Sex in Wife’s Beauty Parlor


Hello friends, I’m Sakshi from Delhi, I’m here to tell you the best English Sex Story. And the title of this sex story is Sex in Wife’s Beauty Parlor With Her Friend.

My wife has a beauty Parlor and this gave me the opportunity to have sex in the beauty Parlor.
Once my wife went out somewhere, what did a female customer do to me from behind her?

My wife runs a beauty Parlor before marriage. It has been six years since our marriage, and my wife does not have much interest in sex, she has sex properly only 7-8 times in a month, and after that, she doesn’t feel like having sex.

I work in a private company and am afraid to speak out.
But the mind wants to put the penis in the hole I see.

Next, I am going to narrate a true incident:

Once my wife had gone out of Delhi, a very beautiful lady Aisha (name changed) used to visit her Parlor regularly.

When she saw the lock in the Parlor, she came to our house.

Her age was about 35 years but he looked like 25. Me and my wife are 32 and 30 years old.

When the doorbell rang, I opened the door and she went straight inside and started crying – Reshma… Oh Reshma!

I told her – that Reshma had gone out of Delhi today itself. She will come in three days.

So she said- Sorry… I should not have come to your house like this. But what to do, your Reshma and I are firm friends. You might not be aware of this.

I said – yes, I do not know anything about you.

Aisha- I had some important work with Reshma, so came in a hurry without calling her.

Seeing their panic, I asked – what is the important work? Tell me, if I can, I will.

She said- My sister has pain in her whole body, I have left her outside Reshma’s Parlor, and she had to get a full body massage.

Then she has to go to Noida for a very important meeting. She is an officer in Noida.

Due to privacy I am not telling her post and name, her changed name is Aisha.

I said – I can massage, but I will be ashamed to massage a girl.

She said – You do it, no problem.

Usually I got bogged down in speaking. Now she started insisting on going to the Parlor.

Now we came to the Parlor with the key of the Parlor. I was tempted to see a very beautiful woman outside the Parlor.

No need to mention her beauty… Just understand that I have never seen a more beautiful and sexy figure than her.

I asked Aisha- Do you want to massage her?

I was wondering what a wonderful product has arrived in my mind.
You are getting a chance to touch it, you should not let this opportunity slip away.

Aisha was so upset because of the pain that she could not understand anything.
She did not like to take allopathic medicine.

All three of us went inside the Parlor because I never used to come to the Parlor so I did not know the switches there. But Aisha knew everything.

She helped me, and with her help, I started massaging Aisha.
First of all she was made to lie upside down on the massage table.

She was wearing a thin t-shirt and not even a bra, a mini skirt underneath.

Her thighs and legs were as fair and smooth as if they had been waxed!

But they were not waxed…they were naturally smooth.

When I applied pressure on her back, she writhed in pain.

I asked – what happened?

So he said- Apply cream and massage gently! I will not be able to bear male power.

I said- If I apply the cream, your clothes will get spoiled.

She said- No problem… You do it… No need to worry about the clothes!

I took massage cream put my hand on her t-shirt and slowly started caressing her back.

It was Aisha who told me which cream to apply.

She was sitting in front. I started massaging Aisha slowly in front of her.

After a few minutes of massage, Aisha said – Now the pain is less, if you don’t feel bad then massage my feet also.

I said – what to feel bad in doing service.

I took some cream and applied it on her thighs and calves and started massaging it gently.
She was enjoying herself, and the look on her face showed that her pussy was also getting wet.

And seeing all this, Aisha had also touched her pussy two-four times while sitting on the chair, she was getting very horny.

After Aisha’s massage was done, Aisha called the driver and said – Aisha has to go to Noida quickly, you take her and leave quickly. I’ll go home.

Aisha changed her clothes in the changing room and left with the driver.

When both of us started closing the Parlor after Aisha left, Aisha said – will you give me the same massage?

I didn’t refuse but told Aisha – You have come wearing a saree, how will the massage be done in a saree?

She took off her saree in front of me, and she locked the main gate of the Parlor from inside.

Now she was in front of me only in a blouse and petticoat and her gestures were clearly telling her intention of what she wants now. She wanted to have sex with me in the beauty Parlor.

She also removed her blouse and petticoat too… Now she was looking amazing in front of me in panty and bra. She was wearing a pink set of tits and a bra.

Karina was not less than Aisha in any sense, she had kept her body very well maintained.

She said- Now give me the same message as you did for Aisha.

I took the same cream and when she lay down on her back, applied the cream on her back and started rubbing it.

It felt like an electric shock. I also opened the bra hooks in it so that it is easy to massage.

She said – apply the cream on the chest and massage it!

She sat with her back towards me.
I started rubbing holding her Big boobs from behind.
Her breasts were very soft like butter.

As I was mashing her milk, her intoxicating hisses were coming out.
I knew that today I was going to get her pussy.
So I was relaxed, not showing any impatience.

Water was coming in her pussy which I could clearly see in the mirrors in the Parlor.
Her tights were completely wet from the front and her fragrance was also coming in the closed room.

Now she couldn’t bear it. She immediately hugged me and took me in her arms.
She put her lips on my lips and started speaking – don’t torture anymore!

I innocently said – Let me do the massage!

She said – I don’t want to get a massage Vasaj… I was yearning to fuck seeing you alone at your house.

But Aisha needed a massage. Then the massage you did to Aisha in front of me only fueled my fire.

Please don’t bother anymore, put down your weapon! It’s been a long time since I’ve been fucked!

My husband is a sugar patient and gets tired easily. Now you have to fulfill my wish.

I said – anyone would be ready to fuck such a beautiful woman like you.

She said- That is correct! But I am afraid of being defamed, I have full faith in you.

I took off his tights while talking. What a wonderful pussy, very fair, smooth, and pink from the inside!

I started sucking her straight away, she raised her ass and started pressing her pussy into my mouth.
She held my head as if she would push me into her pussy!

The taste of her water was very good and her water was more in quantity too! My wife’s pussy was not watering that much.

How much water a woman knows, this too was not known before today.
Apart from my wife, this was the only other woman whose pinky pussy I had seen.

She then left the water and became a little lethargic.

I continued licking my wife’s friend’s pussy, and after some time she became hot again.

Now she was in dire need of my cock, I placed my cock on her pussy and slowly tore the walls of her pussy and pushed it inside. I started sucking her juicy lips.

I enjoy licking pussy and sucking lips more than fucking, I did that a lot.

I fucked her pussy thoroughly for twenty minutes. In these twenty minutes, she had orgasmed several times.

To do this, after inserting my penis completely, I press on the pussy with full force, so that my penis does not press, and that part of the woman’s pussy is pressed, so that it falls off.

I will not be able to teach this art by writing.

Now she started speaking – Now it is mine, now you take out your water, now I will not be able to do it.

So I took out my cock from her pussy and put it in her mouth. Sucking like a lollipop, fisting, he took out my water and drank it.

And she left after paying for the massage. This is how I had sex for the first time in my wife’s beauty Parlor.

But after that she called me to her house several times and got many of her friends massaged, those who wanted to get massaged got massaged, and those who wanted to be fucked, got fucked and also paid for the massage.

Now it is such that many women have started calling me for a massage.

How did Aisha get fucked; I will tell you this some other time.

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