The Great Sen Family : 21


Probhaboti was watching the great morning show “Puspanjali”, a superhit Bengali religious TV serial, sitting on a sofa in their drawing room. She started following this routine after completing her ‘Morning Puja Session’ to freshen her mind and soul in a heavenly bliss after attaining her second pregnancy. She knew that it not only motivate her to act as a devoted wife and mother, it would have a great impact on the embryo inside her belly.

It was late May, and it was HOT! The sun was beating down, and even though the fan was running in full speed, she was partially perspiring, she felt it. There was a sheen of perspiration across her chest and her forehead. Once she once thought about jumping into the cool water in her big bathtub, but later she canceled it.

She was wearing a very short Maxi-Gown ( just like a tape-frock ) which helped her to get some relief. Her hard and erect nipples were quite visible through the thin cloth. The flimsy semi-transparent fabric, she was using as a cover-up her luscious body was wrapped around her body loosely. She was lying on the big sofa-cum-bed on her left side keeping her head on a pillow. Her long left leg was stretched out straight while the right leg bent at the knee and raised up.

The 10″ long, thick cock of her stepson that filled in her pussy, was sliding in and out of her wet slippery opening from behind. The 6 foot 75 kgs young stud was laying behind her, slowly pumping his monster cut cock into her very welcoming cunt.

He had entered the drawing room about half an hour ago, being fully naked….. his thick pole was semi hard as he climbed onto the big sofa with his stepmother. Then he too started watching that religious show with her while playfully teased her ass with the stiffening pole through the Maxi-Gown.

Sensing that she reached down between her legs and pulling the Maxi-Gown up, she guided the fat mushroom shaped cockhead between her engorged pussy-lips. She sighed as the thick pussy-pleaser slowly invaded her hot tunnel.

She had been fucking and sucking the handsome muscular stud for the past few months. Actually it was a little shocking to her since her husband had almost lost interest in having sex with her just after six months of their marriage. She then had been suffering under the impression that she had lost her sex appeal when in reality it was totally opposite!

Probhaboti was now 48, weighed about 65 kgs, had a 36-30-38 shape with thick sensitive nipples and started keeping herself clean all below. Her cunt lips flowered open and became wet when she was aroused, which was often, and her backside starfish opening was very eager to be touched and licked.
——— ——– ——- —-‐— —— —– ——- —— —–
Rahamat’s only son Rahim grew up tall and he inherited the cock genes of his father. As he hit puberty, he was attached to a nice thick 7″ cock which only got bigger and thicker as he gained it in few years.

At 14 years old, he was about 7″ soft and it became 8″ when it was hard. He was working out and had a nice vee shape to his torso…. his legs were strong and his ass was hard. He joined the cricket team at school and was very good at it.

Anyway six years passed so quickly when Rahim’s mother died suddenly and as time passed his father Rahamat too was able to forget his wife’s sweet memories. It was about this time that his father married Probhaboti and she came to their house becoming his stepmother.

Probhaboti was really enjoying her second marriage….. getting full attention from her husband but it existed only the first six months of their marriage. After that his new husband either was busy in the ‘Hotel Sandhyatara’ or in a outdoor shooting with the famous producer-director Tarun…. so he wouldn’t often be able to keep her company.

Even if he came earlier, he always looked tired and that’s when her suspicious mind sketched a possibility of his extra-marital affair with Tarun’s hot actress wife Sandhya Roy. However she didn’t have a strong proof in support of her suspicion….. so without complaining anything, she tried to live a decent life which naturally kept herself extremely horny.

At first she was trying to satisfy the heat in her pussy with masturbation by various vegetable items like cucumber, brinjal, radish, carrot etc. But it wasn’t helping her and that’s when she could see the outline of the manly meat in her stepson’s exercising Bermuda.

As she did the laundry, she would put the uniform up to her face and inhale the masculine scent, and sometimes the trace smell of cum. She was becoming overwhelmed with deviant sexual fantasies of making love with him and finally decided to seduce him.

And one day morning, during their breakfast, she rubbed his cock through his pyjama while her husband was having his breakfast. He was so excited that just with a few strokes of his cock, he ejaculated in his pyjama and then ran to his room hastily as she grinned slyly watching him ran in acute shame.

