Took My Girlfriend’s Virginity At Hotel


Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Took My Girlfriend’s Virginity At Hotel – Girlfriend XXX Sex“. I am sure you all will love it.

Hello friends, how are you! I work in a company in Gurgaon. I am 27. My habit had deteriorated by staying here with friends.

I had never seen a pussy and now I was not enjoying any pleasure in moving my penis with my hand.

Since I was not able to arrange a pussy in Gurgaon, I thought that I should get the pussy of my girlfriend in the village.

Although I had not fucked her even once yet, I was hopeful that if I got a chance, she would get fucked by me.

So I came to the village for a few days’ vacation. Even after coming to the village, I could not make any plans to meet my girlfriend alone. (Girlfriend XXX Sex)

I asked her to meet me alone but she was not able to make any excuse. Now here too my cock was going to be cheated.

At last, when only 5 days were left for me to go back… then my girlfriend’s call came and I answered the call.

So she said that she is free the whole day tomorrow.

This was my last chance to fuck her! So I asked her to meet the next day and she agreed. The next day we both just set out to do whatever we wanted.

I met both of them at the bus stand. When my girlfriend boarded the bus with me, she just looked at me and then pretended in front of everyone as if she was my wife, she came and sat near me.

And we went a long way and started talking.

\She was feeling scared. She had come after telling her family that she would go out with her friends.

She was also afraid of being caught. I told her that nothing like this would happen, just enjoy.

When the bus reached the next station, I got her off the bus caught another bus and headed towards a nearby hill station.

On the way, I got pain and contraceptive pills from the medical and water bottles and food items from the grocery store.

As soon as I reached the hill station, I booked a room in a hotel and came to the room. Now both of us were alone, there was no fear of anything, so my girlfriend also looked happy.

After all, I had come to the village to meet her and fuck her pussy.

Both of us first went to the bathroom and washed our hands and face, which removed all the fatigue and both of us came back to bed. (Girlfriend XXX Sex)

Then I lay down on the bed with my girlfriend. The girlfriend also took off her dupatta and bag and lay down.

I told her ‘I love you’ and she also replied ‘I love you’.

Now I thought of moving ahead. After all, the work for which I came here had to be done. But I was not even able to muster the courage to kiss her, take off her clothes, climb on top of her and fuck her.

I mustered up a little courage and lay down near her, placed her head on my side, took her hands in mine and first kissed her hands.

My girlfriend didn’t say anything but just lowered her eyes.

Then my girlfriend also kissed my hand. Now I got some courage and she moved a little further, I moved a little further.

I took my girlfriend in my arms and started kissing her on her lips. She also started supporting me.

Then what… it was fun.

Once the kissing started, my hand also started moving here and there on her body. Then my penis also became turned on. I started coming down while kissing her.

I made her boobs naked then I sucked her Big Boobs and pressed them well, it was a lot of fun.

It felt as if I was dreaming. I kept caressing her entire body.

Now my penis was in bad condition, so I started warming her pussy over the salwar itself. It was her first time so she took more time. (Girlfriend XXX Sex)

She also started getting hot, and then I placed my hand on the joint of her salwar and started opening its string.

But the girlfriend refused as she did not want to do this.

I told her – my love, I have come to the village only for you. Now you don’t want to do it. Then why did I come here?

I explained to my girlfriend for 5 minutes and assured her back that I would never leave her, I would always be with her.

Then the girlfriend herself opened her salwar and I also took out my penis and gave it to my girlfriend.

She took it in her hand and started caressing it. I was feeling good and so was she.

Then I lifted her leg and saw her pussy. I also saw real pussy for the first time. What a wonderful pussy she had.

When I caressed her with my hand, she started sighing. Her pussy was tight, it was fun. I started licking it with my tongue.

At first, I started moving my tongue slowly and she was also moaning slowly and later it became a little louder. Girlfriend was shouting – please please, a little slowly.

So I went faster because I was doing it for the first time and enjoying it a lot. After a while, the pussy started releasing water from the mat, which I cleaned by licking it.

My girlfriend’s eyes were watering because of the pleasure, but I also had a lot of fun licking her pussy.

My girlfriend released her semen and lay down with her eyes closed. I also lay down with her. She held me tightly. (Girlfriend XXX Sex)

I said- Let’s rest for some time.
Then I lay on the bed with my girlfriend.

After some time I started warming her up again. Within 5 minutes she was ready to have sex. Then I climbed on top of her and aimed at her pussy and closed her mouth with my hands.

Then in one stroke, the entire penis was inserted inside her Tight Pussy. My girlfriend was shaking badly and she was crying badly because my blows were so strong that the whole bed was creaking.

After some time, she also started enjoying and would openly support me.

But after some time she cum. I too was about to cum, so I gave two to four hard thrusts and pressed my penis deep inside and filled her pussy with my semen.

After resting for some time, both of us went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves.

There when I saw her pussy, it was red and completely swollen. When I kissed her swollen pussy, she felt shy and ran into the room. (Girlfriend XXX Sex)

After resting for a while, she and I started another round. This time she was not feeling pain, so both of them enjoyed the fuck to the fullest. After some time, I cum again in her pussy.

After lying like this for some time, both of us wore our clothes drank the cold drink that we had brought with us, and ate it with chips and other things that were with us.

I also gave her painkillers and contraceptive pills so that there would be no fear of the latter. She too was looking happy now.

Before leaving the room, I took a selfie with her and held her close to my chest for a while. And then we started towards home.

On the way, she told me that she liked whatever happened that day. I had also put the seal of my love on her.

When she also got settled, I made her swear to get fucked by me for the rest of her life, that whenever I call you to make love, you will have to come.

she also accepted it.

So friends, this was my Girlfriend XXX Sex, if you like it then please let me know.

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