isssssssssssssssssss.

Drips of precum juice started coming out from Madanbabu’s mouth. Urmi then left the hot chadar, kurti one by one.

Now wearing bra and leggings and panty. Madanbabu is lying in bed after cooking rice. Pushing Urmi’s hot ass over the leggings, he said, “Ogo honey, open your bra.

Urmi Chenali Marka smiled and said to Madanbabu-“Uff tar saiche no ur.”- When she opened her bra, a pair of breasts came out.

What a beautiful pair of breasts. A pair of gourds, a pair of brown raisin-like spots on the face.

Madanbabu caught Urmi while she was lying down and started sucking Urmi’s milk drops in his mouth.

Ahhhhhhhhh, sir, Sursuri takes it.” Ahhhhh somehow managed to get her nipples out of Madanbabu’s mouth while giving a gentle chill, Urmi took the shaving lotion on a spatula and started applying it to the base of Madan’s dhon and all over the beach.

Madanbabu is lying down with his eyes closed. Urmir’s left hand started touching her lower abdomen, buttocks, buttocks over her leggings + panty. As Madan’s fingers moved there, Urmi giggled, and said, “Where is the villain from? sex golpo massage with oil and deep in Bhoda with one thrust

Urmi applied lotion to Sir Madan’s entire beach and Dhon’s roots and then put the bottle of lotion away. Jack started massaging Madanbabu with olive oil. Two legs, two hands. Madanababu’s penis and testicles were then smeared with white hair-shaving lotion.

Madanbabu doesn’t stop either, sometimes he runs his hands over urmi’s leggings and panty, her bum, sometimes her ass. Urmi was shaking her butt and hips while enduring Madanbabu’s hand-stroking, saying hoarsely, “Ugh sir, what are you doing, lie down quietly. “

After about fifteen minutes, a tuft of hair came loose, from the base of Madanbabu’s dhon, and from Bichi.

Urmi cleaned the loose hair with a spatula and took Madanbabu out of bed.

Urmi scrubbed Madanbabu’s dhon and bichi with hot geyser water and detal soap. Cleaned all the fur, Urmi gently wiped Madanbabu’s dhon and Bichi with a dry towel.

Get over the hump. Urmi brought Madan back to the bedroom and laid him on the bed and started massaging Madan Babu with olive oil. Madanbabu could not wait any longer. Urmi’s leggings and panty were opened. Naked Urmi, Naked Madan.

Then the oil massage is finished. This time, Urmi gently wiped Madan’s dhon with a towel, before taking it in her mouth, she said – “Then I will suck your Sonababu.”

Saying, Madan lied down and took his cock in his mouth and started sucking it. Madan Babu’s rice husk was licked with the tip of his tongue, Ulum Ulum Ulum Ulum Ulum Ulum Ulum.

oops Madanbabu is very horny and is slowly slapping Urmi’s bare ass. He slipped his finger under the bottom of her ass and started running his fingers inside Urmi’s pussy.

“Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, what are you doing.” – Urmi started sputtering. Madan is unable to tolerate Urmi’s cock-sucking.

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He took his clean mouth out of his mouth. Ejaculation may occur when Madan this time Urmi lay down on the bed Madanbabu pressed on her.

Urmi said before inserting the dhon into Urmi’s pussy, “Do you have a condom? Put on a sir condom before insertion.

Madan then put on a piece of condom and took Dhone. After that again Urmi’s naked body somehow jumped on urmi’s ladlade Thaijugal moved to both sides and grabbed the anus.

Clean shaved pussy. The juice is cutting. Madan’s tricked dhon went inside Urmi’s vagina. Madanbabu started shaking his hips and buttocks. maidukhana

Madan began to press the cup. After ten minutes, the slopes of the gut were shocked, and Madanababu shook the semen and fell on Urmi’s naked body.
finished sex golpo massage with oil and deep in Bhoda with one thrust

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