Finally it all came to her head ( pun intended ) after a cricket match which she
attended. She needed to give herself some relief after watching the boys get all sweaty and hot, and all that young cocks were on display under their thin fabric.

After the match, she came home with him and when he went to shower, she went to her bedroom. Then she took out her favorite toy, a long but crooked candle from under her pillow.and tossed her clothing on the floor.

Laying on her back, she lubed the 8″ candle with some jelly and make it really slippery. After that she started rubbing it around her erect clit and then slipped it inside her heated pleasure box. She cupped one of her heavy boobs and was able to stimulate her hard nipple.

The smooth sliding of the candle was sending shivers of pleasure across her hungry clit. Her ass began to hump up against the artificial phallus and while the candle was going deeper and deeper into her while, she pressed thumb against her clit.

When she came, she didn’t realize how loud she cried out. She also forgot to push the lock on her bedroom’s door!

Suddenly Rahim came rushing in, only a towel wrapping around his waist to see why she was screaming about. When he caught sight of her naked frame on the bed….. legs spread…. nude and the candle still up deep inside her cunt, he reacted as most healthy young men would.

His cock filled with blood. The towel around his waist tented out. It was clear he was highly aroused.

Time stood still in that room for few moments. Rahim seeing his stepmother as a sexual being, as Probhaboti once again looked at the effect, she had on her stepson. She watched the towel moving as his cock throbbed under it. He saw a flush come over her face and could see drops of her desire form on her pussy lips.

She made the first move like her previous attempt, a ‘come here motion’ with her free hand. Zombielike, he took the few steps to bring himself over to the side of the bed, his stiff cock which was bouncing with his every step….. led the way.

She reached over to touch his hip and in doing so, loosened the towel enough to drop it on the floor. She gasped as the thick hard cock was fully revealed before her lustful eyes. A pearl of white precum started forming quickly at the center of his flared cockhead.

Naturally that overwhelmed her to touch his spongy slit and wipe the viscous drop up with her finger as she put it into her mouth. She put it on her tongue, the sweet/salty taste flooded her memories of pleasure. She needed more!

She then pulled him nearer and engulfed his big cockhead. She sucked him into her mouth few moments….. enjoying the feeling of his rock hard manhood between her lips.

As he pushed himself deeper into her mouth, she gagged on his size and the feeling of submission felt wonderful! And when he flooded her mouth with his warm cum she knew that she never wanted to stop.

It was wrong, but she didn’t care. The pleasure she felt when her stepson slid his big cock into her waiting pussy or pumped his cum into her mouth or ass was indescribable. He was ready at a moment’s notice, and an excellent fucker as she directed him how she liked to be licked and have her clit teased with lips and tongue.

Rahim was willing to try anything to please his new mother. He willingly shaved off all his pubic hair and his long cock looked even bigger. Even when she asked him to lick her dirty asshole, he did so with gusto. She really enjoyed the feeling of his pointed tongue snaking inside her brownish rosebud.

This was going on almost every night which brought us back to the present situation. His cock always became instantly hard whenever he came to his new Odisan mother. His balls were large and hung low in his hairy sac which were always filled with potent cum. He had the body of a man and the hormones of a teenager.
—— ——- ——- —— ——- —— —- ——- -‐—- —–
Probhaboti was approaching an orgasm, when she suddenly heard the “Hello Bhabi!” from her only Nanad ( sister-in-law, husband’s sister ) Fatema as she opened the main gate slowly. “Fuck!”she thought as she quickly covered their lower-half with a small bedcover, “I forgot to latch the gate”.

Fatema, 42 years old widow, slightly busty with 36″ tits, with wavy black hair and brown eyes, came around the corner of the house. She was wearing a pair of Kameez which hung low on her flared hips and a thin Salwar on her lower portion. On her feet she had on sandals which showed off her manicured nails and bright red polish.

“Boudi ( sister-in-law…. brother’s wife ), Rahim, how are you two? I haven’t seen you both since my brother’s marriage.”

“Oh Auntie, please come in….” Rahim replied….. still lying behind his stepmother while his 10 inches rock hard shaft was fully burned in her cunt.

