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Hello All,

I am coming Infront all of you, with this fantasy dream story of mine, before we go into the story let me introduce myself, before we get into the fantasy world, people call me RJ.

So coming to the story, i have to state that this is my fantasy story, which i want to share with you all,

Going on, at early age of mine around 18, i used to see romantic scenes in movies and had a question in my mind why a boy and girl doing like that, upfront i got more curious and i decided i also do the same and experience what happens by doing like that
During summer days,, one a fine early in the morning, i woke up early and got out of the home to play cricket, while playing the cricket, i am on strike and hit six…. ball gone far and i need to get the ball (childish rules 😅), the ball fell on a house roof….

i went inside the house and asked permission to get the ball, they granted and i went up, and it turned out to be a most beautiful day of my, which i never forgot in my life time😁…. what happened is i went up to get the ball, when i took the ball in my hands i heard a water sound coming from corner of ground floor from the house,, i got curious what’s the sound is and i walked  towards it……ahaaaaa what a view i saw that day is best experience

I saw the first nude mature girl  who is batting in a bathroom where no roof was arranged on top of it, i saw i don’t know what happened to me at that time i got frozen, sudden raise in the heart beat and my blood flow has increased,, with the anxiety i dropped the ball and it fallen down in the bathroom where the girl is bathing…

She looked up suddenly i though i am over, i will die today… but surprisingly the girl called me down with signing to come down, i just got confused what is happening, i think i got spell bounded without i went down, i saw family members there without knowing to any one  i went near the bathroom and knocked the door 😳, the matured girl opened the door and grabbed me inside the bathroom i closed my eyes,,, my heart was in full rush i don’t know what is happening….

she talked to me, open your eyes i just got frighten and said give me the ball i’ll goo…she insisted to open eyes and look at her

with fear and blood rush i just got confused or unconsciousness, i just opened my eyes,,the first thing i saw when i opened my eyes is her vagina🍒 with is covered by bush of hair and slowly looked up there came up with two melons,,, each of them like a small sized melons and  then i looked up straight to her face,, she smile at me and said,, you never saw a naked women before,, why are you so mesmerized

Yes i am mesmerized and this is the first time i saw a naked mature women,, i replied in fear,,, and closed my eyes,, she came near me and said why closed your eyes look here she said

i peeked with one eye she opened her vagina,,, what a day….

her vagina was black in and red inside and she saw i was peeking at sudden she grabbed my hand and placed my hand over her pussy😍.

This series been continued…

Hope you all enjoyed the story and please provide me the feedback on:
[email protected]

I am open to mature women who are eager to have intercourse and Romance
Guys please don’t message on this matter..

Thanking you all who read up to last,

Yours’s Pleasurably

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