Probhaboti thought to herself `What a little freaky show-off’ as both she and Rahim made no attempt to stop what they were doing. However she just lowered her right leg not to brazenly display her stepson’s cock which was very slowly sliding in her opening.

Fatema was a little preoccupied with the intent of her five km journey and with a rest into her brother’s cool drawing room, so that she could get some relaxation. Her eyes moved quickly from the running TV show to her nephew…… to fully register what was going on under the small bedsheet, as she did notice that something was odd.

Maybe it was a flash of her nephew’s naked hip behind her Boudi / Bhabi. He had to be wearing something, didn’t he…. she thought? But it looked that her Bhabi wasn’t wearing anything under her Maxi-Gown because she could clearly see her Bhabi’s darkened nipples were sticking out and erect through the thin material!

“Sit down Fatema. Make yourself at home” Probhaboti tried to ease her hips forward as she felt the giant cock slip away from between her pussy lips. However Rahim still stayed behind her and pressed the erect pole up against her ass-crack.

Fatema sat down on the adjacent chair and began to make some small talk when Probhaboti pushed herself up to a sitting position. That’s when Fatema could look at her stud naked masculine chest in front of her. And lastly when Probhaboti got to her feet as the bedsheet moved away from them totally, she took in all of his body, especially the glistening wet 10″ of hard cock-meat.

Fatema was in a great shock as a loud gasp came out from her mouth….. immediately it gapped in a big ‘O’ and she took in some air as her eyes were transfixed to look at it. Before she could utter anything, she instantly felt herself getting wet between her legs. However Rahim still laid there on his left side and with his free hand, he began to very slowly stroke his massive glistening member.

“Ahhhhhh Allah, what are you two up to?” Fatema asked shakily….. not sure she wanted to know the answer.

However without feeling any shame, her Bhabi was beginning to enjoy the awkward situation by the disclosing of her debauchery which at last resulted with her pregnancy. However all these led Fatema’s sudden fascination towards her nephew’s massive prick as she started wriggle her ass on the couch.

“Please Bhabi, don’t mind, I’ve been enjoying your nephew’s horse cock…. not only that…. it even make me pregnant!’ Probhaboti replied shamelessly.

“Buuuu…. tttttt…… Is-Is-Is Isn’t that wrong?’ stammered the widow.

“Wrong? I’ll tell you what’s wrong…. letting that glorious cock go to waste is wrong! Look at you! You’re practically drooling over it!”

Saying that she stepped over to sit by Fatema’s side and called her stepson to come over. He complied instantly as he got up from the big sofa…. his thick cock stood out at a 45 degree angle with his heavily spermful sack which was hanging below it obscenely. The massive cock started to dangle as he proceeded towards her widow aunt.

“Extremely sorry Auntie, I couldn’t welcome you….. you know it’s not my fault….” with a sorrowful smile, he expressed his sorrow as he stood by the two women. His 10″ pussy-juices covered glistening cock making little jumps in front of them with his heart beat.

Looking at her Nanad slyly, Probhaboti ran her finger over her stepson’s silky skin…. from the top to down his groin. Fatema looked at it with a hypnotized look and felt the scent of sex fill her nostrils as his cock waved obscenely in front of her flushed face.

“He’s hard whenever he wakes up, and as an affectionate mummy, it’s my duty to look after that. So I’ve get to ride him or suck him until he cum. And after he gets out of the shower, he’s hard again and I’ve to comply my obligation again. Another time, he’s hard when he gets back from his practice. And lastly he can get hard when we go to bed at night….. anyway, he’s either in my mouth or cunt or my ass.” Probhaboti disclosed her affair with her stepson.

Fatema was hearing her Bhabi’s juicy disclosures in disbelief as she stared at her nephew’s large helmet crown in great fascination. He was still leaking precum from his previous slow fucking which he and his stepmother was doing just before her arrival.

During her illicit disclosure to her Nanad, Probhaboti held his dangling cock in her left hand and rubbed it with her right hand lovingly. She showed off the coçk to her Nanad Fatema as she waved it just before her lustful eyes. Quickly a thread of sticky fluid began to form from the tiny slit of his blackish cockhead. Fatema couldn’t hold herself no longer as she collected the fluid with her forefinger and tested it instantly.

“Ohhhhhh…. Ummmmm…. so nice and tasty….. Oh Allah…………” breathed Fatema in slow gasp.

“Don’t feel shy, Nanadji ( sister-in-law ), Go ahead… you can play with him…… even suck him if you like it,” Probhaboti teased her widow sister-in-law.

Saying that Probhaboti stopped stroking him as she reached down to take her sister-in-law’s hand. She coated it with the slippery precum and placed it on Rahim’s iron like shaft. Hypothetically, the widow began to run her hands along the shaft, coating him throughly with his own precum.

“Let’s get you ready for him!” Probhaboti told her sister-in-law as she got up and helped her to recline a little on the big sofa.

Rahim moved along with his aunt so that his cock was within her reach. Fatema was like an automaton, her gaze fixed on the fleshy lance in her hand. Meanwhile Probhaboti reached up along with her sister-in-law’s hips and took hold the knot of her Salwar.

Within seconds she loosened the knot and pulled down Fatema’s cotton ptinted Salwar as she reflexively lifted her big ass off from the sofa. She let her Bhabi pull the Salwar down her long legs and next she helped her to remove the sheer panties too. Her pussy, with a small patch of closely trimmed bush came into view. Probhaboti could smell her sister-in-law’s excitement as she leaned in.

However before that Fatema had already removed her floral Kameez as she spread her legs without further encouragement. Meanwhile her Odisan Boudi moved down between her spreading legs and took a deep inhale of her highly excited sex. She moved closer and put her lips against the rapidly engorging clit and kissed it lovingly.

Her tongue poked out and tasted the fresh juices flowing from her sex. She licked her sister-in-law’s pussy from the spot just above her ass…. and then all the way up to find her very erect, very large clit waiting to be suckled.

While Probhaboti’s tongue was busy in washing over her Nanad’s clit, Fatema opened her mouth as wide as she could and engulfed her nephew’s cock-head. Her left hand quickly moved down to cup his hairy balls as she felt their weight and heat. Her other free hand quickly opened the hook of her lacy bra…. and removing it, she pinched her sensitive nipples one by one.

In the meantime, her Bhabi grabbed her hips and pulled her to the edge of the couch. The movement caused Rahim’s cock to slip from her mouth and she fell back onto her back. Noticing that Probhaboti lifted her Nanad’s legs up and dove her tongue back into the sweet nectar of her cunt.

Fatema was juicing herself with her own fluids profusely as her ass-crack started to become the river banks for all her desire. And without wasting that tasty nectar, her Boudi / Bhabi ( sister-in-law ) started lapping up all she could while she had a hand down fingering her own juicy cunt.

Rahim then stepped over the sofa and with his legs straddling on it, he crouched down to offer his balls to his aunt’s tongue. With a cry of desire, her tongue instantly popped out of her mouth to lick the sperm-filled dangling eggs as his thick heavy shaft lay idly over her face. She was whimpering with pleasure as the stepmother-son duo worked on her.

Suddenly Probhaboti inserted a finger up her sister-in-law’s well-greased asshole slowly until she felt her finger fully entered her ass. With almost no effort, she started sliding it in and out of her rectum. She felt her Nanad’s anal ring clench down around her digit.

As she slid her finger in and out of her Nanad’s slippery dirty hole, she herself finger-fucked her own cunt with her other hand. At the same time, her lips and tongue were sucking and stroking her Nanad’s throbbing clit. She felt the tiny pleasure button as a spot of heat on her tongue.

Meanwhile Rahim moved himself so that he could slide his very wet cock between his aunt’s tits. Seeing that, her aunt pushed her 36″ size tits together to make a tunnel for him. As his cock was too long, she could easily lick the top three inches of his cock which was popped up over her cleavage every time he gave a thrust.

She then used her hands on top to create more friction. As he continued to fuck her tits, every time his cock-head moved past into her mouth and she sucked it more enthusiastically as her breathing got heavier and heavier.

Down below her, her Boudi Probhaboti was holding her clit in between her lips and licked the tip of it, rapidly. Fatema began to pant as her body tensed. Probhaboti felt the anticipation in her Nanad’s body as she squeezed tight with her lips around the clit. All these ministrations made Fatema began to buck her hips against the ongoing assault on her sex.

`Yyyyyyeeeessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……’ Suddenly Fatema cried out as the waves of pleasure flowed out from her center. Her pussy was flowing with copious juices while her Bhabi opened her mouth and let it flow in and down her throat. Probhaboti then patted her stepson’s ass-cheeks as it flexed in front of her while he tit-fucked her Nanad.

“I think your aunt is now ready for you” Saying that Probhaboti moved away from between her Nanad’s legs as her stepson took her place.

Rahim knelt down and nestled the big spongy cock-head between his aunt’s slick pussy-lips. He then began to push in slowly, and all he heard was the sharp intake of air…. come from her slightly gaping mouth as his aunt felt herself being opened up by his long cock.

“Slow baby!” Cautioned Probhaboti, “Remember, maybe your aunt can’t have such a big dick since her husband’s death!’

Saying that she got on her knees by her Nanad’s side and put her hand at the top of her cunt. She felt the erect clit and the top of her stepson’s cock over her swollen mound which filled her entire opening.

“Thakurji ( sister-in-law ), you need to relax and allow him to penetrate,” She directed and bent over to take a thick rubbery nipple between her teeth. She bit down gently and began to strum her fingers over the hot clit.

When she released her mouth, her stepson pushed his cock in a little bit, and then held there. Fatema tensed a bit as her nephew pushed more of his big cock in.

Probhaboti however continued to keep her Nanad’s clit stimulated as her pussy started lubricating more. A few more light push and the rim of Rahim’s cock was enveloped by Fatema’s tight cunt. He then slowly pushed his long pole in deeper.

Fatema had never felt since her husband’s death like she was now being filled by her own nephew! Her pussy was so stretched and open. The only other time she felt anything like this was when she gave birth to her two children, Parveen and Hafiz….. however those were the most painful moments than this exquisite pleasure!

He seemed to push himself into her forever. It felt like her organs moving around to let this invading monster in! Anyway within minutes, her cunt adjusted with his 10″ long pole and then he began to piston his pole back and forth in her!

Everything appeared to fade away except for the feeling of his cock pushing in, sliding against the root of her clit, and then the suction as he pulled back. The rim of his cockhead was massaging that mass of nerves at the top of her cunt…. her G-spot! Back and forth, over and over.

Probhaboti was sitting back on her heels, watching her stepson fuck her slut Nanad, his cock pushing her Nanad’s pussy lips in and then stretching them as he pulled out. However she wasn’t idle at all as she massaged her Nanad’s tits and pulled on her erect nipples.

Meanwhile Rahim took hold of his aunt’s hips and lifted her a little and began to slam his meaty rod into her with a little faster and harder. His stepmother got up as she lowered her pussy onto his aunt’s face. Almost immediately, Probhaboti felt her Nanad’s tongue up in her slit.

She smiled, “I think this wasn’t my Nanad’s
first time with a female!”

The entire afternoon had brought Probhaboti to a high sexual pitch and she
wanted to cum more!.She ground her cunt against her Nanad’s face while she rubbed her own starving clit! And then she came violently!

“Ffffuuucccckkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Probhaboti screeched as cum gushed out from her pregnant pussy!

Fatema simply opened her mouth and let her Bhabi’s cum spray into her eager mouth. That’s when Probhaboti stood up and started to release her bladder. But without any hesitation, her Nanad kept her mouth open as the golden urine splashed over her mouth. She really loved the warm and salty taste of her Bhabi’s urine! Actually as long as that magical cock continued to plow into her, anyone could do whatever he / she wanted.

Probhaboti looked down her Nanad’s face as her urine’s flow turned to a trickle. Her Nanad’s shampooed hair soaked with her urine while the remainder pooled up on the floor. God! she had never done that before!

On the other hand, Rahim was now plowing her widow aunt with a quicker speed. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw his stepmother giving a golden shower to his aunt. Even he forgot to continue his thrusting as his eyes was transfixed on that lewd sight. It was so erotic and strange that he needed to cum badly! Thats when the movement of his waist increased suddenly as his cock started ramming into the willing pussy like a hammering piston.

With that he bent over to take a turgid nipple of his aunt in his mouth. He could taste the saltiness of his stepmother’s urine which made his cock twitching even more. He drew the nub into his mouth and then felt his aunt’s tight pussy begin to clench his pistoning shaft.

“Yyyyyyeeeeeesssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Screamed Fatema for the
second time that afternoon.

“Auntie, I’m Cccuummmmm….. mmmiiiin…. nnnggggggggg…. too!!!!!!!” Came from deep in Rahim’s chest as his cock pumped ropes after rope of hot cum into her convulsing cunt.

Sweat poured off all their bodies as they began to cool down slowly. Rahim pulled his still hard cock from his aunt’s pussy with a stream of thick whitish cum mixed with cunt-juice. His stepmother scooped some of the erotic fluid from between his aunt’s legs and licked her palm….. savoring the flavor and texture.

Both women looked thirsty at the thick meat of Rahim….. being fully satisfied which was pointed out from his crotch as he sat back on his heels. They both laughed quietly as they knew there was more to come.

“Let’s take a quick bath in our big bathroom” suggested Probhaboti, “Get cleaned up a little, and then maybe we can talk about our next ventures.” And they did just that!
—— ——- ——- ——– ——- ——- ——— —— —–
In the afternoon, Rahim was with the Cricket team….. practicing for the district level match while his dearest friend cum striking bowler Sanjit was watching the other players of the team do a great job against the other boys. Their intimacy gradually molded in such a way that they never bothered to share the hot incidents, they enjoyed with their lovers.

Although Rahim had told his experiences with his wife Soma, he never expressed his taboo relationship with his stepmother. Similarly Sanjit too didn’t disclosed his recent affair with Munmun…. except his intimate relationship with Debasree. And hearing those torrid incidents, both the males started to fantasize about each other partner in a frenzied way.

That day also, Sanjit was looking forward to disclose his another hot incident with his current lover Debasree after the practice. That’s when Rahim suddenly commented that very recently, he was sexually involved with his stepmother. She was a great cock-sucker and today morning, before his leaving home, she swallowed his creamy load.

Did he hear that correctly? Did Rahim just say that his stepmother sucked his huge cock today? Actually, one day after seeing Munmun’s mature divorcee mother Chitradevi only in her bra and panties, he started to feel an inevitable attraction towards the older women.

And after that, not only Munmun’s mother Chitradevi, the cue of his fantasy items increased day by day….. first Rahim’s stepmother and after that it were Rahim’s MIL Supriyadevi and lastly Suman’s stepmother Aparna Sen. Although he tried to impress Rahim’s pregnant wife Soma few times, his recent fascination was his Odisan stepmother Probhaboti and he calmed himself several times dreaming her mature body.
—— ——– ——- ——– ——- -‐—— ——- —‐-‐– —
With Puja Vacation coming soon, Rahim and his pregnant stepmother had more free time to enjoy their illicit playtime. They would wake up late in Probhaboti’s bed and make use of his morning wood. After she had cum a few times, he had deposited his load somewhere in or on her pregnant-cunt…. later they would jump into the big bathtub.

This had taken to the couple in a daring way….. like not wearing much clothing…. or without any stitch on their body inside the house. Naturally breakfast, lunch and other household chores were taken by them in a completely naked state.

Even, very recently with Rahim’s continuing insist, she had to comply her morning Puja & Prayer without any clothes. And all these started to affect her sexual feelings in some perverse ways and slowly she started to habituated with Rahim’s new ventures.

At first she felt herself guilty for her sinful behavior to exercise those religions jobs being nude…. but slowly she started to enjoy this odd manner. But one day, it was reached it’s top when she was about to complete her Puja in a kneeling position. At the last moment as she bent forward to touch her head on the ground before the Goddess’s statue, suddenly she felt him inserting his prick from behind.

She tried to push him away, but he held her waist so tightly, she couldn’t move a bit and with just a few strokes, she achieved the greatest climax in her life. Not only that, plenty of times when she was praying in the morning or in the evening…. standing in nude, Rahim would orally service her either from the front or from behind.

His wife Soma was no stranger to that type of perverted fun and game. If she was available and heard the song of prayer, she would come over. Then shedding her clothes, she would join in….. eagerly going down on her MIL’s pussy or her husband’s cock. She had already addicted to having that thick pussy-pleaser up inside her since her marriage with him.

It was during one morning like that and Probhaboti was on her back with her stepson’s cock pistoning inside her when the doorbell rang. Soma got up quickly and threw a ‘Dupatta’ over her naked body to cover herself and to answer it. She looked through the peekhole to see her husband’s dearest friend Sanjit standing outside in a T-shirt and trousers.

Rahim had already intimated his wife about his friend’s fantasies which Sanjit shared to him previously. So Soma was fully aware about Sanjit’s fondness towards her which had led to many hot and steamy sessions with her husband. And now seeing him physically behind the door, she imagined herself enjoying the two stud males together.

She opened the door and welcomed him warmly, “Oh hello Sanjitbhai, what a pleasant surprise. What brings you around?’

Sanjit was overwhelmed in disbelief as his searching eyes throughly moved up and down over her thinly veiled ( a white color synthetic Dupatta ) curves. Her skin had a sheen with perspiration from the earlier fucking her husband had given her.

Her nipples became erect under the gaze of the 19 yrs old young Tolly hero that had been sucked by her MIL during their fuck-session. Instantly Sanjit could feel his cock hardening at the sight of this 28 yrs old pregnant Tolly slut. And Soma too could easily note the rising tent in his trousers which made her pussy itching once again.

“I came here to discuss with him about our next match with Town Club. Actually earlier Rahim expressed his concern that he wouldn’t be able to play due to a mild injury he got during his practice and that news tensed me enough to come over” Sanjit finally got out.

“Well, I think he is now fit for the match. Anyway we’re just out from the worship-room….. completing our evening Puja. If you don’t mind, may I offer you some ‘Prasad’ ( Oblation / Blessed Food )?’ She asked slyly as she led her way to the worship-room.

Sanjit just nodded….. totally forgetting the offer of Oblation…. actually mesmerizing by her intoxicating beauty. He watched her semi-naked form as she walked in front of him. Naturally he liked very much what he saw! As she stepped seductively through the outside, she undid the only tie of her Dupatta and allowed the flimsy Dupatta slipped away from her shoulders.

Sanjit was hypnotized….. looking at her naked swaying hips. She paused for a moment as he quickly stepped onto the veranda and saw the fabric glide down her naked ass slowly. Fixing his lustful eyes on her jiggling ass-gloves, he took a seat on a nearby couch and to his utter disbelief, he noticed another exciting scene in front of him.

He saw Rahim’s stepmother Probhaboti was lying on a big sofa and she was just on the verge of her orgasm, while Rahim had just the head of his cock inside her cunt. The giant head stretched her opening and making contact with her clit. The muscles of his ass were flexing as he rotated his hips…. teasing the babbling woman.

“Ohhhh, Rahim wasn’t lying at all….. he is really big!” Sanjit uttered somehow…. gasping by the lewd scene he witnessed in front of him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck….’ Probhaboti chanted as her nails dug into his back. Her legs were high in the air and spread wide. Sanjit stood still, transfixed. That’s when he felt a hand reaching around his tented trousers and felt the breath of Soma on his shoulder as she put her lips close to his ear.

“OK Sanjubhai…. please take the Prasad” ( Sacred food…. small cut pieces of different fruits like apple, orange, guava, grape etc )” Soma offered…. returning from worship-room within minutes and handed him a small plate of ‘Prasad’. Sanjit took that and touched it with his forehead in great devotion. After that he started to eat the ‘Prasad’ one by one while enjoying the live blue show of Rahim and his stepmother.

“It’s fun to watch, isn’t it Sanjubhai? But it would be even more fun if we join in,”Soma tempted him…… massaging his bulge with her right hand over his trousers.

She then moved around to face him and went to her knees…. dragging his only trousers down with her hands. His stiff cock popped out in front of her face and she moved in to suck it in her mouth.

“Ohhhhh….. I’m ccccccu….uummm….. miiinnn…. ngggg!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Sanjit heard Rahim’s stepmother crying out as the waves of pleasure coursed through her naked body.

Sanjit felt the warm air on his wet cock and looked down to see Soma looking up at him. Her left hand gripped the base of his cock and started to massage the head of his cock with her right palm while she snaked her tongue out to lick his balls.

He closed his eyes…. savoring the heavenly flavors of the ‘Prasad’ as he continued to chew it. It made his cock twitching even more as he could feel her warm tongue and stroking fingers on it. When he opened his eyes he saw Rahim walking towards them, his hard wet cock leading the way.

“Oh Sanjuda, you! How are you?” Rahim asked his team’s striking bowler smilingly as he extended his right hand to welcome him to their house warmly.

Sanjit was a bit dumbfounded…. but he was highly overwhelmed by his nice behavior and friendly attitude. Returning a broad smile, he shook Rahim’s extended hand, as his pregnant wife continued her sucking on his cock. Sanjit was very much impressed….. seeing the great bonding among Rahim’s family members as he felt Rahim’s cock poking his thighs.

Noticing that Soma pulled down gently on his ballsac, causing Sanjit to bend his knees and demanded, “Come down here with me!’

Sanjit complied and got on his knees facing Rahim’s wife. Rahim then put his cock between their faces and Soma reached out to bring Sanjit’s lips to join hers in licking and kissing the huge circumcised black dick.

Meanwhile Rahim’s stepmother had recovered from her climax and with a flushed chest and extended nipples, she got up and came over to watch them. Her hands were between her legs frigging her clit.

She watched as her Bouma guided Rahim’s cock into her own mouth and next moment into Sanjit’s mouth. She had one hand stroking the fat cock sticking out from Sanjit’s groin, and one hand on the hard thick shaft of her husband. She was soon only stroking her husband’s cock as she fed it into Sanjit’s mouth. She pushed the back of his head to make him take the huge pole deeper and deeper.

Sanjit took his own cock in his right hand and began to jerk himself off. Soon there was just the sounds of Sanjit’s gagging on the thick meaty flesh in his mouth and the skin rubbing skin as he stroked his own 9″ meat.

“Look Maa, how hot it is when two masculine studs take care of each other” Soma excitedly said to her mother-in-law.

Probhaboti said nothing. But her fingers were strumming over her engorged wet clit as her juices flowed from her open cunt.

“Dear, pull out when you’re ready to cum. I want to see you cum all over him.” Soma declared.

Rahim’s large hairy balls were hitting Sanjit’s chin as he thrust the donkey dick into his mouth. Sanjit was furiously fapping his cock as he felt the heat from the iron hard cock shaft and the heat of the stares from the two perverted women.

He could feel the cum building up in Rahim’s balls. He could swear that he felt him swell even bigger and then the giant cock was pulled out from his mouth. He opened his eyes to see Rahim circle his shaft with his fist and stroke the wet head fast.

Almost immediately Sanjit felt the warm, wet ropes of cum hit on his face as Rahim came. He closed his eyes as again and again the spurts of creamy fluid landed on his face. He opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out to catch the dripping fluids.

As the salty/sweet cum hit his tongue, it started to dribble around his mouth and
lips. Immediately he felt his own balls twitched as he cried out with a mouthful of Rahim’s cum. He spurt out onto the floor and heard a soft female cry as Rahim’s stepmother achieved another orgasm from her fingers.

Probhaboti watched all the cum dripping from her cunt and tried to calculate how many days she would be able to fuck her five-month pregnant cunt. It was no doubt the greatest fun to be fucking during the pregnancy period and she was trying to match up what she imagined!

On the other hand, she was slightly worried about her baby’s security in her belly which was growing so fast. Even the Gynecologist advised her to postpone her sexual activities. So one day she decided to go back to her son Prankrisno….. her earlier home….. complying her stepson’s / real husband’s advice.

And after five months, finally she had her stepson’s baby-girl….. as both actual father and official father accepted the baby as theirs. However before that Soma too became a proud mother of a cute baby-boy who now spent her time in her parental house with her mother Supriya and father Pritam……. and her cute son Raja.

To be continued….

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